We Bought 100+ Printers For $610 To Make $4000 Selling on eBay & PrairieGrit + SECRET ONLINE AUCTION

We Bought 100+ Printers For $610 To Make $4000 Selling on eBay & PrairieGrit + SECRET ONLINE AUCTION

What is up internet land? Shawn Herrick here with another installment of PrairieGrit picks. If you’re not familiar with PrairieGrit, well PrairieGrit is an online marketplace where people can sell products, and buy products. You can list for free. Unlimited listings!! All good. So there’s my PrairieGrit plug. As you can see behind me, I don’t know where you are from, but where we’re from we get blizzards before
the fruit falls off of trees. Why? Well, we are in North Dakota. Yeah that’s right, it is an actual place, and we do have cell phones here, and actual vehicles. My wife is diligently working. She’s packing up VCR’s, that we purchased on this online auction site. Do you have anything to say about tomorrow’s events? I’m really nervous about getting in the car and driving with a trailer, in the snow. Shawn seems to think its not going to be a problem, but I’m like terrified that, terrified that
something bad is going to happen. There you have it folks
she’s obviously terrified, not because of my driving but because of the blizzard!!
That said, make sure to LIKE this video once again we are going to share with
you the products that we got this next load or this load that we’re picking up
tomorrow we ultimately purchased around a hundred and twenty five hundred and
thirty printers and ink cartridges and that kind of thing I’d say 95% of the
printers work and ink cartridges are brand new we paid six hundred and ten
dollars for this lot so I’m thinking we should do easily four grand on the whole
lot so make sure to like this video we get a hundred likes we are going to
share the website where we bought this from anybody can bid it’s not very well
known so people are getting smoking deals like this video share it subscribe
our Channel looks like we are here door 33 34 32
right there alright I’m gonna bow low be parking like this makes my wife
utterly nervous especially after almost going in the
ditch twice up here so yeah we just bought 47 of these printers I’ll go
ahead and give you guys a shot quick and probably reconvene once we’ve got it all
loaded and to talk about what we got what we pay for it and you know remember
I’m going to you but this video gets a hundred likes I’m going to give you guys
the website that I’ve built but then I paid our box as printers but it is an
amazing site so much stuff so cheap somewhere in here we have 47 printers
that are were taken and a bunch of miscellaneous so follows long like this
video yeah keep coming with my wife buys she buys stuff yeah once again doing all
the work daddy’s videoing alright guys well we are loaded up we’re back on the
road we’re gonna stop me get to breakfast because we’re in Minneapolis
we have fancy places so ultimately we got a pile of printers I mean my truck
I’ll be lucky if it doesn’t break a leaf spring when my wife said she about 47
printers she about 47 locks and most of them had like burying from like two
minutes at 287 printers a lot so I mean we got probably got 100 150 printers
they all were 85% yeah they’ll buy them for pardon so
awesome well we’re gonna pull over do you breakfast I’ll open up the back
of the trailer and show you guys what we got for very low to the ground all right
guys that trailer is full of printers we’re gonna check it out show you guys
around briefly restaurant we’ve hurt the first restaurant we went to was there
was like a 45-minute waiting line so just gonna check to make sure the load
didn’t move but literally printers upon printers upon printers stacked all the
way to the back about four feet high six hundred and ten dollars we paid six
hundred and ten dollars I like this video share it because as soon as we get
a hundred likes we’re gonna close you guys we’re about this so we are at a gas
station thank God we almost ran out of gas that’s how we roll I mean we were
fumes fumes everything what up everybody hey what’s up
see honey oh man we are we got a wrecking crew here some animals is ready
to make it happen we’re gonna move these printers into my house and I I bought like a half of an apple store a
while back and we’re going to move that up into the trailer once these are moved
out because I got an auction a live auction that’s gonna take place here on
Thursday so you got that gone but you know these things here this one here
specifically I got about 20 or 30 of those and they sell for $60 a piece so I
mean I paid 6/10 for this bull trailer that was a huge score and we’ll show you
more once I started digging it out my guys got the wrecking crew bringing shit
down here’s a sampling of what we got a lot of these are working and you know
just an all-around good score here’s all of the ink cartridges I should take some
of them alright my wife can’t get to her freezer but we
do have all these big printers this thinks for sale – that’s a cool little lake cabin type couch there’s some more
inventory I got at that place same place same website this is all brand new
Pottery Barn blankets sleeping bags you know anything
about high-end blankets or sleeping bags Pottery Barn is top-of-the-line so we
got all with the printers inside of the house as you can see here there’s
hundreds of printers I would say 98% of them work and we have such these tested
working tested working tags on them we also got all of these monitors and this
printing toner as you can see there’s a ton of printing Powter new in the box I
would say four or five hundred dollars easy for all of that printers if we you
know probably any from 30 to 40 dollars average ticket on
printers field all those big printers that I showed you earlier on in the
video those are anywhere from two to five
hundred dollars so ultimately that was a big score I’d say anyway I’d say we’re
on the $4,000 mark so if you guys want to learn more about where we pick this
up at like this video once I get a hundred likes I will share the website
through another video for you guys so that you guys can go and bid on this
type of stuff so until next time thanks for everything guys like and share this
video we’re going to be pumping out a lot of content this winter hopefully we
can get around with all the snow we get up here in North Dakota that said thanks

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  • coupleofpickers

    October 29, 2019

    Hello Shawn from Rob & Lisa if you remember us….Great score on printers…looks like you may have got some Ricoh / Lanier printers…Rob use to be a Lanier technician few years ago before we went reselling full-time…I heard about you free forever listings…..might have retry your site…..keep on picking!


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