Why are you NOT bidding on more projects?

Imagine if this was all of yours Why let the tools you have access to stop
you from bidding on other projects Spend a moment with us and allow us to show
you the possibilities At your fingertips are manufacture trained
and certified technicians An industry-leading inventory stocked with
the commanding range the latest Equipment Often customized to your specific requirements All without the everyday challenges that come
with ownership Think how you use the extra space in your
shop now Your company is talented what they do best
at LGH Maintaining servicing and supplying the finest In rigging hoisting jacking winching And material handling equipment is all we
do Our customers demand that we invest the time And research to stock only top manufactures That have proven themselves in the harshest
the field environments Yours your equipment comes deliver to you
with a promise The best or nothing only after being thoroughly
examined through multiple Step process Certified and load tested often beyond was
required by OSHA Asked me and Nancy is it acceptable for your
project Because we know failure doesn’t just cost
reputation and money It can cost lives so please let us be your
equipment warehouse What could you accomplish now at lifting gear
hire we know the exceptional costs? That are critical to maintain the industry’s
highest standards If you’re paying anything less from your current
provider they’re missing Something What would you guess that is now ask yourself Are you paying enough for your equipment we
thank you for your continued trust and Business After all it is our mission to offer expertise
in the rental of the safest and Most reliable hoisting And rigging equipment to build and support
a better America

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