Puri Plays: Seaman [Part 6] and King’s Quest I [Part 1]

Puri Plays: Seaman [Part 6] and King’s Quest I [Part 1]

bouquet by live to thank see too bad cheeses Christ but please tell me this is
working now and in the play button have a a a a a a topic of a body
that the light at the it still
says waiting for me the ball by that of 10:00 AM I on you to have that bible and I’m on some part of
you to break now which part by don’t know of a symbolic and it probably why
that so something’s the team as a hate and refreshing on my site and ago I see by see my enormous
forehead OK all I did it take so
long to refresh out and now that
the Kay colleague at the cave of a eight cell to say they let
me let me show you buy this was
such a pain in the asks the case
so by a number in my camera here but to sell the tummy here to here as Sears the year to
interface right to edit a dash
courting so if you start your
stream for a B.S. like most
people do that’s how it usually works
right bonds due two runs the new
flapping thing if what me expand
the window here the actually have to go up here
and then hit this stream button
there is a separate button view
of the hit now if up and that’s poses Kezar interfaces also
shift to a just a test of just appreciate the PRI say what
you got if if you aren’t forced
to use this amazing incredible that site of the old System
Works just fine but you can’t use the old system
anymore because children and
because some engineer some VP
somewhere one of the precautions
so the light god of the cave analysis seems like it took a
longer for the stream to
populate on the ball on the site bouquet the right to sell this to this 1
to 4 the record this was not my
fault is a cake as I as of
tonight by Ian comes out of that I got so he did I think I
broke my im to have a a blazing a bit that thing came off the holdout some port and I need this on
their if the OK so that the stream is cop on my side 92
to some be a great test of my
new of scripting stuff that I made
the last few to pay its and why
I cannot automatically that ended out parts of the
person of odd that they get an oligopoly the
thing about a year to live on
you to great if only that worked 20 minutes
ago when I wanted to go live the cave and did the other channel and
that is working out which is
fantastic ball case all it should end of
the wave of sex that gets
started ball my god of the man that II extensively tested the
scripts by extensively tested
it, they can break if I miss a
step but as long as I follow my
checklist and I made the
nomination brick coquette at the
delays to scale to show here if
a case out the last time we played seem an bought was a mania 2018, see
many uses a real time clock , is how won’t have the game
works to selena’s been over a year
since the since we have done
anything with their scene and bomb to buy it decided that when I was
gonna play this again that that
I would set the current clock to the actual time and date to
Seoul we will actually see what
happens when you neglect are
seen and for clover year of
’cause that better if that is what we’ve
done all sell me a of the may send out a another
notification of just in case anybody tuned out waiting for the fix
this , of bucket to have to up to a heat at the Elliott now actually get a
kit sells since it has been so
damn long since that we done
anything with of this seem an of the day to a previously be of
this of this game is actually
why I started making the
previously videos, ’cause I made
one specia so of the real this is what happened previously , CNET the right to sell that is this seem and saga
of the up until now pretty incredible wreck a get the Dallas and get going again
of the wave of this seem an wise my camera, if also wise
june cast the of this one the Disney , most of this , it’s also turn off this scale
don’t meet its primacy ’cause I forgot to turn
it on to actually know we’ll we’ll
turn on a PS analyzing this by made a damn thing we might as
lisette of this this bucket taught a PS the real way that to the doing its thing to have a of let’s turn off music for now we will have it on for later to
book itself by Ken mentioned
earlier , is this the right cropping a
holdout on my domestic the cropping here of this one filter is that this is is right cropping,
why it’s it’s got the bars on
the side go to the kit car so today is a love and 16 and not 1998 as 2019 10 than it is but Salem and some cool stuff to our bucket so just that the point out here seem an plight of 1428 scene was the
last time we did it anything
with this , and then DD initial storage
say that made on on May 6 to oh is been awhile since it can have
it so low that we’ll find out what happens when you do this , a kid to say if it’s the
stream looks better compared to
that some that previous idiots
because of between then and now
all th and Ron Kass can look through OM
to recapture the right , also idea by made a bomb , a digital audio mod there and
I installed additional audio
money into my dream cast to
we’re gonna have as good of audios you can get or the DC , to just about as good a video
and audio and this is using a CD
to buy it replaces a destroyed
on the DC so I can just have the to slow last TD runs on the same
post at and also there’s input to put
this play the cave but let’s find out how upset
Leonard Nimoy is with of its that start a timer bouquet of in a box that to have a bus and chat for cement of that have to so to let Melanie Nimoy colleges dumps you don’t sit
back and start bouquet but so according to the the Manual here pull this out to the case so , it was actually have to start
from there to have a event to sign a memory was that the oxygen water food
cleaning so I think the first thing that
we had to do was some to wait to transfer the egg into
the tank so that’s the whole
trigger and then there was also like to watch the controls here so
it’s Koppelman deep had to does this
so first off we need to buy actually want your butt to stop one being able to see the screen but they’re important services to buy what you think
this is loud this is the normal
output volume of that the
digital, jean Kasich bill and so
the that like looking at the meters
on my of all my audio capture it
to it is dim near the plopping
by as it is and I know that some to the day of they really cranked up the audio
on OM on dreamcast and a cart of the eight week the dawn of a nag
anymore to a a a a a a bouquet is there is there seem
an egg floating around in
hearing marked by all Tuff to that the the the just that they have so that that was two deaths as a
tens of that have to have a a a a a a he of the land to the rule will we have to do
now is the the getting back to system and
year , Kay of ceci mandate a toll eight to two free service in an the
also this one scene and stored
clock a cinch at the cave of the right of the day he set the clock back to
game actually does know that you
did that bucket of the octopus up the seem an act as is the is actually two
separate sets of time that the
game keeps a keeps the system
time and also the same time which are
a completely different stores
games concerned the Revlon anymore if they goes and how are a whole 1½
hour and progress as if the right to 116 date on an 18 year new
habitat please enjoy the Times’ scene
and yet that the fully ball never tire of invoice must do this to do not remove it turned game
play that Allies seem and we’ll get
lost in the nether world be even more dead bucket to liked the error to tenet PS their cancer and this is they should be
mostly accurate but only as a
mostly ’cause anything between
30 and sixties gonna be off by
little bi to anything under 30 is going to
be accurate to now can see the bottles and
then got a bubbles are animating
a tortilla PS to spears to be a 38 guess game that I forgot what to temperature was it , so there’s a specific
temperature we need to make the
tank and as cannot to start turn on
the heater here , bucket person west to put the cement AG into the tank takes an aria out of 10 to one sys the rights that if a that’s 10 then to the body of the butt got that in their to have this is as a lock 30 APS game of the CIA to hold down B and then
move the of the state to move
the camera and cave , and then we to get key drop and then let’s see here to what we’re doing the heater to the white button syntax
button is a lock onto tickle
seen an very important , why button is to cut things the bad news
camera control in a button is
talk that tell what is the storage
thing than ours taped there was something in here about the
nautilus and your heater OK 10 to 0, to ensure the eggs
hatch properly to tempt you
should be between 15 and 20 a up to a well he a boy and the heater might be 27
and have the to boil sure that it can get a kit some alley
weights this is this is the missing wait time
that is a large portion of the Busey man at least in this early
going thing if someone were
waiting for this not a listing to that kind of awakened from its
states lumber I guess it and put
to a pellet out there for it to shore of the test that is not up a whole
lot I can do either of actually I can do this by I think I remember this being
