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– Hey! Jackpot. We may have hit
the mother lode here. This thing right
here is $3,000. If I had a mic, I’d drop it. They can’t live with me. They can’t live without me. My first day back, I
got five great lockers, and I didn’t even
have to fight for ’em. So, Steve, come here. Tell me what I got here. I bought so much vintage stuff
that I had to call my friend, Steve, to help me out. That’s some nice
granite ware here. There’s at least
$150 in that box. Yeah. All the artwork, frames,
and tables, and everything– I see at least $2,000 here. You got some decent
costume jewelry here, dude. $500 in that trunk. – It’s a dishwasher.
– Open it up. You know, I guarantee
you somebody is looking for this in their home. You know, that’s $300. Oh, look at that. Damn! I’d put $500 on
this, definitely. Yeah? $3,000 for a boiler. Two pallets of this high
density polyethylene. $960. And we just keep on going. Last room, buddy. Oh, it’s Korean barbecue. Check out these tables. This is all granite top. That’s $2,500. $100 apiece on three heaters. Wicker chairs, $600. Not a bad day, huh? Nobody else had the balls
to spend $5,000 on lockers. That’s why there’s only one
mogul, and he’s back, bitches! I tell you what, man, when
I put that yep hat on, it’s just like Superman
putting on his cape. I gambled $200 on the
first locker of the day. Those other buyers didn’t
even put up a fight. I know it’s old and
it’s ugly, but these are things you
can’t get anymore, you can’t find
anymore. $120 easy. That’s what I’m talking about. Mr. Handyman! Oh, look at this heavy bag here. I did some boxing, and I did
some training, which is good. That– all the gloves
and that, you got at least 400 bucks right here. Big man just come in and
just hit these– oh, oh! Down goes– I was
going to say Laura. No. [laughs] Definitely too soon. Hey. Jackpot. Oh– what– [grunts] I
don’t know what this is. This is a dehydrator. I got into making beef jerky,
because I used to hunt a lot. Jerky this, turkey jerky– and this is what I think
they use to make it. I bet you this dude is
worth a bunch of dollars. Now it’s time to go
do some dehydrating. Maybe I’ll stop at the
casino on the way out. This meat can wait. I’m taking my dehydrator
to Mark and Brian at People’s Choice Beef Jerky. How you doing?
– I’m Brian. – Brian?
– Yeah. – I’m Mark.
– Hi, Mark. How you doing? I’m so excited, I
skipped breakfast. And I never skips breakfast. So I’m thinking this is a
souped up beef jerky maker. At first glance,
it’s Excalibur, which is one of the better brands
that are out there in terms of your jerky dehydrators. Ah. So have you plugged it in? Have you tried it? Do you know how if it works? No, I just took it off the
unit and brought it to you. The big moment. You ready? I’m ready. Lights on. It works. You’re in business. Man. We know it’s working, so
there’s one last question– All right. What can I sell this for? Well, based on the stainless
steel, top of the line model, I would estimate it– $750. Whoa! I love making money,
but can I eat jerky now? You ready for this, Jose? This is what we’re going to do. Put the keeper stuff over there,
and then the trash in here. All right, let’s do it. Start with it’s chair. If I recover it and put the
work into it, then 250 easily. $40 for that fishing pole. Bringing in the big guns. Vintage nativity scene. Wow. I mean, hipsters would
go crazy for this thing. Look how cute Jesus is. It’s the cutest light-up
Jesus I’ve ever seen. It’s in great condition, and
it’s vintage, and it’s cool. $50 easy. Look at this, Jose. Oh, what is that? It’s a whole box
of Coca-Cola stuff. Oh, Coke? I mean, people go
crazy for this stuff. It’s like new.
Actually, it’s new. – There’s a clock.
– A clock? There’s all sorts of– you know, games, and stuff. $100 easy. Can I drink it? Don’t drink it.
No. Why? You can’t drink
the product, Jose. Wow, look at this
bottom of this chair. That’s antique right there. It looks like it’s
already been recovered. Aw. Yeah. This is craftsmanship
right here. Yeah. They don’t make them
like this anymore, and this sofa looks
like it matches, too. Yeah. It’s a pair. If I put time and money into
this, I can make about $700. Now, what the heck is this? Oh, my god. What is it? Dude, that’s, like,
for a horse, no? There’s two of them. Look at this detail
on all the metal. Is it a sled? Is it, like, old school–
like, old, old school sled? Because they didn’t weld
anything, which is– tells me that this
is really old. These are so cool! I just gotta figure out
what the heck they are, so I know where to take them. Turns out Jose was right. They’re not sleds. They’re saddles. So I’m headed to Giddy Up Ranch
to see Marie, to get the scoop. These are what I’ve brought you. Nice. They’re for a Bactrian camel. A Bactrian camel? They’re a double hump. These are specifically
for just one type of camel? Yes. These are dromedary,
and they wouldn’t fit– So you just set them on there? You set them on, and you’d
have to cinch them down. Two people could sit,
one on each hump. Yeah. So how old do you
think these are? From the 18th century? Oh, wow. I mean, these are,
like, craftsmanship. It looks like these were
all hand done, right? Yeah. These were probably
used in Asia. Where these used, like,
for, you know, the everyday– I believe so. You’d load, like, a
littler kid up front, bigger adult in the back. I gotta know how much
these things are worth. There’s a lot of collectors
looking for saddles. I would say the condition
they’re in now, like this– I’m going to say $1,500. Oh, wow.
