Top 5 Facts About Stonehenge

Top 5 Facts About Stonehenge

Never mind about the Egyptians, pyramids,
giant stone heads and Mayan societies, what’s the deal with Stonehenge? Welcome to WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts and in
today’s installment, we’re going to be counting down the Top 5 nuggets of knowledge
about Stonehenge. A structure that has inspired and featured
in books, films, TV shows and many a lecture on possible sacrificial séances, Stonehenge
is one of the greatest mysteries of Britain. Sure, it carries an endless list of myths
and theories, but what do we actually know for certain? Okay, so it’s hardly a cosy place in the
cotswolds. Nevertheless, Stonehenge has been a desirable
asset for years, changing hands many times. One owner in the early 1900s, Sir Edmund Antrobus,
was the first to charge an admission fee for visitors – and although asked many times,
refused to sell the property to the British Government. Ultimately, following a death in the Antrobus
family in 1915, Stonehenge and its accompanying land went to the auction block and a local
barrister, Mr Cecil Chubb, snatched it up for £6,600 – which is around £600,000 in
today’s money. Legend has it, he bought it as a gift for
his wife. But she mustn’t been too keen because just
three years later Chubb generously donated it to the Government – and the government
knighted him to say thank you. You may have heard rumours about what happens
on the surface of the Stonehenge site, but what about beneath it? Well, archaeologists have discovered thousands
of bones in numerous pits around the site which belonged to almost 100 different people,
who are thought to have been buried there during the late Neolithic and copper age. But these weren’t just ordinary people. According to research, only the elite were
buried at Stonehenge, and they weren’t just locals, many of them were from all over the
world. One of the most interesting things about these
remains is that they were almost half men, half women – which gives great insight into
equality between the sexes all those years ago. Nowadays, we take accessing information via
things like Google, TV and books for granted. But back in Medieval times, a lot of what
you learnt would have been from word of mouth, including fictitious and non-fictitious stories. Naturally, this made for a few tall tales. One of these was Geoffrey of Monmouth’s
story of Merlin and Stonehenge. The story goes that Merlin, on a quest from
king Aurelius Ambrosius, travelled to Ireland to retrieve healing stones from a circular
rock formation called The Giant’s Ring. These were then brought back to England and
Stonehenge was erected in honour of the hundreds of Britons slayed by the saxons. With this being one of the earliest depictions
of Stonehenge in literature, it was widely regarded to be true, along with a lot of Geoffrey’s
other work which was loosely based on real-life people, stories and locations. No they didn’t use a shrink ray, it’s
actually much cooler than that. Essentially, earthworms live beneath the ground
and eat soil – and once it has passed through them and they’ve got all the nutrients they
need, they excrete the remains, known as worm cast, above the soil in little mounds. This results is the surface level actually
rising, which in effect makes whatever is on the surface – like stones – sink. This little gem of knowledge came from Charles
Darwin back in the 1800s, and he stated that the surface of the soil at Stonehenge increases
around 0.2 inches a year. To put that in perspective, that would mean
the surface of the soil would rise 20 inches every 100 years. So it may only be a matter of time until they’re
gone… well, a few thousand years, but still. The big, archway-like stones are of course
the most famous and recognisable at Stonehenge, but what about the numerous other surrounding
stones? Well, unlike the larger stones which are thought
to have been sourced locally, the 80, smaller surrounding stones, known as bluestones, can
actually be traced back to the Preseli Hills – which by the way, is around 150 miles away
in Wales. Exactly how these two tonne stones were transported
is a little unclear, with one theory suggesting it had something to do with glacial movements. A more rock solid theory however, pardon the
pun, suggests that they were brought from Wales via boats or rafts. If that is true though, it still begs the
question, why go through the effort to source stones from so far away?


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    Stonehenge is mangaged by a company likened to Disney Land in America but its called English Heritage the next thing Stonehenge will have a is drive thru McDonald's….. English Heritage your a disgrace to your name "English Heritage"

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    British architecture lol Stonehenge is just a pile of rocks

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    I thought Clark Griswold from National Lampoon's European Vacation backed into it with a car and it came down like dominoes.