a thing that if you if you put the air out they would also lower the
temperature to aid the compensate with the
hereby think this also that is that is not enough of the this this still looks alive and isn’t completely Friday at to think we might be OK they be bucket so why we all away here for this
incredible game play of the sing to awaken of to the of the next game that
we’re gonna play here after the
after this is a king’s quest
that one, which is a DOS came
from 188 and sound effects, and there’s
not much of it to I’m I’m wondering I like to
hear your opinion whether not we
have the music on during her knots, by don’t really have an opinion
either way , which is why it on the ice
time undecideds as to whether
NAZI around to play music during
and it’s easy enough for me to
do ad , because those won’t get to a
copyright claimed on the two and
another generally all pretty
good so I figured I would use those , as athletic and last week are so
I’ve gotten light tenor said
emails to the tube about a you
get up the bay of somebody’s
claim bomb the song from the U.N. general
and the soundtrack to oh by looked into the company it’s
making the claims if it’s that
the people who actually own that
that the meat rights to that son of abuts the comment by having the time that
so I can’t to buy can play
anything fun anymore it seems I
got up just goal of the royalty
free , a Serie mix which is which is
fine and assigns action to get the updated the GK que an
experience like everyone to do
the of the the real way we eat the Gallic a
record player ’cause they to me
for there any track player to some of some seventies music
wall were a plan to deal cans quest that time on the list by I think is
actually on a timer by the way, as I think the anomalous just
kind of weeks up after certain
on time , to the air like ideally there be
a way to just meet the of the two game completely but to call it were me a interesting is there a way I can to put some worlds and the holdout back as a if there’s no music on then there would not be much audio dollar would just be
me talk of , Henry to this again , orchard are the overhead view soft reset , if R is pressed and provided
that backs is not released the should be able to grab it almanac and move the stuff
around the right to two actually can see designed
to test site by that they if you if
you hold down the acts and then
write trigger the nation the new stuff around that all think this is
immediately useful but the right into anything of that just yet to Mrs. This is a temperature
gauge I think over here , which sure of is back at my too hot a case of how do we can hold on this and then let go that so why does it seem for
needy that I clearly a missing some of its the buyouts at OK to I’m still holding down the case letting go of the acts is not helpful what about
letting go of the trigger of its be late that edit it puts you back here
again and will me scroll via all the tank to set a lot of somewhere in here to maybe it’s in the left
trigger to habitat display is beach
confirmed tapping scrolling zooming gravel
left bytes which fear habitat to feeding are seen an OK to all the switch to the stores
matrix the love and Cowlitz feed seen
an press and hold a Texan are to
grab it all: both those press Alt go
back 10 release it the case and maybe
you can only have one in the
taken the time the koa Curtis warn you can add
more before but bucket that said that sells at
mistry I think I can remember fares anything in
here about if the the needle lights on at how
offer something for the the
novelist who awaken boxes jon’s supply of oxygen is
lower than 50 Siemens in danger of keep a level above 80 year
out preening the waters simple as
the ox chintz ply yet to , say goodbye to see men who
were tied to that of the seductive a letter words seem
and yet toll fail to feed them works a Kay the Mets helpful keep in mind that if you’re away
and unable to attend a seam and
for couple of days seem anchor
possibly die of starvation and it cannot be out the out exchanging food OK to see men two men isn’t honest and decent
living creature , Dino a Sino to see men Lasky very personal
questions the up and from four to that , personal name buck a narrator Leonard Nimoy to reassert their of the essays some there’s nothing in here bop and
on live site to this when I was
spot so I guess not Colin ally to why the to and the transparency of working
as a of the page is not the correct a thing a condition were no are not know the background color that we’re way for a dare to
know that we just love to go get
some cigarettes and if just can’t to spear for a year where does that if the OK by novelist sandy day now that this war to just it just appears it’s Perot’s after that 10 minutes and I hate spam Levinson has off the Cavs and it’s ’cause I did and it
didn’t look at it enough to have a a a a a step up up up up up all the net and mighty the temperature that the the temperatures for
seem an offer that the nautilus as Alice just kinda does
whatever the one if the that a pitcher
goes down quicker free of the the lights off and I also wonder if you be
faster to just reset at this
point and rather than wait for the
heater to a to go down that the the natoli should be and should be waking up here but novelist the cup and rocks
rock on you if the lawyer member would it is
spits the column this Perot’s into the the
musher Merce of and you can see it’s not that
this was like spinning around
for they were spinning around
inside of the now there it to
kind Dave stout moving in art start
and a breakout to say it isn’t anomalous of
this by remember now to this is gonna this and other not good to just resting again a pop out
any second here I remember ’cause it’s the same
thing happen every time I was
looking at this time Michael mann’s this is
gonna do something but no pits the it’s a seem an egg and until it’s ready it’s ready to go , but it was the picture a share , gravelly eighth to update into the tank to let us see me and wanted to
be within the 15 and 20 see , by Liane OK so at the according to Dr. To add eggs need to be between
15 and 20 to oh to Tuff that includes guy we Gotta
wait until the Jesus and should it paid more
attention to off the lead as
doing by that, god to live in that bed yet though
they’re still are still doing something that we go with Synar cement is
fully cooked am curious if the
so that the licensee which is a
scalar thing that I use for the video stuff on you can see
the setting sing in upper left
now they released a new firmware , and it’s slight we messed up
some my settings to this is this is actually
spouse to be in a bucket the evidently it and
save the settings OK there we go
that’s why looked weird as one a wild winos and filling
the screen I didn’t hit save
last time if the kit there ago that we filmed screen that the chart to caution seen
an inept of the thrilling seem
an experience if you’ve 1017 see that journey to the side tacitly
know to sell see a separate of up to th bucket so why we’re waiting
for the Racine and two stop
cooking here, so low sugar three
is suppose to be out on the 19th
but if it’s anything like the
release of the backer demo it’ll
be out on , the 9:00 PM mike time the night
before , which works out perfectly
’cause that’s pretty much what I
streamed any ways of it so
tough, that’s analysis see the
overlay s the latest version of its,
actually put in a calm and LSD which you can turn
on and off in and settings here so you can
turn osteon off and also display
along it displays and it does a
a , change and you can also see
for the bike if you switch inputs are , it shows that every resolution
changeable show you what a
change to , if you wanted to to to finance
pickle city actually see and
PlayStation games now when it
changes from interlaced to
progressi , and chose a resolution that
it’s at the setting is the site
I kept on their bomb they offer a tougher sugar
three the game is gonna be out
on that evening and my plan is too, but downloaded asap once I get
my code for it to have a really
quick connection shy should be
able to get a really fast , and they just arts training
immediately once I get is all
approved on light, and my
fastest as these that I got , of and then the plan is to just
stream it as long as I can
through the night into the day,
unfortunately I do have a
doctor’s ap , I’d like to wish to OSHA clock
which I can’t just to layer
skipped as I need to get some
benefit medicine number is
prescribed of concord missed a sun porch
light can push that one back to
Zendejas happens the time that I
run out of the medicine today
bef to know I can at the back and
said tape on that one to, but
the plan is Ike if I can beat in
one sitting out well, as it to a bus to the download now is that
it’ll slow down my download , plus I wanna be able to test
it make sure it does like crash
on loading and all that goes to noel games like that are
right of of the assault save of the plan for
the first play through that is
to play it on the normal
difficulty, apparently there’s
multiple , placer it that kind of the car
rush to play through the name and for that the second
play through we’ll take our time
and Tom, played on a harbor
