Tender Loving Care – Full Movie (1998 Interactive Cut)

Tender Loving Care – Full Movie (1998 Interactive Cut)

Breakfast time. Did you give Jody’s breakfast? Oatmeal and raisins like always. – She loves that oatmeal.
– Yeah, she certainly does. I see you’re starting a new project.
What’s it gonna be this time? It’s a sweater for Jody. – Thought so. It’s her favorite color.
– Yes it is. Allison, do you remember the nurse
we discussed? – The nurse for Jody?
– Yeah. Michael, I told you I can take care of
Jody myself. – I know. I know. But Dr. Turner thinks it
would be best – if we just—
– Michael, please. He thinks it would be best for Jody. And that’s what we both want, isn’t it?
What’s best for Jody? Allison? Isn’t it? – Yes.
– Good. The nurse is coming today. – Today?
– Yes, her name is Mrs. Randolph. Is she gonna live here with us? For a while till things
get a little better. Jody’s not gonna like her. I think she’ll be very helpful and maybe I could get back to work. And leave us here alone with her? Let’s just give it a chance, okay?
Let’s see what happens. Allison?
Okay? Okay. Good. This man. He said it’s a
$50 fare from the airport. Lady, it’s 25 miles.
$2 a mile. – Mrs. Randolph?
– Yes, am I being overcharge? I’ll take care of it. She’s some piece of work. I wouldn’t tip him.
He doesn’t deserve it. – Thanks for your trouble.
– Thanks, man. Good luck. Michael Overton. Something wrong, Mr. Overton? – You’re not quite what I expected.
– What did you expect? – You’re very young.
– I’m qualified for the job. Dr. Turner said your qualification
were excellent. But you disagree? I’d just expected someone with more…
experience. I’ve been a psychiatric nurse for 6 years
and I’m a licensed psychotherapist. I’m sorry. You just don’t look like a
Mrs. Randolph to me. I was expecting an older person. Maybe a
semi-retired widow or something. If in your opinion I’m unsuitable,
then I’ll leave. – No, I don’t–
– On the other hand, if I don’t fit your image of a
Mrs. Randolph, then why don’t you just call me Kathryn
and let’s get on with it. Okay, Kathryn. Let me show you your room. Thank you. It’s up the stairs. Turn to your right at the top.
It’s at the end of the hall. Hope you like it. It will do. We had the entire house
remodeled last year. It’s my parent’s place.
I inherited it after my father died. – When was that?
– A couple of years ago. I see. I’m looking forward to meeting your wife. She thinks you’re here to
take care of our daughter. – Jody.
– Yes, Jody. No situation? Of course. I would have…
like to change first. You’re wearing a nurse’s uniform
or something? No, but I brought one in those cases.
It’s appropriate. Now if you excuse me,
I like to get started. We’ll be downstairs in the living room
where you’ll meet us. Allison? Ally, the nurse is here. Did you said something, Michael? – I said the nurse is here.
– Oh. – She’s very good.
– Is she? She has excellent qualifications. Jody’s not gonna like her. She’s gonna be afraid of her and
she’s not gonna like her. – Hello, Allison.
– Allison, this is the nurse. – I’m Kathryn.
– Hi. I’m here to help you.
I know what you’ve been through. Please have a seat. You have a beautiful house. It’s my family’s farmhouse.
But we don’t do any farming anymore. So do you spend much time
at the country before? No, not really. Well, you’re in for quite an experience. At first you’re gonna miss
all the noise at the hubbub. But— It’s a lovely place, but I’m not here for
a vacation Mr. Overton. I understand that. This is the first time we have
a stranger to come live with us. I know exactly how you feel. When I was a little girl, we have to have
a nurse to live in our house to take care of my mother
who suffered a stroke. How horrible. Yes. But, out of bad things,
good things can come. That’s what made me decide to
become a nurse. I saw a tremendous good you can do
for other people when they’ll let you. Very well. Won’t we, Michael? Why yes. Of course we will. I’m glad to hear that. I like to talk to you about
Jody and what happened. Perhaps you could excuse us for a few
minutes, Mr. Overton? Sure. If that’s okay with you, honey. Of course, it’s alright Michael. You’re going to bed now? You and Kathryn finished your talk? She was tired. She had a long day. – So where is she now?
– I don’t know. In her room, I supposed. – She don’t wanna speak to me first?
– No. – So how was it?
– How was what? – Your talk with Kathryn.
– Oh, very nice. Very nice? So does that mean that
you’re happy that she’s here? Of course I’m happy, Michael. Why wouldn’t I be happy to have a
professional help for Jody? But I thought, I mean. It’s very good, honey.
It’s the right attitude. You know, if this works out, I might be able to go back
to work sooner than I thought. That’ll be fine. I thought, you got a problem
with me leaving you. I think I will be good for you
to go back to work. Don’t forget to say goodnight to Jody. No, I won’t. I didn’t hear you say goodnight to Jody. I think she’s asleep.
I didn’t want to disturb her. She’s awake. I heard her
right before you came in. Okay, I’ll be right back. Goodnight, Jody.
Have a good dreams. Goodnight, darling. I thought you were still sleeping. I’ve been going over your
wife’s medication. And I think that using various depressants,
seconal and sleeping pills is overkill. Ideally we should wean her off
from all medication. It’s more like a doctor’s decision,
don’t you think? I would consult with Dr. Turner
about this of course. – Is she awake?
– No. She sleeps late most mornings. By the time
I bring her breakfast up – she’s usually awake.
– That’s a mistake. What is it? You’re keeping her too comfortable
in securing her condition. We need to bring her out to a more active
and self-rewarding existence. I take it you didn’t always make breakfast. There’s a number of things
I do now but I didn’t do before. Allison hasn’t cooked or baked
the things since Jody since the accident. Your wife is desperately holding
onto the past. But you’re doing things that you never
did before you’re helping her created an unreal world. A world of illusion where
she doesn’t do the things she did before and she’s actually losing
her grip on the past. Make sense. I wonder why Dr. Turner
never put it that way. Just trust me please. I have a lot of experience with
people at her state of mind. We need to change things,
starting now. You’re not intending to do
anything shocking, are you? No. Just go upstairs and tell her
it’s time we’ll all have breakfast. – Might be too abrupted.
