St Blazey Recycle Reuse Resale CIC are a finalist in the Cornwall Business Awards

– I’m Pauline Giles, I’m
from St. Blazey Recycle, Reuse and Resale and we are
up for Best New Business. – And what is St. Blazey
Recycle, Reuse and Resale? – Well we are the recipients
of all the good furniture and household goods from the local HWRCs, which is commonly known as the dumps. – Ah, right. – And we have a shop in
Middle Way in St. Blazey where we sell things at a
very, very reasonable price because we have a lot of
deprivation in that area. So families on low income
can come and buy furniture rather than them go and
buy it in places where they get tied up into all sorts
of APR and things like that and also that gives us the
opportunity then to gift to families in crisis and homeless. So the case workers will come
to us and they’ll tell us that they have a family coming
out of bed and breakfast who have nothing and they’ll
bring them to the shop and they are able to pick
out everything in the shop that they need to make the house home. – And what made you apply for
a Cornwall Business Award? – I think that we’re doing a great job and the more promotion that we can get the more families we can
help because we’re prolific around this area but the
bigger picture is there are people in the South East
and in the West and that that need the same sort of help. So we are hoping that this
is gonna be a catalyst for more of these things to pop up. – Obviously today we’ve
been talking about promoting the fact that you’re a finalist. What might be the one thing
that you do differently or that you decided to do
after hearing the workshop? – I’m gonna be contacting
all the press tomorrow. – Fantastic.

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