difficulty than normal and down
ju , Ted mostly as like a spoiler
avoiding thing to as you know like, somebody’s
gonna find out what the ending
is images spanning the discord
and all that and the even though we all know
every Odessa space and that set the play is run for
the the second half and then doors
and the ending as to why
wouldn’t they do that , they have that’s a that’s the
plan for a 41 that comes out by should be good ago, I was a
little concerned because II
injured this finger again
yesterday , as taking apart my laptop to
upgrade as is the inept and dumb I stab myself and rape
underneath the fingernail with
one of those really thin metal
spider things, but likely didn’t
lift up th of me feels a lot better today
which is which is one should the
otherwise I wouldn’t stream
today if it wasn’t to feel good , see at so that was all that and the army of this is still
taking forever to up to the cement and a ball might hear that the PC’s are especially bad and especially bad say Dozier a has a new stores
gained two and yet the hurt some
interesting things about half of
it as that it’s the acre to use a
little more time and the time
the oven to have the right up to that selling me know , Kay a look at a local out of my
wager myself a I don’t go into my way to injure
myself so that the thing is that
my my laptop in order to get
access to the the inside of it , a rather than take a panel
offered bottom of the the laptop
the whole thing is a post of the
whole keyboard top tech of it
actua the chords of 10 in order to do
that you have to get a spy Jerry
and between the different blip
of the , the the laptop in and
separated from it to get it to
do that and the , just at the one time I tried to
do yesterday just those of holding a like this I think
it meant to just eight slipped
out of slipped a groove and then
right in my finger and to add half that was no fun bells a fun but that’s worked all the forms problems loading times
I heard of the the main issues
that the new star wars is game
play is a is what I’ve been hearing that some that a large part of it is a
lifesaver combat and currently
the , to some of the mechanics are
greater than all of a bug really
not great , got this is so slow to one seem an are really hope I did Max of
Michael, they still appear to be move
around in their though those still look alive in
the bud saying the olives out that
the the my of the the bigger concern
to me is that my foot is still
hurting me the end of my foot Dr. Said if
it still hurting me by early
December which is pretty sound
that I live at the surgery and
timed the delicate four to that of the diet hasn’t been 2 hours , if you miss the very beginning
of the stream of the last time I
played seem an event was made
2018 , so I loaded up my save and set
the the dreamcast clock to the
current date and Leonard Nimoy informed us
the regrets to inform us NRC man
is dead of Tal and I went to the tank there
were two to cement corps is
floating in the top of my tank
thus I had to go into my of my
dream the icy man saves of it so we’re not actually at
202 hours 15 minutes were at
lake to 15 minutes I think at this point may be , so it has been a little bit but this set of this that opening bite half an hour
so of the obscene and is is like
this and they do actually make
you sit here and sit and watch it hatch and
then you also have to wait for
your things to to a pop and
actually a while we wait for
this to g to get a video for Ya of what we just had its that to this and we just do this to go to 15 minutes as a long it takes a an estimated 19.5 , god of all right to wait we know how long it
takes a buck a cell to sense
this appears to be going down at
the white 0.1 to every the that however many seconds that
is of buying a lead the DC
running here and I get aboard
out my by DOS PC and will switch order that all
small show you what we’re
working with here on the to DOS
PC of this and way , get a disconnect the DC DG a template into the PC bucket to lots of this go on to show you true working with their , this to aid is this bucket so here’s the here’s a dream
cast down here and then here is the toss
computer the hope that all this
stuff for the DOS and you can see a
still got that the dreamcast hooked up here to
so the tying and ado is and plunk the IDC video and ideally the audio hoped that
school still be a belief he
ripped and then we gonna plug in this two of the DOS PC arena turn of and then switch over to this and then switch this over to PC mode that snowing at the PC PC boot and up here by can turn off from this so this is a of to circuit of 8099 PC and are given using for the of crutch all the the tosses stuff are gonna be gone to go to windows 98 to 13 go
through all the stuff that will
be available for the the DOS placers as you listen to this that to
the tank bubbling as a bar to
pick up and that’s not a DOS DC case
that is a up the three you
server case is what that sent to
is that some that is a very convenient case
to have for this on like this
and that sometimes windows hangs
that to this this is part of the
v to those windows just goes
Anaheim I can live up to Seoul give us another 8 to 10
seconds of silence even actually
makes and the in the windows of oftentimes it
doesn’t and it beats me what the what causes
it to do this sometimes but
sometimes it does book a bit so that we did and try again this is why I put pay a the extension to the power
switch on the back of the chassis if so
that I can easily do that has balked less a computing to the
day so this up is the day in BK
63 at 450 megahertz , processor you can see there,
128 MB around which is quite a bit for DOS
bonnets got eight Hutu , of boulder banshee video card , it’s got multiple sound card
so it’s got a cell blaster Bono not safe mode the Jesus but a normal of the real as if it makes it into windows system of the another debate she’s the
video card it’s got a
soundblaster of to soundblaster live I think that which is moderate for
optical audio , it’s got a hearty and you
sound card for maybe the sat for
DOS many and then of external audio boxes
I have a role in NT 32 which
will be used for music and sound effects and some DOS
games and then also a odd , a role in DSC 55 mark one of
the mark one is important to the will see why we get two
games and actually use it but I
do a mark one to take forever
for me to track window of the today is windows 98 it the mouse at here say resolve of the games that I
got on its is so we got command a key one
into art one and four least on
the desktop year the whistle take a second locus
it’s it’s looking for my network
connection seven network a of a network share dumb thing on
here but it’s not currently hope
that the network set so it just
times out there the case of for games here we
got sick, Aileen carnage alone
in the dark , won the dark 12 and three of the Burien likes to one and two
Diablo do one and two ticket and
three D at the Kimball here
tonight and curable tunes born team
raptor rise a try at Seoul feed
sin, same as a windows game I
think of wolf and stein’s ally are to
anno of the hidden fees to speed runs
one of the tse slots for a action and
ensure we got a whole should
lead to give so this is all the
non Sierra and LucasArts stuff
off s , and this is faded Atlantis I
think that title as I Nina Jones and D
last crusade blue maniac mansion in all the
monkey island same exit the road , also of more than that of kids
not on here , at every single Sierra game to the Vikings close games are
that the games are many playing
through in the next to in this
play for coming up , so it got all those here are the
Farkas of course the code name
iceman is can be weird love the sole do
that at some point the that tool or bowl games to
her great things about this to
the Guinea plane those losing
their games , police quest, I’m not sure which police cussed
games oh well played the least
one through 4:00 AM not sure if
I wanna play, just a place for u boss I think all a playwright
until they determined of rainbow
six essentially , all cycles for glories on here , let’s see all the space class
Willie Beamish cut that on here,
apparently the Sega CD version
of Willie Beamish is the best on top that sure of the many mound kind of kind of of the IE figured out to that’s of by don’t actually needed may be
down to is the conclusion that I
came to the nation and working
with here the conclusion that I came to
this that’s a just a role and NT 32 will work
and then just a , Roland USC 55 work, I also
have a role and sat SC 88 and a a a role and ex be 5080 , setup that here’s a monitor,
this is enormous , 24 inch I think the CRT
monitor its windows crazy , it’s not like that to NAFTA be
a 900 but this is like the tamale just below it on the AMA at Sony PC monitor the range of models to the ovens
pickle if the delays that the
conclusion I came to is that the the the difference in audio
quality between BSE 55 mark one
and D OM the later models is
negligible and if you’re just can be
playing games on there’s no need
to have all those different law is to know to get Tony dose of of to see a that’s the that’s a
venture games and then
edutainment the guy castle Dr.