– It’s not too abrupted. She’ll understand that you have a
stranger in the house and you’ll wanna make a
good impression. Her mornings are always the worst
and her depression, it’s overbearing. – Do you want me to do it?
– No. I’ll do it. Good. Tell her I would like to
discuss Jody’s breakfast. Allison? Allison? The nurse is down in the
kitchen and she wants breakfast. She wants to discuss Jody’s
breakfast with you. Jody’s breakfast? – I think you better handle this.
– Yes. Good morning. – Sorry I slept so late.
– Yes, well. We have to get on schedule so
it’s best we start – right away.
– Okay. You can go upstairs and
get dressed, Mr. Overton. We’ll call you when we’re ready. Well go on, Michael.
Michael? Alright. What’s up? Allison wants you to do that later. Why? I’m almost finished and
it’s supposed to rain. It would be really helpful to me
if you could do it later. What possible difference
could it make? Jody’s trying to take a nap and
you’re keeping her awake. – What are you doing?
– Shh. Lower your voice. I told Allison I give Jody
a sponge bath. In the beginning, it’s gonna be very
important for me and for you to fall through into the things
we say we’re gonna do. After with a complete confidence,
you’ll understand it. Of course. After you shower and change, I have a
list of groceries I want you to get. We don’t need anything.
I went shopping yesterday. Hi, Mrs. Greenstreet.
I know I don’t have an appointment but I really need to speak with
Dr. Turner for just a minute. – He’s with a patient.
– Can I wait? – He’s got a very tight schedule.
– I’ll just be in a few minutes. He’s due to the state hospital immediately
after this appointment – and he’s running late.
– It’s important that I see him – very briefly.
– Is this an emergency? – Is your wife with you?
– No, I just came— Then, perhaps I can schedule
an appointment for you. No. Look, it is an emergency.
I really need to talk to him. Please have a seat. And when he is
through with his session, – I’ll ask when he can see you.
– Thank you. What are you looking at? Mr. Overton insisted on seeing you. I told him you’re fully booked
but he said it’s an emergency. – I’m sorry.
– It’s okay, Michael. Come on in. Sit down. – What’s wrong, Michael?
– I’m sorry, it’s really not an emergency. It’s the only way that I could get
Mrs. Greenstreet to agree to let me stay. Yes, she tries to keep me on schedule. So, what’s up? – Well, the therapist has arrived.
– I know, she called me. Oh, she did?
And she never told me? She was critical about
Allison’s medication. We did discussed it.
And now that she’s there, I think we stand a good chance to get
Allison off some of the drugs. – And then you agree with her?
– You don’t? I didn’t think she was qualified
to make those decisions. But I don’t want to appear
critical of her either. I understand. She is very experience
dealing with people in trauma. – How does Allison feel about then?
– Much better than I expected. – That’s a good thing then.
– Well, I supposed. You don’t like her, is that it? – No, it’s not that I don’t like her.
– Has there been some kind of problem? – Her methods seem unorthodox.
– How’s that? Well, she very authoritarian
for one thing. She’s virtually bossing me around
in my own house. Kathryn is used to a
lot of responsibilities. She was a headmaster at a very young age. She is extremely intelligent, you know. Although her name is Mrs. Randolph,
I get the feeling she no longer – has a husband.
– Divorced, quite recently. Guess she’s better at solving other
people’s problems than her own. The failure of a partnership
should not be a condemnation of the people
involved, Michael. Sometimes, things are just
not meant to be. Of course, I don’t know why I said that. – Is there anything else?
– Yes, the most important point actually. She seems to be
humoring Allison too much. – Humoring her?
– Yeah, I guess I expected her to be dealing in
reality but she just seems to be
fostering the illusion. I just think she
was going about it all wrong. Well, she is very experience
in this sort of thing. You’ve been dealing with Allison’s
condition for what? – Six months now?
– Yes, just over. She has an enormous task,
you know. And a major step would be for
her to gain Allison’s trust. That’s what she said. – But she’s not lying.
– No, I’m sure she isn’t. I guess you think it’s done for
me to be so worried. Of course not. But you must try
not to feel so anxious. We’re watching the situation
very closely. Right. Well, thanks for your time. – Michael. Oh, Michael.
– Why? You look so upset. – What’s going on?
– It’s Jody. – What about Jody?
– She’s sitting up. – She’s sitting up in bed.
– Really? Yes. Kathryn got her to do it. We were just talking about how
she needed to try harder. And Kathryn said she
should be sitting up in bed. She ran right upstairs and got
her to do it. Just like that. – Isn’t that wonderful?
– Yeah, yeah. That’s wonderful. And that’s not all. You gotta do it. – You just gotta do it.
– Do what? She wants her own television
for her room. – She wants her own television.
– Kathryn wants her own television set? Yes.
No, no. Jody Jody wants her own television.
She’s sitting up now – and she wants her own television set.
– Oh. Oh, Michael. I would think that
you’ll be more excited – and happy about this.
– I am. It’s just that – it’s such a surprise.
– Isn’t it that way? It’s because of Kathryn,
that woman can work miracles. Your hair looks great.
What did you do to it? Well, Kathryn did it. You will do it,
won’t you Michael? You will get her
own television set? – If that’s what she wants.
– She does. First we got to get the
groceries in the house. – Let me help.
– That’s okay. I got it. – I’m not helpless, you know.
– I know. Where’s Kathryn now? She’s upstairs doing her meditation. She does it faithfully for
one hour everyday. While she’s doing it,
she can’t be disturbed. Was that right?! Michael. What ever she’s doing, it takes a
great deal of concentration. – She’s gonna teach me how to do it.
– Oh, won’t that be swell? Michael, what’s wrong with you? Look at these stuff. I got organic vegetables,
health cereals, carrot cake with no, underlined,
no artificial ingredients. This stuff is expensive. You ask me, it doesn’t make a
damn bit a difference. Soya milk for Christ’s sake. Michael. Look, it’s just pisses me off that
I have to go out and get all these stuff. Nothing is too great a sacrifice
or an effort if it will help Jody. You’re right. Michael. Could you go up to Jody’s room and
get her drawings and her notebooks? And her report cards too? – What do you need those things for?
