What I Wore ~ Hospice Resale Finds ~ Ep. 22

Hello, and welcome to another week of my outfit
choices. I really hope you enjoy watching what I put
together. It’s kind of a warm day here in the fall,
in San Diego, in Southern California, but I’m going to show you that you can still,
especially in Southern California, wear sort of lighter colors, even in the middle of the
fall. So, these pants are a nice kind of a winter
white that I’ll be able to wear in different ways, I think, throughout all seasons really. And, I got them, they’re the bottom part
of a suit that I thrifted at one of my favorite places, The Hospice Resale Shop in Encinitas. I paid, I think for both pieces, the jacket
of the suit is nice as well, and for both pieces I paid $15. So, I went and I had them all tailored and
modernized, so that they fit my body and looked a little better. I really do like the way that these pants
sort of hang and turned out. The Bryr clogs, I think make anything look
a little bit more fun and funky, so I paired those with that today for work. And then, this is just a really nice knit
shell. It’s a good for like in between seasons
and different temperatures. It’s very old and vintage, I got it as Flashbacks
in San Diego and I really love the colors. And, in case I need in the office, I’m just
going to grab my little Levi’s jacket and head out. Check out this Goga original dress that I
have on today. This was created by Gordana Gehlhausen of
Project Runway fame. She lived and worked in San Diego for a while
and I got to know her and got to buy a couple of her pieces that I now worn for many years
and love. Look at what she does with fabric. I mean the colors are just amazing in this. It feels beautiful and wonderful, like a nice
comfortable jersey and you can wear it a bunch of different ways. Today, I just have it down and as a dress,
but you can push it up and have it be more of a top, you can it be a tunic with leggings,
so I wear it a bunch of different ways. I have it paired today with just a pair of
these Camper platforms, suede. My blue suede campers that are also very comfortable. So, this is a very comfortable, yet, I think,
stylish look. I have on this beautiful vintage Kimono, it’s
silk. And, I bought it at the Hospice Resale in
Encinitas, California. And I have it with this nice little choker
that I got from my mom many, many years ago. And, to make it a little bit more casual and
fun today, and a little bit more Bohemian looking — I wear it a bunch of different
ways — I have it with these Levi’s jeans that I cut and frayed, black ones. And with my Sven clogs. And the clogs I think definitely are the thing
that do make it a little bit more Bohemian, so I’m going out tonight in this. It’s date night. Karaoke date night tonight. I tried doing my hair a little bit differently,
curled it up and I kind of like how it turned for an evening event. I am wearing a couple of my favorite pieces
today. So, this is a vintage shell that I got from
the Hospice Resale Shop in Encinitas. And it was in such beautiful shape, it’s
quite old, I can tell by the tag and the zipper. And the sequins were all in great shape and
it’s knit and lined underneath, so it hugs the body, feels great and I think adds just
the right amount of sparkle for a night out. These pants are vintage Channel and they are
amazing! I got them from ReLove in San Francisco. They’re in fantastic shape. They feel just beautiful on. I think they’re just the right bagginess
and shape for sort of the new styles out there. And then I’ve got my little kitten heeled
print, animal print shoes that I bought off of eBay, I think they’re Kirk Geiger. Finishing off the look, is this little purse,
which is from Serbia and I think it’s kind of a fun little add of color and this little
pashmina in case it gets cold. Today, I am wearing this beautiful Woolworth
jacket that I thrifted at one of my favorite places, the Hospice Resale Shop in Encinitas,
California. I got it for like a steal and then took it
and had it altered beautifully. Took out the shoulder pads and just had it
fitted nicely. It has a pair of pants that I can wear together,
but I love wearing them as separates. Please look at the beautiful buttons on here,
it’s one of the things that caught my attention, as well as the fact that it’s sort of a
winter white that I think can be worn throughout the year and I have a lot of things to pair
with it. Today, I am pairing it with my lamb little
skirt that I love in this animal print that kind of I think makes this look a little bit
more modern. And then these are Louboutin’s flats that
I bought resale at a designer resale place. And, again, to me, the only place to by Louboutin’s
or those high-end shoes like that, are at resale where you get them in incredibly good
shape, but for a steal. So, that’s today’s outfit. Well, my friends, that is it for this week. Thank you so much for watching. Please leave in the comments below which was
your favorite, or if something didn’t work so I can learn as well. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little.

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