Brain inched empires beeline
histories of incredible machine turnaround of
the best game of all time to alter the non to the ad to an out of actually can’t exit this until I
get the keyboard board of this incredible game super solvers treasure known a car that’s all this the net as
playing game that if thing has
three sides what is its name by don’t know all of the I think it’s a triangle we did it to a close a tribal these are
tribal shaped the Zen of triangles that we deny the clue here the son of washing five apples
his father had four more apples
in a pot how many apples and all the good but one triangle one triangle something to set a screen scrolling is not
amazing of Korea gave me the other hand
care right on the one we need to
use that found the key that a one to spoil you too much
on this incredible videogame
Sola of legs up if they didn’t
even see how quickly my of my
captu the solutions which is really
nice and it took me to actually
forever to get that working of to get
that working correctly , but lots of a second NRC man
here and see if a see if they’ve hatched yet to
zits and while the ritzy man Kenneth not quite to widen the audience cut out to touch that if the kit from
all Sarah but there seem an , see at soph it’s that we’ve actually still
got a few degrees to go Salaam
will go back to the have attacked the PC unit , I got it would’ve in faster
than just completely reset Jesus and I think there’s a tease a timer but have that soil see out here of a set
super solvers and then flight games not much of the city got the ax win games
and then tie fighter , I do have like proper joysticks
for a are playing those, in those
games are really hard to the delight of by might wanna replay Tyee fire with an excellent of backswing
was an amazing that I fighters
really good , and then all sex when
Alliant’s and that the that can
run on this machine via this efforts and it , but a menace I’ve ever played
said in a hug about one is,
finicky want to six of recent
give you those at some point to give one and
two Halloween heritage as jack
rabbits tell the jungle and then did the
best game of all time ginger and course of its Erp G if we get Ellis
rolls one arena , but relic Ron Orr, plays a
role that Kroger games is on the
on the todo list there are three
of them of what stone , is a shareware game and arm of
the one being pretty good , castle Owens is the best of
rogue like ever made if you disagree fight me of hives two installations a
dire fall not sure why the Jones in the fast lane is
totally an RPG , we got all the mine as a games
here and I’ve heard that this one is
pretty good a mandate, having , Borger and we got all to this
year the system shock to some
shock one night I keep hearing a
maze and it is I never played it
so the play fee system shock when
intuit some point, Alton I’m not sure I wanna
bother with the earlier ones , but I think from what I’ve heard
all to the series is actually
did do it until light to six or
seven bonsai to out of the wall of worry
about that later that to the
bears those of the society got a whole bunch
and hear both cities of viruses,
got this from some weird Juarez
pack to know the rash of olive of system shock of another thing
a system check your but not sure why that it’s
’cause this is one of those were
games that doesn’t run in the
sea of very specific setup , and again since I’m playing
this on a lot of actual windows
98 slash DOS hardware I have to
do all the dumb shape the check
to of so that that’s been a real
pain , like for instance one of the
cool things about this a this system that I’m using is
that I can actually under
clocked the EMS System , so as it currently is
everything’s turned up that the
speeds at 450 but I can actually
go into the settings here and to set it to ply , bikes at the multiplier down the
two were so it’s up to 200 MHz
now and I turned off some of
that the CPU features to
actually r , and properly plays games by Charlie sheen for instance to sires here’s what that the
CPU should be performing like if
we load of doing here , just regular old doom one bucket so in Doo Hwan if you can
see here that the game is
running at about 42 , this is mostly accurate the
Duma has a hard at PS cap and 40
APS so just just imagine that
this is running at at 42 right
now to find a kiss full screen you can see it’s it’s pretty
much a solid to solid 42 great bucket to so if we go back into windows here and we set this back to 386 and 200 MHz and the central tweaking units , this bucket Synar running at 200
MHz they can see it took awhile
just for the window to that to disappear there is the launch team again they
can see it as much slower
launching do have the than in the demo here by enough away that to have that so that is the CPU , dynamic the titanic CPU features and
frequency in action there to
this this is actually called 15
of PF of school and out to as it is a good display of my
of my at PS some that the PSE analyzer apt and II
made that juries that it is
working and it is actually accurate
around for at PS between one and
30 Ballou have to do this for a rom
for some games like this and
really old stuff from like the
fed made to late eighties C do
actu of the clock speed for the games
actually play properly so that will be a feature that
II will actually have to make
use of later on the little choppy ball you can play
doom choppy at war if you hit the mine as key on
the keyboard and you can play doom like this
were to pay a little hour of a
up a right up there at the 40
again to this is this is your
alternative if you wanted to
play doom a good frame rate that see how big we make this to
get it so a playable a case that that still OK to low bit bigger the right bats sell almost
touching the framer limiter this
is this is about as good as you
can really ideally do one of the
som to a a a ba classic computing is pretty
good right , the thing that’s bad way to
lead its I like the three be
accelerated stuff is my of my
voter banshee actually struggles
with t Wesson three stuff like a trader
ensign actually have a router bits with
fire up San if I can become a good test the
loaded and backup tortured began as I’m pretty sure see men have
not to , not hatched yet as a I think
I’d hear different did , to say and to there’s three FX is the
voodoo card and action the right ritual entertainment and can’t number theory than
around anymore and then a launches the three
effects again the OK what if we hit escape their of that a bucket ago but were delayed the cave but to weigh less is gonna take
orders to work early and end three via
fax mode but so one of the weird things
of this ,@using a Trackball for this once a seven loads walk and set
the windows 98 this is eyeing
off of and essays T by the way and this is that this is how
quick it to end loads a need as an any day now I know the kids can lead you
have just to access the back
locate the right so that he locked up again he windows 98 gaining boys to some things clearly clearly
we have here at a desk as asthma
surround a fee of the clock speeds and also
loading much as games of the
things I found is that the it
and you have to kind of tree and holder windows 98 PC as if
it’s a game console by key have two of a controlled
of the debenture times Aaron
skinner reboot now if of the
Afrikaner treated as a game
console so you have to reboot the whole
system before you do anything I
have a toe baby a couple while out that reboot
that’s the this guy back in this scene and
hear and see if anything of
importance has happened by bet it has its the to have the upper finely
down there in that any consumer
moving around have to say could see the egg is
now starting to to undulate oh, I need to change
the free Meister back to this
thing back to the sea settings ago but that’s a profit perfect
timing of to that that’s all we needed a
way for was the have a he was for the the temperature
to reach the proper thing and
now a colleague action again bucket of hope that so should actually hatch
momentarily , and we can can continue on our
scene and wave to ensure that we find that should all be no lasting
consequences with the with
boiling are there seem an uptick forever that that it’s so
damn long for the texture to go
down to a wooden so much faster
funds is reset the ball well mistakes are made up the initial
mistake was trying to place the
man in the first place put the of all that I will never
learn ceo at some data is a most of
the of the windows 98 staff by