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    There is nothing mysterious about the Stonehenge, it was f***king build by people who decided to keep their identities and only built for tourist attraction and puzzle folks, just like the Georgia Guidestone.

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    I feel you want the truth look here

    Stonehenge: non-mechanical clock

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    I was there today.

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    I think it was just erected by uncivilized human.. rock are roughly cut, have no precission, and the.size is small.. not.sophisticated at all.. look at pyramids, hundreds Indian temple and Peru ancient megalith… it is famous coz thats that western have

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    Utter rubbish. Watch a real documentary which has the correct facts

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    Thanks I used these facts for school

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    What I cant figure out is, how are some of the stones missing? I mean they must weight 20 ton each. If you've got enough people to shift one then why not take the lot? And it's hardly as if you could pinch one and not get noticed by the locals.

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    Stonehenge has been sketched and well documented many times since ancient times ,and we even know the date that some of these great stones toppled over mainly through earth movement ,but luckily with the help of the sketches we already had and also that in some of the larger ones were keyed in a way that let us reconstruct them to position that they once held. What people often see is that in the 20s when they were replacing the larger stones,a lot of the newspapers of the day carried pictures of the work being carried out ,and so all these stories were just based on the pictures not facts ,after all it is older than the pyramids and does need some work doing every few thousand years or so

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    i love this guy's accent.

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    thanks but you just repeated wikipedia

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    I remember in Halloween three the one without Michael Myers the dude said he had ancient technology to do that weird shit with them Halloween mask and referred to Stonehenge and had a Stonehenge rock.

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    Amazing video watch and sub mine:

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    The ancient name for those type of axes was labrys. It was also the symbol used to mark a maze. That's why we call them labyrinths. Maybe that's exactly what Stonehenge was. A labyrinth. We know people gathered there for trade. We know it was a market place. So to could it be a labyrinth where those that completed it got to chisel their labrys into stone. Or maybe the labrys is the symbol of where to enter. Defeat the aurox for control of the tribes. We know they had great feats there. We know there were burials of dead. We don't know and there is no evidence of any solstice or religious meaning. So why don't we expand upon what we do know instead of making everything religious in nature.

    Let's NOT forget that this isn't the condition in which Stonehenge was found. This is how it was believed it ought to look by a very religious society beginning in 1901. Stonehenge as it is was built by modern society ave thus too all the ideals about its existence. No evidence at all there is a religious, spiritual or celestial significance.


    November 25, 2018

    number 6:it was the shortest mountain in the world

    number 7:it was made by stone age people

  • Kay Vengeance

    November 27, 2018

    This is for all the atheist out there. You know what, the Stonehenge was not built by any civilization or people – it is pure chance, a work of nature. There was probably a big explosion or volcanic eruption and gigantic rocks spewed out of the earth and landed in that formation. Why believe the Stonehenge was built by an ancient civilization because of the simple arrangement yet you behold the mind bugling order of the universe and come to the conclusion it's pure change started at the Big Bang. The absurdity and stupidity of this! And the fact that millions of people buys into it….???!!! Guess what, the only reason why scientists settle for this is because by believing there's a creator somewhere, then they're obliged to recon with him, and proud man don't want to recon with no God. Prove me wrong.

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  • Allen Medvers

    December 20, 2018

    I just saw a tv documentory(on TPT) No mension of the 1901 reconstruction that lasted years. Its a tourist trap. Lol.haha.
    said Stonehenge testings show roughly 3000 bc(?). The flood acured about 1300(?) years later. I think giants built it and 1000s of other structures that were destroyed by earth quakes. The 3 giza pyramids lost the outer white stone in a earth quake.
    Mt Ararat may have risen from the earth at the flood do to an earth quake of a zillion tons of water in the earth bursting out into the sky 50 miles(?).. Which may explain the huge wooden structure in the glacier that was carried up. But i do not believe its Noahs ark because a man named george hangapoin went up with his uncle and never mentioned the tar pitch spoken in Genisis. He said the wood is petrified.
    If yer not a global flood believer then you must explain many flood supporting facts. Such as water lines inside the 3 giza pyramids.
    The shape of the land mass was changed at the flood. That would explain the city of Atlantis. The atlantic ocean has the highest mountains and lowest abyss. There are 7 i think.
    Also there is evidence that Ron wyatt discovered the true Noahs ark at the base of mt Ararat. Its completly decayed.