– Well, Kathryn wants them. She wants to know all about Jody
so she can work with her better. For crying out loud, Allison.
I don’t know where those things are. They’re in the bottom
two drawers of her dresser. Could you please do it, Michael? She’s probably asleep.
I don’t wanna wake her up. Michael. Alright, alright. – Daddy.
– Baby. Jody! Oh my God, Jody! Excuse me? – Yes?
– This thing with the television. – What thing?
– Bringing the set – and actually hooking it up.
– What about it? Oh well, it’s ridiculous. Oh? Why? Who’s gonna watch it? Who listens when you come in
and say goodnight to Jody. – Is that ridiculous to you?
– Allison does. I do that for her. I’m doing this for her too. Everything that I’m doing
is for Allison. And I appreciate it if you weren’t so
critical on every move that I make. I’m not critical.
I’m questioning. Then why did you complained to
Dr. Turner about me? – Oh, so that’s what this is all about.
– No. What this is about is you’re interfering
in a very critical process about what you know very little. Aren’t you
interested in your wife making progress? – Of course I am.
– Can’t you see how well she is doing? I’m not so sure she is
making progress. She’s downstairs making you breakfast.
And she’s happy. Her happiness is all based on illusion.
I’m mean she thinks Jody survived the accident and you’re
encouraging her. You cuddled her illusion for
six months and you have a depressed
dysfunctional wife all that time. I’ve been here for two days and
you are already seeing results. Do you want me to leave? – No.
– Then I insist you permit me to do my work the way
it has to be done. It’s done. What’s she watching? Oh, I turned the set off.
She was sleeping. She’ll be so excited when she wakes up.
Don’t you think? Boy, I’m starving. It’s been a long time
since I fond Allison’s pancakes. – These are delicious.
– Thank you. Quite wonderful, honey. Kathryn thinks we should
give a pet for Jody. – A what?
– A little dog like Punky. Animals are out of the question.
What are you thinking about? Just trying to find ways to bring life
back into the house, Mr. Overton. She’s right, Michael. Yeah, but with Jody
so confined – it may be too much of a tease.
– For her inspiration. We could get one just like Punky. Okay, I’ll go to the animal shelter.
I’ll see if they have one like Punky. If they don’t, I’ll just ask them
to let us know whenever one comes in. Why not get a different kind? Allison, from what you tell me
about her dog’s death and how painful it was
we shouldn’t remind her of it. She does have a point.
Don’t you think so, Michael? – I guess so.
– Will you do it? – Okay.
– Thank you, Michael. You’re the most wonderful husband ever. – Is he with the patient?
– Uh, no. But– – No, you can’t go in there.
– Look, Mrs. Greenstreet I just need 5 minutes of his time.
It’s important. – What is it, Michael?
– I’m sorry to barge in on you like this. But Kath, I mean, Mrs. Randolph is
really going too far. I thought she was doing rather well. She had me put a television in Jody’s room
and now she’s making me going to the – animal shelter to get a dog.
– A dog? Yes, for Jody.
Can’t you believe it? Michael, Mrs. Randolph, Kathryn, – does know what she’s doing.
– I don’t think so. Really? Come on in. Hello, Michael. Michael is concern with your
approach to Allison’s therapy. Yes, I heard. Kathryn was just telling me that Allison
in fact has recovered with a lot of energy. And that her lethargy has disappeared.
Won’t you agree? Yes, I guess so. Please sit down. – You seem unsure.
– Yes, she has a lot of energy. She is also free of any indication
of depression. Well, that sounds good.
That sounds very good. – Is this true, Michael?
– That’s how it appears to be. But Allison still believes that her
daughter’s alive. – And Kathryn’s making it worse.
– Sorry, making what worse? Her condition. Your wife is actually showing
some initial signs of recovery. Michael, returning to normal for
Allison is going to be a complex and delicate journey.
Now I can see that you’re feeling left out. But you could be very helpful
in her recovery. Now what’s needed most,
indeed, the most essential ingredient is
your cooperation. Then you think I should do
what Kathryn says? – Yes, I think it would be most helpful.
– Then I should get her a dog. Yeah, I think it’s a wonderful idea. – Did you get one?
– She’s in the back. She’s beautiful. Jody will love her.
Does she have a name? Well, she does.
I don’t know it. Jody can name her.
How cute. – Don’t you love her?
– Yeah, she’s cute. Let’s show it to Jody. You go ahead. I’m gonna build
her home around the back. Thank you, Michael.
Thank you so much. Allison? Hey, no dogs on the bed
in this house. Come on, you little mutt. What’s that? I rescued you from the pound,
remember? You’ll regret that. Allison? Ally? You in here? Allison! Would you please be quiet?
We’re trying to develop some concentration. Is Allison in there with you? Leon? It’s Michael. Not too bad. How about yourself? We’ve taken on a full time nurse.
Seems to be working out well enough, where I think I can finally
come back to work. Thanks, Leon. I appreciate it. Well, she’s a therapist actually. All I say she has things under
control to say the least. Okay, great.
I’ll see you tomorrow. Jody decided to name our new dog Punky. Even though she’s nothing
like the first Punky. – What does Kathryn have to say about that?
– Oh, she thinks it’s a good choice. You know, I was looking for you earlier.
But I guess you’re in Kathryn’s room. She’s teaching me meditation. – What is it like?
– So wonderful. No, I mean.
What did you do? – We meditated.
– Yeah but, what’s meditation all about? I didn’t know you have such an interest
in meditation, Mr. Overton. I’m curious about a lot of things. Perhaps you should try
session with me. I don’t think Michael’s quite
ready for that yet. You know, I’m thinking about
going back to work. Tomorrow. That’s wonderful, Michael.
You need to get out of the house while you’re getting
too serious. Okay, fine. Tomorrow
you’re on your own. Not exactly, I got Kathryn
to take care of me. Hi, honey.
Is everything all right? No, it’s only the third time I call.