did actually win Maya, I1 and auction on the goodwill
the few days ago, to force six of 68 PP video
cards so that they’ll be the
kind of video card you put in
that machine , and then a sound card which
unlock and use it sits a
soundblaster PCI 512 , but I wasn’t bidding for the
soundcard any ways of so we’ll have: see a video cars
to choose from for a or whenever we get to the equator windows 98 stuff , ’cause of the stuff that RT
have now I have the voodoo
banshee card which is currently in there I
have the nvidia G force for MX , I have a Riva TNT to Perot to canary Gao
title of the kit but so if you if you turn on
that they’re the lissome up into the that there bucket so these are the order the sings column a mushroom errors I think , it’s recommended to keep the
light on on the brightest one cement is attempting to
sleep you need to turn the light
off OK and remember that from last time of two so it was much for mercy of
mushers that the musher is to
not evolve within a few days
there hatching they will die of
posit they will float tours a and BE , do not belong rafts bucket that so we need to the were some of the boys over
here that tour here time hangout over here or it’s absolutely safe to we made this guy to eat for
mushers according to a Manual the case of one the man Ephraim Wright have to
credit to the dump their 20 APS the cares to three that is as this is totally
normal to cement things here to one more in it should be
ready to to do its thing the cat so there’s for the nautilus is now all primed and ready to know that in a less is about
to have a bad time here to a to all the heat will just keep an eye of a
novel as any I keep an eye on
the frame rate to when you see
that the transformation happened
as thus not amazing one of the
things got real here the state it one more is sure the end of the thing that if you
force for MX is that some of it that particular card doesn’t
have any issues displaying a DOS
games and some cards to , and like even live router
banshees sometimes as issues
with the west of the meeting to do stuff a case
of this does one E be more to to
something is clearly up with
that what the novelist’s some hour just wait and wait and on the magic to happen
here are a and that’s the butt into effect really takes a
frame rate of only one is in doubt , I don’t remember there being
any more important things here for all this of the ISO looks like the next the
next thing is waiting for the boys to be born and then we got a feed of two of two pilots , and then we will sit almost be
back to where we were of as once you once are able to talk to scene
and is not a whole lot you can
do every single day in this game that all say it again a project update from
sugar three and it it sounds like a rough Barbour the nautilus care might
be having issues to when the smoke turns into
blood have that’s only know the the magic’s
happening that screen shot walkthrough and
how to clean your copy Asia new
three , all ye Olde there is a recap
movie for sugar three just like in nine to the but the miracle of life about to
happen here will not allow us to any data have an eta the lights offer
something on the lists the right there it is the birth of my sons the scene an what’s the Larry Colwell the head bowl TV film beyond that tout
panda of Tommy about 10 are you telling much pent tell me about Japan tiny the well to cement to seeing an office one clearly doesn’t let
us talk to see men the late to wheel of the low to a man but let’s let’s feed are seen on toll that to that the weakest seen an the other actually make the musher as the
think about it as we get this perfectly fine
food down here and take this would seem an as I can drop another one in
their peril of their help locate the week that
seem an too many for food to seem an peach and Ferruzzi man bucket that is that’s where but I can’t
I could’ve sworn they could run 11 and the frame rate that’s a real
good , the titans and is up bucket one pretty sure that’s all we
can really do on day one that nights in an OK I think if I do that than they’re still fine if by
Leonard Nimoy I would a kit now say then the right to th to shore it may not turn the power of the key to the ballot for day one again Cosi man and will be on part seven a next time we we do this all kit so that stop is some king’s quest
and I’ll switch order that in a
minute’s to after I step away
for a minute as it turns out to you
at stake in th audit we back home that separate the contract pick
up the very end of it but have so what is a commanding to do here,
let’s see to sinker game to name on the
system a cut Bono like rationing program has
set the that all up again at a reopen my
people program this one set game two king’s quest on PC to set the game to king’s quest
quest for the crown on the PC to set game to quest for the
crown on the PC others made a heap today the people people you have one job to actually may be too but still
you don’t have any jobs to go the Bono isn’t a holdout to the completely broke it by doing
that if that told about it to worry
about it really that have up to one
analyst have griped to a date to the rest in peace Maya, like
time stamps by the way to have a
a a great as if the kid at times less calls for the
crown on the PC some nights may
be for the CIA adventurer seer
online polish novell kit that if
I do of and then they just kind that are
leased it a tax ID was here at all if a
tough but yes is this is one of the
original gangster of adventure games a kind it to
help create the graphical
venture genre , one of their early examples
and I will look and play like a
very early example of the genre of services the box art for the
you’ve RE release of that of an aroma that cover sins of the
the game released today can see here that this is
the best-selling three D
animated adventure series by
Roberta Williams over 0.5
million sold whi to for PC game back of the day
that that actually is a shipload of services for system
requirements are 256 K ID and
candy in ms DOS compatibles that e.g. a CD ANC’s a VGA and
Hercules monochrome graphic arts
all support it if the hard disk
installable the key desk to sure the joystick optional not be
using a joystick as if it does
make sense for a game like this , they comes and all three and
half and 5 1/4 floppy disks to
install the gave to his not
everybody out of three half inch
of th they actually had to make both
versions of the game and
incredible thing in the in the release of came to its I
bet that really that drove up
costs significantly for
distribution car at king’s west coast for the
crown watch a step or you may fall
them out and buying into try not
to fall into the mode will see though the of the state to Gramlich
some of their way to receive a
Manual to the baby the meat of characters from
Ethan fable that’s what a drag in the gas juror of the new quest from duke and
word tour of take a wild ride with a
needle the right that that sell me all
here on this game , it’s the most fun you can have
played into venture game well, I happen to have played a
game called gender not so by not sure how this will top it
but we’ll see , best-selling author of the
refs best-selling author as that
that’s a new one there , and we can take that right now
but let’s remember not take the
later the Sierra adventure design team
have brought the first guy to
venture gained life and
compelling through the animated
adventure tremendous and scope and that
they can date of his close is
unlike any other computer game
of experience before his
invention no , said it would just be like an
awful to search a spear like
you’re staying in a field of the
budget houses and then yet to
type and then you you type which a
root you do not sell just a step
up from that, and 10 and a text
only stuff and then Biscayne came along
that actually had you moving
around a character on screen so
completely different from
previous gam , since this has the highest
critical plain talk adventure
game experts and roll atoms calls a pretty
innovative edge came the closest
yet to living give if end
consumer software news is Chris
and des the right sure the multiple solutions making
schools very weak label sure if Apollo finishing the day
before anyone played again have
to know that’s a big if if bobby
advise a puzzle of situations that can change our position
status problems can be sold in a
number of ways and higher scores
are awarded freak rate applied but they they only give you a
buy it high Schooler for very
specific solution now so there