For both? Each. Nice! $3,000? That’s double! Double hump! I’m pumped! Bozek, empty that
truck and just put all the furniture right there. Set it up in set. We took our 10 vaults that
we won back to the shop. Now we just gotta clear five
grand, and we’re in the profit. Piece of cake. This guy here, 400. You got two $80 chairs here. This little guy
here is, like, 25. Hundred dollar speed
bag. $50 barbecue. This sofa and a chair
right here, $400. The recliner, 250. This guy here, 200. Two complete desks, 400 apiece. Those bunk beds right
there, another $300. And then we got the
metal detector, $1,200. OK. This hutch here, which is
in really good condition– the shelves are all inside. That’s probably another $300. Plus the X-ray machine, this
thing right here is $3,000. I bought big, and I made big. If I had a mic, I’d drop it. [car horn] Did Ivy get a new truck? How’s it going? What’s up, Ivy? Need it, need it, need it. I know you didn’t
come here just to visit. What’s on your mind? A lot of chairs you got here. Speaking of a lot
of chairs, if you look in the back of that truck,
I got a– a lot of tables. So what do you want to do?
You want to make a deal? I’ll make a deal. I’m in the deal making mood. That’s right. I do see a table
and a couple of chairs I could make a set out of. But I know you need those
chairs you’re sitting in. You want to do, like, a
couple of chairs for a table? I was thinking if I got
that table, those two chairs– Right. –equals these four. OK. Table and two chairs
for four awesome chairs. I’ll make that trade
straight across. Deal. I paid $3,500 for one
of two sister units, and it’s definitely
the pretty sister. Right here we’ve got about
$300 in chairs, 1940s. I’m gonna say about 150 on
the three coffee tables. Uh-oh. Shoe collection. Aldo Bellini. I mean, check this
[bleep] out, man. That is bad ass. I mean, look at this. You’ve got to have balls
to wear these colors. I think there’s probably at
least a couple hundred bucks. We got these
beautiful book stands. It’s all layered, has
a little frosted finish on the top and the bottom. Here’s your shelves for it. Easy $1,000 apiece on those. Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. We might be into some
serious, serious [bleep] here. Come here, Leo. If this is what I
think it is, we may have hit the mother lode here. Grab it. Oh, yeah. This is it. This is it. This is it, baby. It’s an egg chair. It’s called the egg chair. It’s mid century modern. In my mind, there’s no
doubt it’s authentic, OK? This is probably
the original fabric. But I’ve been at
this for 30 years. This is the second one
I ran across in my life. If a guy gets one in a
lifetime, he’s lucky. This chair is amazing. And I’m not even done here. It just doesn’t end. Looks like Moreno Valley
turned out pretty good. I’ve almost tripled my money,
and I still got a real cool egg chair to get checked out. Hey, guys, let’s
get this loaded up. I think I’m gonna take
that M off the mountain, and we’ll put it right on
the back of this chair. Money, money, money. [laughter] I’m paying a visit to
furniture expert Stacy King. Hi. Are you Stacy? I am. To see if I laid
the golden egg– chair. Well, this is actually
a Lee West chair. Oh, Lee West chair? It’s called Lee
West Alpha Chamber. OK. It’s pretty much
called an egg chair. That’s the popular term for it. In the 1970s, this chair
was actually used by a lot of psychiatrist offices. They would put their
clients in the chair and kind of relax them. The music would be piped in and
kind of get them in the mindset where they could do hypnosis,
or really share their feelings. So it’s a really
interesting chair. Why don’t we try to look this
up and see how it sounds? Let’s plug it into my
system, see if it works. All right. Isn’t it great? It’s awesome. Sounds good. So, Stacy, what do you think
the value of this chair is? Well, Dave, you’ve
got the fiberglass. It’s in really great condition. You’ve got the audio,
which is awesome. It’s working. But you realize,
though, that you will have to upholster
this, and that’s going to cost you a good $1,100. But I would say once everything
is done, you’re looking at– $4,000. Oh, man! It’s a beautiful chair, Dave. Is there anybody in this
business better than me? No.

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