WoW Classic: Phase 2 Preparation, Auction House [Reagents]

Phase 2 in World of Warcraft, Classic is less
than a week away, but there are some things that you can still do to take advantage of
profits in the Auction House. Hello everyone, my name is Icosiol and today
I’m going to show you some reagents you’ll want to start farming up before the next phase
goes live. For this Phase 2 preparation guide I’m going
to be talking specifically about some of the reagents that are about to see a drastic increase
in demand. This is especially so on PvP servers, but
PvE servers should also see an increase as well. That’s because Phase 2 is introducing the
honor system, and items that make you more effective in PvP are going to be highly desired. Understand that if you have the profession
that uses these reagents to make the items in demand, be sure you check your auction
house to see where you can net the most profits. Now with all that said, let’s begin. Since I’m quickly becoming known as the
Classic Fisherman I must first lead with Oily Blackmouth. Oily Blackmouth has already been increasing
in price on my server, and it’s only going to continue to go up. That’s because it creates another reagent
called, Blackmouth Oil which is in turn a reagent for the Free Action Potion made by
Alchemists. My favorite spots to fish for Oily Blackmouth
are on the coasts of Darkshore, Wetlands, Stranglethorn Vale, the Barrens and Southshore. In general I will just try to find the pools
of oily blackmouth instead of fishing in open waters, but you can do what works for you. If you’re not an herbalist you can still
catch the other reagent that creates the Free Action Potion, and that is Stranglekelp. I have found that your best chance to fish
up Stranglekelp is by fishing in pools of wreckage, but as long as you’re fishing
on a coastline you’ll have a small chance at collecting a few of these, so stack them
up. Herbalists who can also fish will be able
to really take advantage of this farm. That’s because Stranglekelp can be found
up and down nearly every coastline, and if they find an Oily Blackmouth pool they’ll
just increase their earning potential. Swifthistle is incredibly important for rogues,
because it’s the reagent for Thistle Tea which grants the rogue 100 energy upon consumption. Swifthistle however is not an herb you can
pick, but rather is an extra herb collected when you’re picking Briarthorn and Mageroyal. Brarthorn can be found in the Barrens, Silverpine
Forest, Darkshore and Redridge Mountains, while Mageroyal can also be found in the Barrens
and Darkshore, as well as Westfall and Dun Morogh. Another class that will be demanding more
potions is that of the Warrior, and they will be looking for the Kingsblood herb that creates
the Mighty Rage Potion. Kingsblood is found in open terrain in Ashenvale,
Hillsbrad Foothills, the Charred Vale, Misty Reed Strand, and the Wetlands. Large Fangs is the other reagent needed for
this potion, but you’ll have to kill many tigers, panthers and other felines to get
those. Lastly, herbalists will want to collect Ghost
Mushroom and Blindweed, because they are the reagents for the highly sought after, Limited
Invulnerability Potion. Nearly everyone is going to want to get their
hands on several of these potions if they truly want to be prepared for combat. With Dire Maul already available you might
have seen the market get saturated with Ghost Mushroom and watched the price drop, but the
demand of this potion will likely bring those prices back up. If you can’t make it to Dire Maul you can
also find Ghost Mushroom in Skulk Rock, and the cave at the top of Jintha’Alor in the
Hinterlands. To find Blindweed you will want to search
near water in the Swamp of Sorrows, Un’Goro Crater, and the Maraudon dungeon. Miners should see a price increase in Iron,
Mithril, and Thorium bars, because Engineers will want to make the Big Iron Bomb, Mithril
Frag Bomb, and Thorium Grenades. These wonderful little items are used to stun
opponents rather than damage, and can really change the course of a one on one fight if
used effectively. Where Miners will really see an increase in
price is with Heavy Stone, Solid Stone, and Dense Stone, because those are the reagents
for the blasting powders needed to complete the creation of those bombs. So there you go folks, there is my quick rundown
of some of the reagents you will want to start collecting in preparation for Phase 2 next
week. You will want to continue to farm these after
the new phase is introduced as the demand will continue to be there. If you enjoyed this guide please give it a
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