Okay, maybe the fourth. It doesn’t matter. Okay, okay. I just wanna make
sure you’re all right. Is Kathryn there?
Bye. Hi, Kathryn.
Is Allison really doing all right? Of course I trust her. I just
like to hear it from you. Okay, all right. Fine. I understand.
I won’t call so much. Okay, I was thinking maybe I’ll
pick something up for dinner. Chinese food or…
Oh, you have? Okay.
Bye. – This is Michael Overton.
– I’ve missed you. – Welcome back, stranger.
– Thanks. – Can I buy you lunch?
– No. I don’t think so. Not today. I need to get
settled in. – How’s Allison?
– She’s… I guess she’s doing fine now
that the nurse has arrived. Another woman in the house, huh?
Are you sure you can handle it? I gotta get back to work,
Charlotte. – Well, don’t let me keep you.
– Okay, I’ll see you. It really is good to see
your face again, Michael. – We’ve missed you around here.
– Thanks. Hi. – Is that pie I smell in the oven?
– Yes it is. I know you like to shower after work
but hurry because dinner’s almost ready. – What are we having?
– Beef Wellington. Kathryn made it. – She’s a gourmet cook.
– Of course. So where’s Kathryn now?
Meditating again? Yes, it’s really good for her digestion.
I already did it. Now go and hurry cause dinner’s
gonna be ready in a minute. Oh, and look at what Kathryn
did to Jody’s room. Kathryn?
Kathryn. Oh my God. Two laughing ladies couldn’t
join me in a nightcamp? Alcohol before bed is not a good idea. She’s right Michael. You have to go
to work in the morning. Well, she’s always right.
That’s why she’s the nurse. Michael. That damn dog. You better hurry, Michael.
You’re gonna be late for work. Jesus, what time is it? It’s time you’re up and on your way. Shut that dog up. You should have listen to us.
Too much alcohol. Shut up! – What were you doing?
– Jody’s breakfast. Oh, Michael. I need you pick up
some things for Jody’s party. – What party?
– At next week. It’s her birthday. Kathryn suggested that
we have a party. Can’t you believe it?
She’s gonna be six years old. I need “Pin a Tail on the Donkey”
and invitations. – You’re inviting other people?
– Yeah. It wouldn’t be a party
without guests now, would it? – I guess not.
– Don’t forget the game. We’ve figured out a way for Jody to play.
But that’s gonna be a surprise. Mrs. Greenstreet. Guess who it is, Michael Overton.
Cannot recognize my voice, huh? He’s in Portland?
Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Well, yes it is kind of important. No, I don’t you to refer me to
anyone else. Two days? Well, when he checks in, you just
let him know I called and I hope his brother feels
better. Massive coronary?
Yeah, okay. I understand.
Thank you. Goddamn it! Is everything okay, Michael? Yeah, everything is just
goddamn wonderful. I just thought I ask if
I could help. I don’t need your help. Don’t you have something to do? Hi, honey. Yes, I got everything
you asked for. I’m sure it would be a great party.
Can I speak to Kathryn? This party thing is going too far. Well, when can you talk about it? Yes, but I wanna speak to you
when Allison’s not around. During your meditation. Fine, tonight. 5:45. I’ll be there. Come in. Allison thinks you’re teaching me
how to meditate. Might not be such a bad idea.
You could use some relaxation. – You’re extremely tense.
– Me? I’m sure it resolves of all
that’s happened. You’ve been through a great deal
of stress lately. I don’t understand why, we’re
supporting Allison’s illusion. We’re not supporting Allison’s illusion,
we’re supporting Allison. I don’t have to tell you
how fragile she is. I know, I know. She just seems like we’re going on
the wrong direction. Before I came here, she was floating
around in a fog and you’re sustaining it. It wouldn’t gone on that way until
one of you broke down completely. – One of us.
– Don’t think you’re immune. Allison suffers openly.
You contained it. Well, I don’t think you can compare
my mental state with Allison’s. Anyway, where’s Allison now?
She’s up and about. She’s working around the house.
She’s off drugs completely. I agree. She’s functioning better. We’re getting deeper and deeper
into this fantasy. I’m just afraid she’s gonna lose her
whole grip on me, all in all together. We can’t go on pretending
that Jody’s still alive forever. No. But if I contradicted
her from the start, she simply would’ve shut me out. By supporting her, she permitted
me to enter her world. So, where do we go from here?
What’s the end of result? We end, – by reliving the tragedy.
– What do you mean? One night, the accident has
happened again. Daddy! You don’t mean we drive
back to the same spot? No. I mean we’ll describe it to her.
Make her remember. But not until we fled the
foundation of acceptance. This sounds too risky. I don’t think
I can go through with this. Why don’t you come home
early tomorrow? Be here when I start my meditation
at five, we can do it together. With Allison? No, I think for now it’s best
we do it separately. Okay, I guess. – Good.
– Good. – Michael?
– Hello, Dorothy. Hi. I know you haven’t
say anything. And perhaps you want to
keep it private, but did you and Allison decided
to adopt another child? Why do you ask? I know it’s none of
my business, but I just wanna tell you
I’m really happy for you. I think it is a great idea. See, we were driving by the other day
and we saw Allison out walking a child in a wheelchair. Well, we would’ve stopped.
But there was a nurse with her. And, well. I guess the new one’s…
handicapped. But she seems like a cute little girl. Well, obviously it’s none of my business.
I just wanted to wish you luck after all that you’ve been through.
Bye. Allison, what’s wrong? Oh Michael, I’m so happy. What, you’re crying
because you’re happy? Kathryn gave this to me.
Jody did it today. Are you sure? Maybe it’s one we
didn’t see them before. – Probably buried in the stack.
– Michael, can’t you see? – This is a picture of her new dog.
– Yeah, you’re right. It’s her first creative thing
she’s done since the accident. – The accident?
– Yeah. Kathryn got her to do it. She can work miracles. Well, nothing Kathryn does
surprises me anymore. – Is she up in her room now?
– She’s preparing for your session. Michael, be nice to her. Just go with it. It’ll be wonderful. She’s a gift that’s been sent to us. Okay. You’re early. That’s good.
