Use of Preposition ABOUT – Prepositions in English

Use of Preposition ABOUT – Prepositions in English

Hi there. Welcome to Harry’s World of
Words and Phrases and English in a Minute. Today we’re looking at
prepositions and the first preposition we’re going to talk to you about is
about talk about about A B O U T and how do we use it so first example of it
is about an approximation. so what time will you be home I’d be home about 10
o’clock it doesn’t mean exactly at 10 o’clock it
could be a little bit before or it could be a little bit after so I will be there
about 10 o’clock so approximately approximation okay then when we use
about we can use it when we’re giving specific information about a subject
about a subject so what does this book about oh the book is about a boy who
gets lost in the forest so we’re giving you specific information on the subject
of the book and then when we’re asking questions for example you go into an
office and you can’t see anybody you might say is there anybody about what
this means is there anybody here that can help me okay and in one final
example is when we want to make a suggestion okay
how about going to the movies tonight how about having a pizza how about
meeting up with our friends so you’re asking a question but you’re also making
a suggestion okay so these are ways of using the preposition about so as always
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  • Habib ur Rehman Raja

    July 13, 2019

    I will b home at 10 o clock. Right????


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