is a wrong way to play through
this , or 1/2 million Kings cross old
team tosses one of the most
popular commercially successful
price in history computer making
its of the late eighties I’m
guessing base off of four games
a mention in a in this to say is there she is herself to Bernie williams’s designer
the Kings closers over the last
half techie driver does work
closely with the welcomes the
company and I think that that might
still be the case , and it might still be the case II don’t know what exactly the
criteria the reason for that but
if referring to live at the
Justine solely a picture of the
dead , to a phenol crater and I’ve
liked and it’s probably still
read a into the state that so this is a this is the
media that the gains came on the
released or 1¢ of the media,
cellular come with a 3 1/2 inch
flo , and then there’s also a
slightly larger desk of riches 5
1/4 inch, which holds less
stayed at the end is a slightly
older medi and they make the Verner, event
notices when you when you do all
that if, I do not have a floppy
drive inside my DOS Computer ‘c I am I’m so far done floppies
that II put a floppy drive
emulator in the system side of
the screw and floppies anymore
to, and then here is the I believe
the original cover one of the
original covers for a tour king’s quest bow on the buy
DM personal computer , take the challenge fund budget
rather put on your armor and
you’re thinking cap as the search Contra side in the
days and nights are bold and
brave to so this is if this is like in
any asking cover here like this
is like this is this is an absolutely accurate
two of the king’s quest expert
who can serve your this is this looks of our right to a
king’s quest like close ties to
use to and we got to get the chest of
the gold over there and we got
the than the castle tour this is this seems accurate a case that’s all at the and
then once I pull up here we have the
incredible Manual that the game gives you the cat , see this one bouquet to sew king’s quest by saying it’s this wouldn’t
want wisest macro keyed of bucket whenever if that sis
offer included diskette system
requirements by be in color display or
television excellence is wont not another
ago bucket of shore king’s quest yet contents that the challenge of
king’s quest budges gain a copper protection
of pretty sure doesn’t pressure doesn’t , but so here you go the thought
that MB ram earlier was pretty
smug this was pretty good some pretty
sure that this is the British
Manual , ’cause a spelling is the is there much knocks what you’d
expect but that is spats pretty good
brand of heat that the IE play the game is Sir
Graham that night in the kingdom
of demonstrate to say the kingdom your sat on a
quest mission to obtain three
magical objects you can control
server and smooth and sent to
tra tour of the came to this all this
stuff is not particularly
important as were not this out
that if you donate a center are
screened o and then you can numb you can reset to screen which I
did know you can do that
actually enough to win the game that’s a that’s actually new to
me that he do that but I can play diskette we’re
not doing that , a kit Kings appeal to the king
and demonstrating aboard as
dying of those teams been
wealthy recent disasters yet
know why if , was brave this knights and
then we talked and that’s only get
this other incredible incredible Descartes from the
the games many of the line at the center CRT at
the top of the day and up to
that the talk of the axis to add an
IBM Systems are weakened king and the
answers desperate health that
are tales of the magical by Jake
said in the troubles OK says
depending play in the thing that would save the save the country , what are the three objects a
case of the first one is a dual
inlaid transit rest of the
refills of gold coins there’s an enchanted nearer the that reveals that the future
and then imagine shield that
fends off all enemies, when why starts the day in the
Kingdome and they regarded by
dangers characters extremely
rescue task it may be fatal to
not fai of the Kay and then that’s it to
years of this more day card here to have a fit as it is a pretty
nice alterations that, dentures rough go behind between objects yet
climbed up jumper swims some
sound effects in the Kingdome
warned server and the danger a
case onl , and quickly by using a
joystick a keyboard sure I do
not do that of the upset moving the keyboard just does that to move on of how you take action at sea so we must type in prior 5¢ is hearing small cut
side and taste the detect a man’s keep them
simple and now never be that up to cure for words to take the key dropped the look
of the box to shore , cut down the tree with acts to
a night at all seems fine of it actually tells you what
happens if up to the game is
loading why you’re moving around it says that the land of the
ingram’s stops moving in a disk
starts making noises , a case of their times we want a
move Sir Graham to another
screen but recants in this case
you need to solve the puzzle
before l of it in most cases you can move
Sir Graham in any direction out
the string remember not to worry
the first idea of a screen you he booked a sewer the special keys, we’ll really
worry about those , pausing says save and restore
sound on and off restart game to shore up echo the nineties the echo key settle
total RE tight command bus width
of a callback of the locate a sense it’s kinda programming
to scripting term that sure if
that’s so we have a a nice deck
there, sometimes sir am I need
to busted up key so we got a
dedicated that key the pitches the minus key if you
press it again you’ll stand out to we’ll probably have to use at
some point to the hide , jumped so we could either
presage a key to assume I can’t just type in
jump to some be too easy grant keeps jumping until you
take your finger off about great , because a large amount of
water and you can swim it’s the equals Key OK this status key gives you your
school where the there’s no status key on a
keyboard to so sure of saying game begins a pretty
much anywhere that since the
thing you there saving and
restoring things to remember king’s quest is a challenging
game that can be played again
and again there are several ways a
competing game if many solutions
Lopez Paz Zamora one solution
for ilo not sure about that but
OK , they were not as multiple points
stone has a multiple point
system allows you to a increase
or decrease to score OK , of the game runs continuously
the one in a plane if you decide to let Sir Graham
Rast and evil character make
acumen and is quest if you wanna
take a break test positive bed
cas if we save the game and then a pick up again and other data
by Graham will be attacked in
the same game of something but
now they have actually made at
the g the kit to decisive bucket a menace of the snake either the
Knicks that highest possible score 158 the connecting the school only
to find other treasures kiss
cover the more creative solution
every puzzles and make no
mistakes that won the first approach quest a
cancerous in the maximum number
points a small people give up
play the game often seek and
tried , click treasures sure if you
lose a treasure you also was
point value bouquet the most of schools and puzzles
and more than one solution neat
solution hopes and request the
fighting more difficult solution the mapping of progress so on
the way they handle mapping
areas I have buy of this system
here I am using one note with a
on a g or use an append in crappie
prints that that stages all in
all be onscreen to Tal that’s a
that’s how we’ll be doing the
map and and then the game also implies
that that the game world wraps
around at some point , and I think it only wraps
around east west in a note to
self but we’ll find out if and that is capped the
example and recall map here, all take
the word on it for this tour but helpful mangers stages
creatures the looks like we got a wizard
to a flying which bears doors unger’s a hungry
wealth and wicked witch 10 of the helpful creatures with
an elf a fairy godmother in a
large condor suffer see those those are not
going to immediately kill us of an island of this is even
more hints here to to so take the perp reaction to soar that’s all I can say
about this great banks, try looking at
everything of the ordinary , say the games we do anything
weird yet sure the salt oak
about token of tour takes Roberta Williams of a cat and that’s the that’s it for the
Manual how to set a date that this is