Come in. You look upset.
What’s wrong? It’s this,
this drawing Allison has. She had a good reaction
when I gave it to her. She’s coming along much
faster than I expected. It’s just that she thinks,
I mean, so much like Jody’s drawings.
How did you do it? I simply traced some parts of
a few Jody’s drawings and put them together in
shape of her new dog. – It’s pretty clever, don’t you think?
– It’s something of a shock. Well, I see then. And you look like you have a bad day. Come sit down on the bed,
let’s get you relax. It won’t hurt, I promise. Relax, you fell like a mannequin. It’s not so easy. What are you afraid of? I don’t know.
You, I guess. You don’t have to be afraid of me.
I’m just here to make you feel better. – It does feel good.
– It’s supposed to. Why don’t you take off your shirt? Stand up. Sit back down. Lie back. Welcome back. What happened? I guess you can say you have
a true meditated experience. I feel like I’m floating. Why don’t you take a shower and
lie down for a few minutes before dinner? I’ll be going down to help Allison. Allison.
Oh, Allison. I should’ve never done this.
I should’ve never came in here. Jesus. Poor Allison. – It’s about time, Michael.
– I, fell asleep. Meditation can be physically exhausting. – Oh, I find it to be quite the opposite.
– Or maybe Michael’s different. – He really worked hard at it.
– That’s wonderful. While you’re sleeping, Kathryn pointed out
another problem we have to confront. Jody’s been falling behind in her
schoolwork all this time. Well I guess that’s true. Fortunately for us, Kathryn has
teaching experience. Did you know that? I swear to God, never did. – She’s gonna start tutoring Jody.
– That’s nice. It’s an additional duty we have
to pay her more. Of course. This means that she’ll be with us
a while longer. A lot longer I hope. No thank you, no.
No. No, I don’t wanna meditate. Thank you. I have to say, I think, you know,
it’s not working out very well. And I think it’s time for you to go.
As simple as that. Nice and easy. Quick.
Just walk in and do it. – Hello, Michael.
– Hey. Allison, you look great. Kathryn told me to tell you
as soon as you get in to go up to your second meditation
session. She said she’s expected you – to be very eager.
– Oh she did, didn’t she? Well I’m not interested in
meditation anymore. I’m going right up there and I’m
gonna tell her about it. Kathryn? Kathryn? Just come in, it’s not lock. Wow, I told Allison you’ll be eager
but I didn’t know you’ll be this eager. I’m not eager. At least not
for your so-called meditation. – Oh.
– What happened in here last night – sickens me.
– Is that a fact? Yes, it’s a fact. And I don’t
intend for it to happen again. – I see.
– No, I don’t think you do see. Last night it’s just a part of it.
I’m unhappy about most everything. I don’t think you’re working out.
It maybe best if you just leave. I’ll pay you for two more weeks,
I think that’s more than fair. Really?
Does Allison knows about this? Allison is in no condition to
make such decisions. – And you are?
– What is that supposed to mean? You were upset about what
you did last night. And you’re acting with
extreme selfishness. You like to forget about it so
you just want me to leave. Disappear as though
nothing happened. I have no intention on
leaving like that. – I don’t care.
– I do. I’m making great progress with this case. This case is mine, no one’s
taking me off from it. This case belongs to Dr. Turner. I made more progress in one day than
Dr. Turner did in six months. I work for those so-called
doctors for 8 years. He’s just like the rest of them,
never-paid drugs prescribers since it’s – the greatest thing than Sigmund Freud—
– I want you out of here. What are you planning on telling Allison? That you ask me to leave
because we have sex? Of course not. – Why not? It’s the truth.
– Because I won’t do that to her. – That would kill her.
– Why do you care about her? How can you say that?
She means everything to me. If you care anything about her at all,
you wouldn’t think about having me leave. I’m making tremendous progress
and you want me to leave simply because you can’t control
your lust for me. It’s not true. Isn’t it? I guess you decided to do
meditation after all. I’m not gonna continue
with it anymore. But it makes you feel so good. – Nah, it just made me feel tired.
– I can’t agree. Allison, just what are you doing
with your meditation? The same thing as you, Michael. Really? Tell me about it. – What do you mean?
– I mean, describe what you do. Why should I describe something
that you already know about? I thought maybe we compare notes. If you wanna know, just describe to me
what you do and I’ll tell you – if I do anything different.
– Forget about it. I’m not gonna do it
anymore anyway. Suit yourself but,
personally I don’t know how you
can give it up. You know I’ve been thinking. You were probably right
from the beginning. We don’t need a
full-time nurse here. Well. I certainly change my mind
about that with all the things that would happened.
How could you say such a thing? I just don’t think she’s
doing such a great job. Michael, that’s ridiculous. What’s wrong with you?
Did you have a bad day at work? You know I don’t have to work.
We don’t need money. I could quit work, I could be home
all the time again. We could get somebody on
a part-time basis. No offense Michael, but Kathryn
does things that you could never do. You put too much faith in her. You don’t know what you’re
talking about. Smells divine. Michael decides to
give up meditation. Oh really?
He seemed to enjoy it. Maybe if you try it again,
Michael? I’ll be long to try it
with him again. See, Michael? She’s willing to
try harder for you. I heard her. Damn dog. I swear to God
I’m gonna kill him one of these days. Did you reminded him
to get the pizza? Oh that’s right, I forgot. We need to get pizza
for an appetizer. The house special at the
Nimble Hippo, in Ashland? – It’s twenty miles away.
– We’ll warm it up when we get back. I’m not driving into Ashland tonight. It’s been a long time since
Jody had a slice of pizza. She’s right, Michael. Jody asked
for the pizza. All right, all right. Michael. Oh my God, Allison. Oh, Allison. I never took forward. – Did you like it?
– That was fantastic. – It was Kathryn.
– What? She’s being encouraging me
to take control of things. – Kathryn?
– I’m sorry to bother you but Jody’s been crying.
I guess you didn’t hear her. – Poor Jody.
– She’s been asking for her daddy. – Michael.
– I’m going. Daddy? – Daddy, I’m scared.
– Don’t do this. – Daddy.
