Slow Cooker Lamb Curry – Beautifully tender lamb in a rich curry sauce!

Lamb works so well in a curry, the lamb
doesn’t get overpowered by all the spices and instead all the flavors
complement each other. Today I’m making a slow cooked lamb
curry which is lamb shoulder cooked in the slow cooker until rich and tender. You need to sear the meat first so to do
this I’m going to put a searing function on my slow cooker, if your slow cooker
hasn’t got a searing function and you can just do this bit in a large frying
pan. So we’re going to add the lamb shoulder
to the slow cooker and sear it on all sides until browned. We are going to add in a diced onion just around the sides of the lamb cook that for about five minutes until
softens. Next in goes garlic, ginger, cinnamon, paprika and salt, and then curry
powder and garam masala stir together and then cook for another 1 to 2 minutes. Then we’ll add the tin of chopped tomatoes, chicken or lamb stock, tomato puree, sugar and coconut milk. One of the things that drives me crazy
when I’m making curry is trying to fish out all those cardamom pods at the end,
Chris always gets the cardamom pod so I’m gonna show you a little tip I always
keep a needle and thread just natural cotton in my cardamom jar and then a
thread the cardamom pods together so just a few on the cotton and then place
it in the curry and then it’s really easy just to find it and fish it all out
at once right at the end. Now we’re going to place a lid on and
that goes on low for six to eight hours or high for four to five hours. I really wish you could smell that smell I can’t wait for dinner. After the cooking time has
finished we’re going to remove the lamb from the slow cooker. If you like you can spoon off the excess
fat, I like to leave most of it in because fat equals flavor. We’re also
going to remove those cardamom pods. If you want to thicken the sauce a little
more you can just stir in a little bit of cornstarch slurry, which is corn flour
mix the cold water. Now we’re going to shred the lamb using a couple of forks, oh my gosh so tender just falling apart leaving skin that. Can
we all just admire how well that meat has come off the bone
it’s just meltingly tender and then we’re going to put that meat back into
the sauce. I’m going to serve this with boiled rice and it’s sprinkling of fresh
coriander this curry is fantastic comfort food on a cold evening.

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