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    Graham Hancock

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    Do you know whats weird bout this place in Transformers last Knight thers a scene wher anthony hopkins goes through pictures and for a second thers a picture with humans with a crane building stonehenge ( A recent picture not waaaaaaayyyyyy back).

  • Steven Welk

    January 3, 2019

    Man was a builder. There were groups of builders that had commissions far from home. There were many of these groups of builders. Man also love to compete. Like the Olympics today. Some brought their own stones feeling there was a connection between them. In their competition they would have to Upright stones and put other stones on top of them and see who could do it the fastest with the most weight. Often times the losers would continue on to get second place. Some would quit. It was man's competitive nature and the love of building created the Stonehenge. They're also found in other places in the world. This wasn't a one-time event.

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    the most epic pile of rocks

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    There's no freakin way they carried these giant 22 TON stones 150 miles or managed to even put them on top of eachother. There had to have been some help or like some kind of ancient technology we havent found

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    I visited it recently, amazing place

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    My Great aunt was a tour guide there and Salisbury Cathedral I remember being a kid and going to stay with her for a week in the summer holidays and having to go on the tours with her i hated it at the time having to go round over and over again but now i'm older i'm glad I did!

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    Stonehenge again and again and again. Duh. Everything in archeology these days is ritual. "It's aligned withe the summer solstice" . Oh no it's aligned with the winter solstice" .. what a load of crap.oh it's archeology its ritual …bollocks. these idiots have PhD in front of their names.. duuuh

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    You can actually see Stonehenge quite close without having to pay admission. Watch here how close you can get:

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    No man can build that unless your 10times to 20times bigger than a normal human..

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    No mention of the now visible metal block inside one of the larger stones? That seeming anomaly must be investigated, surely?

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    Stonehenge has been stolen from the people and turned into a money making machine for the corrupt establishment and the slaves in society let it happen, The A-holes who control the land have excavated every inch ,built roads and buildings on the land and now charge £18 just to look at it from a distance, they then lie through their teeth and tell us we cant touch the stones because we damage them ? what Bollocks they have done more damage to the area than any visiting pilgrim, the stones belong to the people not to the corrupt establishment who wish to steal our rights and control the people the exact oposite of the stones purpose which was to unite the people. My advice to the younger generations is dont become the slaves your parents have become take back your rights and freedoms and free stonehenge from the corrupt money god and their followers,

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    The crumbled crust at the bottom of the stone appearing at 0:45 should mean that it was built with malleable cement. The interior of each stone might be a hollow wood box or a pile of clay, or something else.

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    Treat ever upper space like a rouff

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    Nothing historical about this Stonehenge, they are just huge rocks.

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    It's all wrong I've been there for a vip and it's all different. Well not vip but they let me do stuff. That ppl weren't

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    Stonehenge is a sacrificial area

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    I don't believe he gave it to the government. More likely based on it's theorys. His life would of been in danger by secret gov ops. It is clear that this is not a piece of history but advanced technology.

  • Brielle Victoria G. Rodriguez

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    another strange fact is that it was built in a way that during a solstice or equinox, the sun fits exactly through the gaps made by the stones

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    You use a talisman and then you can craft runes

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    I went to Stonehenge on the 21st June 5am; the sun was coming up but the smell of stale charity shops and weed was appalling; coupled with hippies and their brats going all; like so cool man, i have Jocstick up my arse!

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    so stonehenge is a mausoleum???