– Please. – Don’t leave me.
– Stop it. Don’t send me away, daddy. I won’t. Promise me you’ll never send me away.
Say it, daddy. I promise I will never
send you away. You smell good.
Like a woman. Michael, come here. Here, I need you to take
this up to Kathryn. It’s her day off and I thought we
treat her like a queen for all that she’s done for us. I told her
I’d made her breakfast in bed. And she wants you to be her waiter. – You’re kidding.
– No, I’m not. I’m very grateful,
you should be too. Now take it up to her
before it gets too cold. Then I need you to go to
the coup in Ashland. – What for?
– Kathryn needs some organic herbal shampoo.
I couldn’t find it anywhere else. – Jesus.
– Michael. Enter. Put it here. How could you do that
last night? – It looks divine.
– It was cruel and sick. – Perfect.
– Why did you do it? – Do what?
– Pretend you are Jody. – It was horrible.
– For whom? Allison benefited
from it greatly. She need to hear you talk to Jody like
that. You’ve been ignoring her lately. This is so good. Your wife is something else
in the kitchen. Pretty good in bed too from all
your moaning and grunting going on. You bitch. Pretty hot and heavy I’d say. That’s why you came in.
You’re jealous. On the contrary, I’m the one
who put her up to it. Got me all excited actually. What kind of a person are you? The kind that got your wife back.
Isn’t that what you’ve wanted? No, not like this. You’re just like every man. You want
everything on your own terms. You should be grateful you have anything
at all considering the circumstances. I have been considering the circumstances.
When are you leaving? Do you really want me to leave, Michael? It’s not gonna work anymore.
As you said I have my wife back. But it isn’t the same
with her, is it? I love days like today. I think I’ll indulge all my senses. You’re gonna join me or
just gonna watch today? Michael, I need you to
go to the store. Yes, is Dr. Turner there? Yeah. What do you mean
he’s not back yet? Jesus. No, I don’t want
another doctor. Goddamn it. Yes, I realize this is the
answering service. Do you have Mrs. Greenstreet’s number?
She knows how to get in touch with him. She’s his receptionist.
Okay, I’ll call him on Monday. Need some help, sir? You know Mrs. Greenstreet
who works for Dr. Turner? – Huh?
– I didn’t think so. I have to get some
organic herbal shampoo. Allison? Allison, what’s wrong? – Allison, what’s wrong?
– Michael. – You didn’t do it, did you?
– Do what? – Because if you did such a thing.
– What did I do? – What’s she talking about?
– Jody’s dog. – What about the dog?
– She’s dead. Michael, she was poisoned.
Rat poisoned. Come on, honey. Let’s go
back inside, okay? Please do something with the poor thing
before it starts to smell. She’s right about one thing, Punky.
You are beginning to smell. Returning to the scene
of all your crimes? No, it’s more like a scene
of your crime. – Really?
– You killed the dog. Is that what you are doing?
Planting rat poison in my closet? – Is that what you hid behind your back?
– No, no. You went down on the basement
and you got the poison yourself. – Really?
– Yeah, and this proves it. It does? You see, they’re covered in red clay
from the basement floor. – Wait till Allison sees this.
– Sees what? This is proof you killed the dog. – Don’t be ridiculous.
– What are you doing? I’m gonna go take a shower with
that shampoo you bought for me. I want you out of here.
I’m going down right now. – I’m showing these to Allison.
– Show her what? A pair of shoes you took out of my closet
and impress them on the basement floor? – No. I didn’t do anything like that.
– Of course you did. And honestly it’s such a pathetic attempt
to blame me for something that you did. I didn’t kill that dog.
You did! You did! – And Allison’s gonna know the truth.
– That’s enough, Michael. Allison knows very well you’re
the one who hated the dog. She won’t believe your story.
I know she’ll believe mine. Is there anything else
that you want? Kathryn, what the hell
do you think you’re doing? I’m gonna go wash my hair.
I told you already. You know what I mean? Michael, you look very silly. Standing
there holding up a pair of my shoes. I want you out of here! That’s not gonna solve your problem. What? Why don’t you just tell Allison
that you kill the dog? Tell her you’re sorry,
you made a mistake. You’ll get another dog.
You owe me a great deal to her. I didn’t kill the dog. You did. The dog is dead. And Allison is dangerously upset.
You gotta do something about it. God, I hate you. You hate yourself. You think I don’t know why you want
Allison to remain half catatonic? I don’t know what you’re
talking about. Oh, don’t you? Tell me about the accident.
Tell me the details. No. Leave me alone. You were driving the car.
You were going too fast. – No.
– Well, the police report says you were. You couldn’t negotiate
the terms, but you should have. You’ve driven that road
so many times before. – It was raining.
– And Jody didn’t have on her seatbelt because you didn’t insist.
But you were one you saved yourself by
wearing it. – That’s not true.
– Of course it’s true. I don’t remember. Well, Allison remembers. You think she’s
forgotten but she remembers everything. She told Jody to put it on. But Jody started to cry.
And you said that it’ll be all right. Get away from me.
Get out of my house! – Why you’re driving so fast?
– I wasn’t! She’d still be alive. Just a little seatbelt
and her head wouldn’t have smashed – against that windshield.
– Stop it. Please stop it! Not only you did you lose
your daughter, but your wife is lost in some world
where this didn’t even happened. – You’re evil. You’re crazy.
– You’re crazy. You don’t wanna help your wife
because you’re sicker than she is. – No!
– Face the truth, Michael. – It’s your fault!
– No! – …six.
– Okay, six letters on this cross. Right. – Oh, what about this one?
– Four cross. What’s for dinner? Michael, you look terrible.
What you’ve been doing? I went for a walk in the woods.
I fell asleep. I’m hungry. We had dinner hours ago. Jody’s been waiting for you to come
home and apologize to her – for what you did to the dog.
– That’s bullshit. – Michael.
– I didn’t do it. It’s very important that you go up to
your daughter’s room and tell her that you’re sorry. Promise her
you’ll get her a new dog. – Allison.
– I don’t wanna talk to you, until you do what Kathryn
tells you to do. I want you to apologize
to our daughter. Okay, Allison.
