The Case of the Prisoner Breakout

Cast: Mark Wendell Gary Trask Theodore Farley Dane Cresswell Ashley Simmons Matt Grigor John Swansea-Oldham Wendell Darling Michael Sylvester John Charles Enjoy the show! Vice Chief: Good morning, police. I just want to say that today be a great day here in LEGO City. Let’s protect and serve. Good luck today. Smith [Right]: I can’t stay in this jail! I want to leave! Medina [left]: Tonight we leave. we will meet up at the depot, then we wait for the train. I swear! Namor: [Grunts] I just broke this. MEDINA: We need to leave quietly! Smith: [Grunts] How did this window get out. This is hard! Namor: Hurry up! Get out of there! Smith: Come on, let’s go! Medina: It’s hard for me because I’m missing a hand! Namor: Let’s go! Namor: Okay, all we have to do is lift this gate and get out of here. [Grunts] MEDINA: Let’s get out of here! We’re Free! To the depot! [ROOSTER CROWS] Vice Chief: Good morning, Sargent, how are you? WATER SARGENT: Very good. You? Vice Chief: Very good. Just another day in LEGO City, right? -Yes. Everything looks calm this morning, let’s have a good day. Vice Chief: What in the name of the devil happened here?! Brenda, the alarm! -Brenda, you didn’t here me, the prisoners have escaped!! [ALARM] VICE CHIEF: We have a serious problem. Three prisoners have escaped and we have no clue where they are! Let’s secure the city immediately! Motorcycle Sgt. #1: Okay. 4-WHEELER SARGENT: It looks like the left through the main entrance. Vice Chief: Do you have it protected? -Yes. Vice Chief: West Entrance protected? Motorcycle Sgt. #1: Here I am. Vice Chief: East Entrance protected? MOTORCYCLE SGT. #2: Here I am. Water Sargent: Here I am in the water. I see nothing suspicious. Vice Sargent: Good. Stay there. Vice Sargent: I’m going to search them on the ground. I’m only going a little bit; they shouldn’t cave escaped far; they were on foot. [POLICE SIREN] Vice Chief: I’m going to the depot; I imagine that they’re going to escape by train. 4-Wheeler Sargent: Okay, I’ll stay and protect the city. 4-Wheeler Sgt.: Good luck. Smith: Are you ready? MEDINA: Oh yes, Let’s get out of here! NAMOR: I’m going to stay and wait for the train. Good luck! Smith: Good luck! Bye! Medina: Where are we going? Smith: I don’t know, somewhere far. Let’s get out of here! Vice Chief: I knew it! One of them is right up there waiting for the train. [Chuckles] Are you up there? Hello? Come down, and there will be no problems. Hello? [GRUNT] NAMOR: Goodbye! Vice Chief: Noooooooooo! Namor: [laughs] Good night! [laughs] Vice Chief: [GROANS] My back…[Groans] Namor: How easy, I’ll just take his car! Goodbye, And thank you for your car [laughs] Bye! 4-WHEELER SGT.: The Vice Chief isn’t back. How strange. 4-Wheeler: Have you seen the Vice Chief? Motorcycle Sgt. #1: No, haven’t seen him. 4-Wheeler: Have you seen the Vice Chief? Motorcycle Sgt. #2: No, haven’t seen him. I’ve been here all day. 4-Wheeler: Have you seen the Vice Chief? Water sargent: No, haven’t seen anything. I’m going to check on the Vice Chief. I’ll be back. -Okay. Holy Smokes, the Vice Chief! Brenda, something’s wrong with the Vice Chief! 4-Wheeler: Vice Chief, What happened? -I think I broke my back. I fell from the tower. -Brenda, the ambulance, immediately! Chief Brenda: Got it! [Siren] 4-Wheeler Sargent: Don’t go…stay with us. Vice Chief: [Groans] -We’re taking you inside the ambulance, and we’re taking you to the doctor immediately. -Oh… 4-wheeler: Brenda? Chief Brenda: Yes? 4-Wheeler: It looks like two of the prisoners escaped in an airplane. -Okay. Send the helicopter out and see if they can find anything. I’ll find the others. -Good. [HELICOPTER] Namor: I think I’ll stop here and rest here…it looks like no one lives at this abandoned castle. Oh, the water, how delicious, oh.. Namor: Oh…what in the name of…Hello, how are you, friends? Namor: [SHOUTING IN PAIN] No! Ow! Please! Ow! Noooooooooo! [Engine sputtering] Medina: What’s happening? We don’t have gasoline!!!!!!! Smith: Ow…I can’t move Helicopter Sargent: I see the Vice Chief’s car. I’m going to pick up somebody. Helicopter: Jump when I tell you, and grab the car and get out of there quickly. – Okay. 4-Wheeler: When I get to the car, I need to be quiet. I see the cavemen. Oh no, they found me! [Speeds off] Namor: Don’t leave me here!!!!!!!! I’m free. Helicopter: Sargent? -Yes? I Know where the other two are. I can see them from my chopper. -Where? Helicopter: They had a plane crash. -Is that so? They aren’t very far from the tower. It looks like they are hurt. Time for them to return to the jail cell. -Okay, I’m going. There they are. They’ll have lots of time to recover in jail. Hello. Good to see you again. Medina: Hey, we don’t fit back here!! 4-Wheeler: I don’t care. You deserve it. Back to jail! 4-Wheeler: How is the Vice Chief? Anyone know? Motorcycle Sgt. #1: I know. They just finished his surgery. He ought to be out in three days. -He’ll be happy that we recaptured the prisoners. Vice Chief: Thank you, Dr. Wayne for what you did to me. Dr. Wayne: You’re welcome. I hope you make a good recovery. [Cheering] [Happy Music] [Ending Music] Thanks for watching! Director: J.O. Montenegro, Jr. Music: Corbin Montenegro, with help from Casio Cast: MARK WENDELL as RICHARD MEDINA GARY TRASK as CLINT NAMOR THEODORE FARLEY as ALLEN SMITH DANE CRESSWELL as VICE CHIEF ASHLEY SIMMONS as CHIEF BRENDA MATT GRIGOR as 4-WHEELER SARGENT JOHN SWANSEA-OLDHAM as MOTORCYCLE SGT. #1 WENDELL DARLING as MOTORCYCLE SGT. #2 MICHAEL SYLVESTER as WATER SARGENT JOHN CHARLES as HELICOPTER SARGENT Special thanks to LEGO for the use of their products. Please leave a comment about our show! [APPLAUSE]

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