Vocal Coach REACTS to ELVIS PRESLEY Love Me Tender (Best Versions!?) | Lucia Sinatra

CIAO my beautiful people my name is Lucia
Sinatra I am singer songwriter performer and vocal coach but first of all I am a
singer and I love to hear beautiful voices and
one of these beautiful voices is the King Elvis Presley honnestly since I was
a newborn I grew up with Elvis so if you follow the king like me be sure you
subscribe and leave a thumbs up I am going to read and analyze with all of
you the different versions of Love Me Tender during the time so let’s start
with Love Me Tender at the Ed Sullivan Show okay no other tunes in here guys he still have a kind of effect on me
still after all these years I don’t know how he’s whispering perfect pitch dynamics
is we have this very fast I can’t believe it’s feeling like okay this one was a very unusual
performance because was at the end of the 50s all the people here something
very bad about Elvis because they used to call him he’ll miss the pelvis so
they allowed him to perform on this show only if they will not show his pelvis
movement he was not allowed at all so the director decides to shoot only his
face and his chest not below because as you can see when he used to make a smile
or a strange movement the girl starts to scream and they didn’t want that but
anyway Elvis was a very kind person and gentleman used to call people sir with a
lot of new respect let’s watch Love Me Tender mash up with witchcraft with
Frank Sinatra same way only in different areas they tether love to sweet we have two teams here he was so beautiful Oh that’s pretty okay I will talk about Uncle Frank in
another video but about Elvis the most incredible thing was his
dynamics when they did the harmonization together you were able to listen clearly
that Frank was doing the highest note in a very flat but perfect pitch style was
louder than him Alice didn’t care he only wanted to do his performance doing
something that is very characteristic for his voice and it’s called dynamics love you use this barrack that’s vibrato
with a lot of air and sometimes it puts more just given more power on the note
he made also witchcraft a beautiful passionate song Elvis was something very
different from what people were used to on that ages and actually in this case
he reminds me when Marilyn Monroe used to capture all the audience just
whispering Frank was more louder than okay those two incredible kings let’s go
on with another Love Me Tender version 68 come back tell me about it for a computable sweet voice three unique tools my today okay this is one of my finger it because
the arrangement is incredible here you can feel his passion his witness his
tenderness and also I can feel him very tired vocally and that part when we use
his voice without vibrato is amazing was very rare to hear that sound from Cayman
he never had the perfect technique but who cares we are talking about an
incredible personality who used to give goose bones just standing and whispering
okay the last one let’s leave out all the kissing this bomber is amazing at the International Hotel in Las Vegas
in the 70 and was the first time that he went back live on stage after all the
movies era and the comeback show this was the last version just let me know
which one you prefer and which song you like most
I have a romantic person I used to listen to the album love letters from
Elvis so I have all that songs here impressed on my mind and on my heart
next video will be if I can dream so stay tuned because there will be a you
surprised and I hope you will like it be sure you subscribe and leave a thumbs up
if you want it to be a lot and other videos about the Kings I see you on the
next video ciao ciao ciao

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