I didn’t do it but, I’ll go up and I’ll talk to Jody and
I’ll make her feel better. What on earth are you doing? – Michael, are you alright?
– You’re crazy. You’re out of your mind, you’re evil.
You should be locked up! You’re overstressed, Mr. Overton.
Perhaps you could use some counselling. She’s right, Michael.
You’re a mess. She’s not right. She’s vicious and cruel,
and you gotta stop listening to her. – Maybe you should go see Dr. Turner.
– That’s a very good idea. That is a good idea. I think I will go see Dr. Turner and
that’s exactly what I’m gonna do right now! Michael, it’s in the middle of the night! Greenstreet!
It’s just me. Mr. Overton,
what are you doing here? I needed to see you and
I didn’t want any excuses. – What do you mean?
– Where’s Dr. Turner? – Still in Portland.
– No. Where is he really? – What time would he be here?
– His brother past away last night. He’s not going to be here for
several days. What’s happened to you? I have a bad time, Mrs. Greenstreet.
A very bad time and I need to talk to the doctor. – That’s…not possible.
– It has to be possible. Perhaps we could call
someone else – Dr. Wasserman.
– No, let’s go to your office now. – What for?
– I need some information – and you’ll help me.
– I don’t know what I can do. – I’m just manning the op–
– Let’s go in there, now! Dr. Turner is going to be
very upset with you. Well I’m very upset with
him going away – and leaving me with Mrs. Randolph.
– He’s not exactly on vacation, you know. He isn’t very deliberately
deserted you. What information
do you want from me? Dr. Turner told me that Mrs. Randolph
came through an agency, is that right? Well, a clinic actually.
A psychiatric clinic in Portland. Isn’t that a coincidence? Dr. Turner just
happens to be in Portland right now. That’s where his family lives. Look, I want you to call up
that clinic and tell them to phone my house and tell
Mrs. Randolph to leave. – I don’t have the authority to do that.
– Get him on the phone and I’ll do it. I have to go into Dr. Turner’s
office to get the number. Let’s go. Let’s go. I’ll get it. – Dr. Turner isn’t going to like this.
– I don’t give a damn. Don’t you understand what
I’ve been going through? I want Mrs. Randolph out of my
house and if he won’t help me, – I’ll do it myself.
– Sure he would help if only – you would wait for him.
– No, no. He’s just gonna try to talk
me into keeping her. They’re in all this together.
They’re all the same. They’re just a bunch of leeches
who pretend to help people. Psychoanalysis,
the new religion, they just prey on people’s
fears and misfortunes. It’s all bullshit. Now get those
assholes on the phone. Mr. Babcock, please. Mr. Babcock, this is Mrs. Greenstreet
from Dr. Turner’s office in Medford. Um, fine.
Thank you. Uh, oh yes, that’s who
I’m calling about. The husband of the patient is
here right now. He’s very upset. He would like to
speak with you about Mrs. Randolph. This is Michael Overton. Kath Randolph
is doing a terrible job. I want her out. I know she’s very qualified. You don’t
know what kind of a person she is. Oh, what she do? Well, she killed my dog for one
thing and she blamed it on me. Yes, she did. Yet, she sent me out for
pizza and organic herbal shampoo. She’s a crazy woman! She hasn’t done a damn thing for
my wife except Turner against me. Now I want you to call my house and tell
her to get out and hop on the next plane to Portland.
And that’s final! Well, now that that’s over with.
I apologize for barging in like this. I’m sorry but I had
to do it this way. Later, when Dr. Turner learns everything,
he’ll understand. For your sake, and your poor wife’s
sake, I hope you’re right. Honey, I’m home. Michael, something terrible
has happening. What is it, honey? Kathryn’s clinic called and told her
she has to return to Portland right away. – Aww… that’s too bad.
– What are we going to do? Get along fine without her
just like we did before. – But Jody—
– Jody is gonna be fine. Last night, she was really afraid
and I let her sleep in our bed. – No.
– Kathryn said it was okay. I’d expect that. Where is she now?
Is she gone? No, she’s upstairs packing. Right, I’m going up to have a
final few words with her. Why don’t you go do some knitting?
I’ll be right down. Still in uniform, I see? I’m leaving in on for my final
session with Allison. No. No more sessions. I want you to leave
this house like you’re supposed to. Oh, I’m leaving.
But not until my job’s done. Oh, it’s done. It’s over.
It’s bye-bye time. I’m not leaving Allison in this half
catatonic child-like state. I’m not gonna leave her with a
madman who just forget about her. – It’s time for her to face the truth.
– You stay away from her. I’ve planned on doing it my way,
slowly and carefully. But you’ve ruined that.
Somehow, I knew you would. Now you force me to do it
shockingly abruptly. What are you talking about? She has to be made to recall that
when you crashed the car, Jody’s head smashed into the
windshield and she died instantly. – There’s no more time to pretend, Michael.
– No! Yes, you’ve destroyed everything,
and now it’s time to kill the doll. Kill the doll.
What are you talking about? Allison transforms Jody into the doll.
She even slept with it last night. – Don’t do this. It won’t work.
– Yes it will. Go and look. – What?
– Jody’s room. Go on. Oh my God. It’s good, isn’t it? I found that sledgehammer and
red paint in the basement. It’s quite realistic, don’t you think? Now it’s time for me to do
what I was sent here to do. – Allison?
– No. It’s too much for her. You should have thought about that
before you interfere with my work. – Allison?
– No! – Why are you calling me, Kathryn?
– I have something I wanna show you. – Do you want me to come up?
– Wait there. I’ll be right down. I won’t let you do this. Then you do it.
You show her what you did. No, please. You’re so afraid of the truth. – Allison, it’s time to face the truth.
– Leave her alone! This is what really happened
that night in the car. You’ve been living with
the lie too long – and Michael isn’t—
– I didn’t do this! So, you’re leaving. I’ll get your bags. Well, you little mutt. Looks like you’re
gonna have some company. Well. I guess I better do something with
the poor thing before she starts to smell.
Huh, Punky? Ah, your taxi’s here.
