The 1st Rule of German Prepositions ✔️ Nach vs Zu ✔️ German Story #2

Hey my name is Lina and my name is Ed and welcome to… so the idea behind Double Deutsch is to take boring German concepts and turn them into exciting videos and today Ed is going to us all about his fun weekend yeh this weekend was a bit tiring but really cool why? I went to Amsterdam to celebrate King’s day but why was it stressful? well… Thursday morning I had a meeting in Paris and after the meeting I had to leave straight away to get the bus so i took the metro to the train station found my bus and off i went to Amsterdam so just while Ed is in the bus let me explain something to you now you may have noticed that Ed said but then he said but why? well, when you travel to a country or a city in German you use the word However, when you a particular place like the hospital or a shop, a museum, you use the word There are, however, some exceptions for countries that require the use of so as, I am going to the USA so check out the bonus material to see all of those but anyway, what did you do that night Ed? nothing when I arrived there wasn’t any public transport and I had to walk 45 minutes to my girlfriend’s house and I arrived so late that I went to bed straight away to prepare for the weekend but the next day, my friends arrived early and that’s when things really kicked off on Friday we were out all day and we ate something typical drank something typical and went out to celebrate King’s night but I thought it was King’s day…? yeh, but on the Friday you can go out as well… good excuse true anyway the next day we dressed up in orange but why? it is the Dutch tradition why orange? it doesn’t matter Saturday was just as crazy as Friday we partied all day and I have to admit it was awesome to see my English friends again just while the English do what they do best the word Ed keeps using actually has 2 meanings horny cool meaning I am horny meaning it was cool so just be careful with that one so I could say that Friday was “geil” that Saturday was “geil” and Sunday… but the people were friendly the atmosphere was unbelievable and Amsterdam is very pretty so I would definitely recommend both King’s day and King’s night in Amsterdam to you so guys and girls make sure to subscribe to learn about next week’s adventure and check out the bonus material below for the added explanations and we will see you next week!

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