clearly like the UK Manual but
they give you they give you an American postscript in the hassle the kit so that’s the that’ll be it for that to let me
get my map open because we need
to to be drawn some apps in this
one book that selects the cracking on the game here that’s all of the meet the music for now so we can hear this incredible , turn off the subgroup first and off that we don’t need that in this story that the case so I assume this is in PC mode , yet the cat but are you ready for an even
more installed excel in here perfect the case of this is
being captured through the baht
digital audio interface bon tier by Doyle was a PC at Sony at a bar also directly capturing the
PC speaker which is currently needed, to so
here’s what sounds like if I
have this turned out to I don’t know how well you can
hear that but that is the bomb
electromagnetic one Evers that the EMI interference and EM interference that to the actually gets picked up
through that to directly
connecting V a PC speaker to the
sound card so the likely it is to steal Pliny
cleary five that turned down , and actually gonna turn than
just a little bit because as
you’ll hear only get into the
game, it is this the PC speakers quite
laughs the right body ready make sure to have
your half your mouse or finger
whenever on the volume slider bonnie might even one Atty. down
just to look like that have four
or 02 whenever beforehand that
is a PC speaker is is allowed boy to oh to see the more of the kick he booking on the get the eye to keyboard stuff on away here but those do it the seeds but points the oval the right to his quest to have a debt was into that
likely II figured out a while
ago that the of PC speaker is as pretty damn
loud so another thing all out here for
controlling the game , let me bring up to the ole what can hear to know the way all be
controlling the game out so as
to this to know the oven on pad
is generally not use on a lot of
modern ga , soloing in a DOS I never have
been unblocked turned off, this
will make these keys functioned
as that the keys utterly one her that actually hitting and on
here , and then if I hit six sole
actually be this so this is what
those alternative legends are on
the com on here so if I hit the of to six key out here Graham
will move to the right if and if
I have no luck turned on and I
hit six to oh actually type six and that
in the corner there so that some
if that’s why it’s important for
this and we had no luck turne begin properly move around king
Gramm like backed to let set battle beyond control
miss again not using a joystick
’cause that it just doesn’t feel
right at all to be using a joy and like it was that like we
discussed earlier I will be
playing no scenery mix of marine
way laundering this to a fig it’s too annoying are
something that all of that just
turn off by the dead of a mater volume
here to book it to Evian the music is not the that supervises in the butt of the PC speakers not as
much and this a case of the
first thing that they kills a
lot of people may play king’s
quest her this bridge right here you go to
get across is bridge , so you think like bouquet this
is this is a three D objects clearly we need to bike again on
over here and then, of course
got the perfect pixel there, by clearly you shouldn’t be able
to to walk on it from the pure
’cause that’s that’s not a three
objects were crepe if that actu , to have to sell a lot of
people do and when they first
get the game they see this thing go like a
cake and Justin and go straight
down here and then , and on there and in all that
but it is very easy to just fall
off of ball for bridge like that
and then this fortune strike soon follow
them about the struggles and
cries of attracted hungry
alligators they do not want love
to go and then you immediately dove to have to get so that if
there’s one of the few instances
where there is up there is music
in the game tour they hope you do better next
time takes era to bucket so but so that start off with so are our
map here services this is kind
of war were to start and cheese
that is way too big , to this is the starts and then this is like castle tour that there’s there’s a
castle that bucket to lots of code of castle here so we can also a speed this up liked to have that they have to sell at a black
against the like a demonstrated earlier , if if you run a old DOS game at
high CPU clock rates of the men might earn up to
speed on them for instance that have have a a script he that happens that of a bouquet but, to count the love he did ’cause dumb that those dumb to the I guess when I use
anymore in AC was to have a a a
a a a boy to keep raising of the apple TDS to assume that the IE that’s
machine still looking for a I
remember a the burden that set the city to
you while back the right, actually I’m not sure
if this guy works like Hugo does
so of ensue goes house of
horrors you can actually, did
away w the Casey it the the parser is
actually smarter and this the right to get the sick as 30 graphics
animating at 10 frames whole per
second that 23 dot the don’t worry too much
about the happiest counter for
this game in particular I tried
to get this as accurate as I
could f the games like this but it it it
isn’t quite right so just has to worry about the act
as counter for Kings close one I
could turn it off but a car at talk to Kane the rights of this actually
changes video modes of the total why it is like there’s
two separate resolutions at the
game uses senate switches
between amateurs text are not a bouquet size and says king
growl man in at the acting as we can force
of this is pretty much the same
thing at the Manual colas about , to mourn the king and there’s a
magic their kills a future as a
magic shield ball protective air
from all Harmon there’s a magic of it going bring these
treasures if you succeed ilan
heartthrob at so we got a request and that’s a fantastic place to make our
first save cell by default the
game say path to the cousin work
for me ’cause I have a bunch of
flig to coach a special characters in
the name some actually gonna do my king’s
quest saves in C slashing games there an arty need one for test
so this will be the starts throwing room at that a call all say that
again outside so I don’t have to
spend an hour trucking outside
again the cave so we got our quest of
Winona but we need to do know
you set to go do it Sais also mention that I’ve
never played this game before Tom ball the king’s quest series I
played it a five 67 and a little bit of a to and outs of tour would just sit there , and that’s all we got the case
so in our map here we’ve also got
its castle 10 it easier to see if we do like
that bucket to theirs are incredible
map so far but so we gets the clock book castle of the Trojans Castle sure looked
notes is out years there, look rage cave that said again this is this bad
grades though we’re not the
collision of this just a normal trade a very
pretty sure to lee of country to have a car at a lovely lease their it
cannot find about that one the cave , and also we should we should
note that there is any free here the case so let’s go west and
see we got a right we got made abortion are
rock the to we got rock and bush sure of Opec a rich gray rock of tainted at least not now that
that to a TV up the power of
love to Schrock that he and I’ll mention of rock
revealing a dark: anything OK to be the scales of the case so the Cowlitz of the DNA of anyone
down until a book pick up a
flight to slip fees to locate the local interview card tag are OK
so we have a dagger somebody
dropped a drive the dagger sir to tiger reaching the whole
grass a dagger be given cuts off
a 10 that solely to get a dagger tour what tiger and candles beautifully cut the
blade is bronze very sharp cave tour books get a list of the daily at the skittles field of all was said the other thing
was it the orbiter Williams a furious to have a of sea the original covered of the game
is totally representative a look at us in that pushed nothing
special about this push this is
probably one of those spots
where the the Manual mention
that we need we need to docket some points so
fully account the senate to if we do
need to hang out and hear they can do that and I think that there’s a key
for it to 031 of the dusts to take down just to united team had something to have a NIC
into the act what that’s heat that so this is a dedicated to the kid and tea bag button perfect the sea to skittles feel Tsao and other
thing that we need to be doing