Let me help you out. Now don’t let them overcharge you.
Let me get the door. So Kathryn’s finally gone. – How’s she?
– I put her in a taxi. I guess you were right all along.
We never really needed her. No. Despite whatever she did or said,
Jody never really liked her. I know. I had a little talk with Jody
about that. I’d thought she’ll
be upset about Kathryn leaving.
But she wasn’t. As a matter of fact, she said the
nurse often frightened her. I don’t doubt it. How would you like it
if I cook you dinner? Yes, please. – That’ll be very nice.
– What would you like? You decide, Michael. – I’m not good at that sort of thing.
– Of course, honey. I’ll take care of everything. What is it, Michael? It’s Dr. Turner. – Dr. Turner.
– Hello, Michael. This place is beautiful. How much of the land
is yours? Down to that corner on the left,
over that fence you can see on your right, and then all the way back to
the foot of the mountain. It’s gorgeous. – How’s Allison?
– She’s fine. Much better than three days ago
when Mrs. Randolph left. I can imagine.
May I see her? – Sure. Right this way.
– Thank you. Hello, Dr. Turner. It’s very nice of you to come all
the way out here to see us. How are you feeling, Allison? Oh, I’m fine. Michael’s been
helping me again, now that Kathryn’s gone. Yes, I’m sorry that didn’t
worked out. – Wouldn’t considered someone else?
– No. Absolutely not. Right. Then maybe Michael
can show me around a little bit. I’m intrigued by these
old farmhouses. In fact, my wife was thinking of
buying one up on the greensprings. Of course. I did a complete remodel last year.
You won’t believe the kitchen. Yes. Very nice, Michael. I really just wanted to have
a word with you alone. About what happened with
Mrs. Randolph. Oh, sure.
I figured that. You know she killed that dog
she forced me to get? She poisoned it, tried to
blame it on me. – She tried to turn Allison against me.
– Incredible. No. Not so incredible once
you get to know her. She was a vicious, hateful,
arrogant person. She even tried to get me
to be unfaithful to Allison. She wanted me to do it so she can
use it against me later. That’s terrible.
I don’t know what to say. When she took that doll down from
the attic, that was the end. What doll? It was Jody’s doll. I had it far when she was two or three
cause it was the same size as she was. Mrs. Randolph dressed it in Jody’s
clothes and made her take it with her. – The doll?
– Yeah. She killed it. I don’t quite know
what you mean. She smashed its head for God’s sake. Don’t
you even understand what I’m talking about? How did she leave?
Did you drive her to the airport? Well. I put her in a cab. And you told the taxi driver to
take her to the airport? No. I didn’t tell him anything.
I just put her in the car with her bags. And the doll? Yes. I don’t even want to talk about her.
I don’t even want to think about her. I understand how you feel. No, you don’t. I tried to tell you
and you wouldn’t listen. That woman should have
never been sent here. I’m proud to just sent her. You don’t
know what she tried to do or she might’ve done
if I hadn’t stopped her. What did she tried to do? She tried to kill Jody. She tried to blame it on me in
front of Allison. It was my fault. Jody would cry whenever Allison
would make her wear the seatbelt. What can I do? And when someone says
“Drive slowly, Michael. Drive slower.” I did drive slow. Sometimes you’re not thinking
about it and you go a little faster. Of course. Mrs. Randolph. She wanted me
to suffer. She had a doll in her arms and
her blood. Where was this? It’s upstairs.
Maybe down the stairs. What did you do? I couldn’t let her go on with it.
Allison was going into pieces. – So I stopped her.
– How? I hit her. I had to. I had to, when
it was over. It’s time to go,
she understood. I put her bags in first. Where did you put
her bags? I put the hammer in too. In the cab? Yeah. It’s right out there.
The park beside the dog grave. That mount of dirt out there.
That’s where you buried the dog? It’s hard for me to pick up that doll.
I’ve thrown a table cloth over it. She dressed in Jody’s clothes. I don’t
understand why we have to – use a table cloth.
– Oh. Of course. Oh, I thought I heard Jody crying.
I’ll go see what she wants. – Oh, I can do it.
– No, it’s alright. Allison is a warm, loving person. And I know that what ever you did,
you did it to protect her. I’ll always protect her. Michael, Mrs. Randolph is still
on your land isn’t she? No. No. She left in a cab. I put the
suitcases in myself. But if she were
still here, you don’t want to be taken away,
wouldn’t you? Yeah, you’re damn right I would. Well then, I think we should check it out.
Just to be on the safe side. It has to be done. Okay. Good. Then, why don’t you
go and see Allison? And, I must make a few important
telephone calls. You don’t know how it was,
you don’t understand. Well, I’m sure you’re right. Well, it’s all over now. It’s good. Would you like anything
to eat or drink? No, thank you.
Actually we all got to get going, both you and Michael.
He has to see some people and we don’t want to
leave you here alone. Oh, I can wait for him.
I’ve waited for him before. I’m not afraid of being alone. You may have to wait quite a long time
before he comes back. – How long?
– More than a few hours. – But what about Jody?
– Well, I didn’t want to alarm you. But I called for another ambulance
to take her to the hospital. – Why?
– Well she needs, additional treatments. – You wouldn’t like it to get any worse.
– No. You’ll be with her in
the next room. – You’ll even be able to sleep there.
– I will? Oh. Then, I’ll have to pack
some things for Jody. I’ll wait for you. I’m going to drive you
to the hospital myself. Will Michael be coming? No, he will be going with
the police officers. – Why?
– They want to talk to me about Kathryn. That’s right. Oh. I won’t be long. – Allison?
– Yes, Michael? I love you. I know that, silly. Well, let’s get this over with.
The sooner we get started, – the better for everyone.
– Right attitude, Michael. Don’t worry about Allison,
we’ll take good care of her. This time, it better not be
any more Mrs. Randolphs. No more mistakes. Can’t you hear that? I haven’t heard this since
I was a little boy. It’s there. It’s the
earth’s heartbeat. It’s there after all
this time. It’s always a secret of mine that
I wanted to share with Jody. The whole thing that I want
to tell her, I never did. That’s a lot I regret about.

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