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    Hahaha prevara

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    Rugati pe cel ce a daruit viatza
    Voua si pe Domnul Iisus Hristos .
    Pentru sanatate si viatza in Dumnezeire.
    Nu va rugati la pietre .
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    Diavoli ,rockeri.jockeri.
    Razbunare este a mea.
    Zice Domnul Dumnezeu.
    Voi bucurat-va
    Si de razbunat ma ocup EU.
    Pietrele Raman ,pietre
    Viatza vine de la Domnul .
    Moartea vine si viatza pleaca la
    Si rockeri in hell oooo

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    Pietrele nu au putere
    Domnul o sa va arate puterea Sa
    Toati vrajmasi vor fi asternut sub picioarele Domnului Iisus Hristos
    Si atunci legea va arata puterea Duhului Sfant..
    IAR voi blestematilor ,veti fi amarnic ingroziti de murdaria voastra din inima voastra. Naparce sunteti voi.

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    Hell ooo ori Hitler .la fel de murdar.

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    Actually my kid was playing with these stones,… he wanted to make a castle… know there was no Lego at that time…

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    Something that lived in the moon for long time ago called a dragon and comes only when the moon stands high and leaves afterwards when the moon its low is the story of the stones

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    it's full of sprit orbs I just caught loads there

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    Had a massive turd on one of these srones. Lol… 🐷🐷🐷

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    Under it is the Pandorica

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    Who cares who or why these were built , they are useless knock the stupid things down.

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    Brace yourself. This could include 48 chromosomes.

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    It’s most likely some people got stoned and one guy was like hey man I got this great idea let’s build a giant circle of stones.

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    I mean the amount of times I've drove past it and honestly it's just rocks

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    Fact 6: Serbs was building old Sarum

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    It’s the work of God.

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    Stonehenge is the biggest English fake in history! The British are specialists in the creation of fakes, they want to be ancient )))

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    Just watch a doc from Nat geo..ok..that they found out 15 years ago that the stones are 4500 y.o…and say that it's older than pyramids etc…my goddddd!!! Walk out your street, find a small stone and go analyse can be also 4500 y.o!!!! That's does not mean it was made that time, the stones was that god..

  • Dr Boom

    August 23, 2019

    Just because women were burried there aswell doesn't mean their society was equal. It might simply mean that great men were burried with their wives, that means that women who were married to important people might have been killed for the sake of being burried with their husband. That tells a different tale regarding equality.
    I swear, UK and Swedish researchers are so quick to try and paint old civilisations in a politically fitting light according to their agenda. Thats bad sience.

  • Edward Martin

    September 2, 2019

    I don't see what the big deal is. Big dopy stones arrenge in concentric circles. I seriously doubt if people from all over the world were buried at Stonehenge. There are no American Indians buried there.

  • Gary Templemain

    September 3, 2019

    When I was a young lad a kindly lady in our family took me on a day trip to see Stonehenge. Back in those days some 60 odd years ago you could walk among the great stones, feel their age and presence. It was a wonderful experience but NOW it's just a money making exercise. You don't even get close to the stones and have to stay at least 50 meters away. You pay for parking, food, drinks and entry to a walk around path. You might as well look at photos off the internet. IT SUCKS

  • Bill Ford

    September 8, 2019

    these massive ton stones were not dragged or pulled over many miles. The truth is that they were washed about via The Ice Age period and encased in ice and after the big flood of 11'000 BC they had been floated on the flood waters and drifted down south near to were the build site was.
    Thank me later.

  • Stephen Criddle Proper Paranormal

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    it's full of Strangeness

  • 18woowill Yeet

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    0:40 mate it isn’t in the Cotswolds, Stonehenge is in south Wiltshire, the Cotswolds southern most point is in very north Wiltshire, I am a nerd. Sorry 🙂

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    There is a Stonehenge on Mars, what if this was some sort of way that aliens used to teleport

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    Stonehenge was a sex thing

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    A few stones on top of each other…. Come down London there's shit loads on a Friday nite …all fucking human.

  • Aisha Noor

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    Stonehenge was built by giants. According to brutus of Troy. After whom the name Britain comes from aproximately 100bc. When he conquered part of the Isles.

    P's he's a roman


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