The RealReal Helps Jenna With Her Spring Cleaning | Do Me Over

The RealReal Helps Jenna With Her Spring Cleaning | Do Me Over

– [Host] I’m here with Graham
and Jessica from The RealReal and they’re gonna help
me spring clean today to see what I could resell
or donate or just clear out. – Let’s get started, I’m excited! – You know mini bags are really popular this is also a waist that
you can do cross-body and velvet is definitely having a moment. – You’re gonna have to take your stuff out of it first though. – And I have this Alfeya
Valrina, has my initials on it. – Personalization is the
death of resale value. If you do wanna personalize your items I recommend like a stripe, or a shape. You have a lot of pig motif
around your room and even a little cute pig would be so
cute, however three initials is kind of the kiss of death. It’s too specific to hold value. – Next up we have this
Pop & Suki gingham bag. – It’s a little Uptown,
you’re a little Brooklyn. – Yeah, we always look that
bags inside don’t have stains or major scratches, you’ve
kept these in great shape. If you know you’re not gonna
wear it let’s… great. – Get her out. So, I love zebra but
this is a lot of zebra. – It’s a lot of zebra and ruffle. Gotti’s a really fun and
youthful brand, people wear it all summer long, maybe last
summer was it’s summer for you and you’re more of a leopard anyways. – I mean, is this something I’m gonna get a lot of use out of? – So it certainly is bright
and there is this stigma that like once it’s on Instagram
you can’t wear it again – Which is so silly but how many times do you wanna
wear a banana jumpsuit? – Look, I think you should
definitely enjoy it this summer and yes, come fall if you
think you’re done with it by all means, consign it. – Okay, then I’ll hold on to you. (upbeat, peppy music) – I thought I needed a pair of red boots but I never wear them. – Sometimes our impulses don’t turn out in our best interests. It’s a sensible shoe as
far as the silhouette. And someone will love this. – These are Philipp Plein, I
got them at their sample sale it’s just not a summer shoe. – Not at all, no, unless
you wanna leave them in your closet, come
fall, um, you don’t have that much space and
you have a lot of shoes – [Host] Yeah. – So I think it’s a great
time to consign them. – And then last up are these
patent opening ceremony Mary Jane slide, I don’t
know what these are actually something like that. – This is a great example
of a trend that’s waning. Square toe was really strong
for a moment, it’s not really the direction that people
are looking right now. For every trend that comes back there are a lot that never do. I would get rid of them– – Yeah I– – And when the trend
comes back you can say, “Darn it! I had that before.” – Okay, well we’ll try and see. – [Jessica] We’ll try them. Yes. – So I love the homework
you did before we showed up. It can be super overwhelming
to try to go through your whole wardrobe or your
whole closet all at once. – [Host] Yeah. – So say, “Today I’m gonna do shoes.” It makes it a much more
approachable and easy process. – Also, you do wanna get
the best resale value for your items, wear them, enjoy them, while you see that the trend is still on and items are still hot, sell them. – Wow, I’m gonna do that. Thank you guys so much– – Yeah. – This was so much fun and
I’m really excited to see my closet again.

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