What happened to Prix? | The Hypixel Skyblock Tea

A scammer took of with
expensive items from many members of our discord server. He was fairly trusted in the
community and asked a bunch of friends to trust him with their items. When
everything was given to him, he took off with the items to sell them, for
real-life money. (IRLTrading is bannable.) I was also one of the people who trusted
him with a bunch of my stuff. His excuse for scamming all ten people that trust
him was to “get back at me” for supposedly keeping items that were donated in a
giveaway. Hey everyone, making a video to talk
about the situation with SupaHi and the 500 million scam. I’m going to start
off with the reasoning for SupaHi scamming Prix and skyblock discord
members and I will talk about what happened. SupaHi’s reasoning for
scamming Prix was getting back at him because he had made a giveaway for 25
mil using his money. But it took a month to give it away And he did this with another players giveaway so he left the giveaway for like three
weeks until he rerolled it and in Prix’s video he said he didn’t
gain interest often since he already had 15 mil or that was one of the things
SupaHi accused him of, using the money for him to gain interest but he’d also
used the giveaway so people meet the requirement to join they had to invite
25 people to the discord so they gain a ton of members off that and kept inviting
people that’s just one of the reasons SupaHi was mad with Prix, along with
other things that he hadn’t hasn’t talked about CLOSED CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY SUPREMESHOELACE

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