Tipps und Tricks rund um den Drachen Fight | Hypixel SkyBlock Deutsch

Hello and welcome. Today I would like to give you some tips and tricks if you are back in the Dragon Nest and want to fight a dragon. But first you can win 250000 Coins at my giveaway if you write your in game name in the comments
The winner will be drawn on Sunday 12 January and the winner of the last giveaways can be found in the video description And one more request, if you win please just put something in the auction house for a few days as I’m still trying to reach the last two winners. But now we come back to the Dragon Fights. What everybody should know is that you should use the best equipment possible, so it’s best to use a complete Superior Armor or a Strong Set with Tarantula Helmet and as many Talismans as possible. And since you can only shoot the dragon with your bows with the two mentioned armors, Dragon Hunter is also highly recommended on your bows. Another method is to use a complete Tarantula Set and whenever the dragon is in the air you teleport with an Aspect of the End quickly to it and with the double jump of the Tarantula Shoes you can stand in the air next to the dragon and hit it with your sword to do much more damage compared to the bow
And if you want, you can even enchant your sword with Dragon Hunter. It is also clear to everyone that you should use the best potions possible. But unfortunately you can only have a maximum of 3 effects at the same time which is mostly Archery, Critical and Strength but there are other potions which are useful for Dragon Fighting and to get more than 3 active potion effects someone else has to throw the potion on you. Here are some guilds that cast many good potions at once, to find out when and where to cast potions you have to either look for them in the hubs yourself or join a guild that casts potions regularly. A discord on which potions are announced is not known to me but if you know one you can let me know in the comments. If you are well-equipped and have all potions that are available and you have placed your eyes that a dragon is spawning I would recommend you to stand in this corner just before the dragon is spawning. Because by the explosion you will be hurled upwards and from this position you can land quite comfortably on the column from where you can fight the dragon with your bow. To hit the dragon better with your bow there are also 2 tricks where the first one is to aim in front of the dragon so that the arrows hit it and if you don’t know exactly where to aim you can also display the hit box of the dragon by pressing F3 and B and then you have a box around the dragon which shows you where you have to hit the dragon to do damage. If you are now more casual so without top equipment and potions and you just come to the end and see that a dragon is spawned there is also a trick how to get into the Dragons Nest without destroying the gate. But with it you can simply go to these coordinates and with the ability of the aspect often the end you can teleport through the wall to get into the Dragons Nest without waiting for the door to break. If you are already in the Dragon’s Nest when the dragon is spawned but you are still rather poorly equipped compared to the people who jump at the dragon and do millions of damage. I would advise you to do at least one damage to the dragon to get 3 dragon fragments and the rest of the time you can either continue farming Zealots or try to destroy the crystals to get crystal fragments Do you have any more tips for the dragon fight? Then please add them to the comments. And if you want to see more tutrorials around Hypixel SkyBlock make sure to suscribe and until then I wish you a wonderful day and ciao!

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