in this game is rotating saves ’cause are Brenda Williams wolf a queue
up at every opportunity and we Gotta be prepared for a team that eventuality that so west of the rock is we got a lake than does the unassuming than other tree
is just, distance of a cave to you have to it put in this one command or else
he just kind of to rounds to knows how to swim
clearly but the plan on to the leap as to when at the climb to leap ahead and look like OK to that there is no ducks air that so west of lake Hughes also
make it looks like to soulful that in here to get lake in then more trees of to look treaty this is a very beautiful tree to minutes is what this this
tree doesn’t look any different
from the other trees so the things for nabobs art can we
stab a tree to the dagger and he doesn’t
understand the whole the right sure , some key others there’s a
swanky equals but it’s to if I assume this
command isn’t used enough that
some the tour about it but there
are totally is a swanky and then
th to celebrate after the tea bag king and Garrett to Sir Graham does not have very
big apps it looks like a he that sought solace is keeping
WestAir of the right so would last if
that we have to log I guess tour the DSS that’s what I call the
screen to get this anticipate rave up
the heat that as a Christmas
tree and by the data that if have a a
a bit to heap of this is a poorly
drawn trio might come off to a a Tuff that look log is only a rotten log a OK to me to reenter the log you can try to go there but the low order the need of heat the book in whole police that the the contrite to try at a date that means you
need to walk their look in the log book a look stump to the stump is very old and new
be petrified the case of this there’s a stump
here as well that’s important
and no I guess it’s time to tour that tide and left the venture is pretty good OK so
we have to have another ms paint
Christmas tree they have it looks like a cop
the lake at a bar river so it got off to school this one Blake to with a river tour of the look like it’s a beautiful
lake, Gary Locke river to stream may not be
safe to cross OK that’s that
support and I guess of see if we can get around that
this that that having this to swim the case so we got off to get lake to the late to they’ve got a direct but the guess the other know
what else to call that the to swim to soaker does offer some ink
ball fox of a a a a a he said it also before we continue
I should mention that all my discord, I posted to
that links to two different
straw polls for this game if one
straw poll is how long you think
a and then the other Perot’s holly
dusty think all have in the game , and were already at two to self to make sure to get those votes
and the vote early , lord of the cave to where we’re
back in skittles field now which was of to is where rock and bush was by over here by the entrance to
what some let’s head south term
here to say was that was a whole lot
exciting back there to let’s assume it’s down here but that there’s no dinner by
eagle crash in a strong arms if
you catch a god easily next two
of its a bucket but hold on over
t but so this is the boulder and then there’s also a it looks like some trees and
then flowers tour the right wall I knew of to see it working ago, I think
if I just head north of
northeast a committee get away the ball to the you should make together by was warned takes Roberta banks Roberta OK the to doesn’t
spawn every time I’m pretty sure
doesn’t , and I knew that the men enter
the screen from over here of th the kit the bucket sell what we’ve learned from this is
that if it leased this this
overs Guinness body it’s gonna
be from the upper left corner of of the screen at the very
least , and it might be a 2% spawn rate
and let’s see if they can follow
us between screens to as a look like a bucket to lying in a see if it keeps
its position or fixed even still
Claire bucket and lean to the kit bag
was set by organ and east from here and offer the best college days of up to heal other
day of Oakley I had my finger on the
button there but so here we get
the service was east as a
staffer castle so this is some of them in a draw this river
here and say this and then that time then we have mushroom which I’m I’m pretty sure we’ll
need for something of a mall so pretty sure that we
can’t so the can cross this may not be safe to cross a lucky
wealth they say it may not be
that it definitely isn’t so will a bold as have to
remember that that’s their buck a south of here is scheduled to enter the river to solo and go like this at the river and then I don’t think there’s
anything else of the of note on the screen the look of English nothing special to the
river terrace and powerful there’s a
delta the pebbles on its edges
so case this is to that’s where they they got
them as paint spray can write
here , gets to bulks to forget the
pebbles that was 1. That’s the tape save their a kit sold what good are these can I do us
to pebbles are worn smooth by
the raging river to cave sure the actually that we know there’s
that a key item there so this is this is where the that are the pebbles cut key item of let’s see what’s the third cell from here in suits
here of them folder of the cave and got to get a basket this of this might be trapped that’s a basket would resist the the zoo nothing special all that
and the look of both the cat sabol the right and is not a basket that isn’t that is a bowl to the case to this invisible as breathing
Gramm is skim way of police take if of a heap ball right the notice a word on the bottom
of the bowl the word is they’ll the Kay to think I think is like a full tale that if that if you if you have is below
lemony safe elsewhere that panel
for a live telephone road bonus
a to bolster its giving me the
chills up the delicious hats to
OK but we got that we have Bolus to the cave that the blue a cave the two solo at some destroy heading
south here but sell the eye in
moving between screens now that
I know that some if the monsters , in the upper left as a server
in a show on the bank to restart the server up if
the diminish up up here to sell
a possible I wanna be spawning
and over here to ought to the screens to cut the feed here so we get
so to this was self to we got lake again and we might as well just to theirs Lake I’m assuming that extends down a little bit bigger that tour 10 of the leaks in his cave of play and unlike the some steep
cliffs became sure that the
steep cliffs will be an issue that Sophie headed to the the string here a low bouquet so we have a whole if that’s so you got to get leaked in on here but then we’ve also got , 10 dec life here solve this a known that like that I’m sure that will make sense to
me later on to surely a well the Puck a ball that is a cute little elf the
cave but let’s let’s make a note
that this is where the elf and
peered , the loaf a cave talk to elf the lapels there’s a small tree
my wave of the film press by a feminist
gives you magic ring kind person
know that once only once this
ring will make it invisible the
size that the cake that in my school
go down that that that sort of got the magic ring ring is called the breathtaking
tigers I stoned perched on top and a perspective is a little
weird here of the okay but at the Dana score went
down to cut a sworn we had
scored 18 as before this the butt to shore so let’s use to the cell from
this the case we got the left side of
the form it looks like the
exodus that the pause button
here if to their it does on a work by OK if so then up on a
keyboard there is the physical
Paz button so if I hit the pause
button in actually will Paz the
game , and one posit by Hani of a
button on the keyboard to we we will be jumped here by
a buy any to a monster’s the case
so here is this is like this is a farm I guess our field to Scholl a field , peeled for just a tour but that sits on here poll fully
something doesn’t spawn rate
their bucket to the ticker safer now until tire I OK so what to what is all this than all that of whites but all a carrot patch OK but all more specific on the bug as you can have a carrot
patch were ever to looks up the stick Eric I
guess says weschler upper down here people can carry it to 18 of
ticket to theft is encouraged by king
Gramm and just realize that my only
program stopped working but some got our carrots but , just in case and that’s the cave soul also carrot patch for tiff to cave the boats keep going west as it used
here see we can say to the cave more scandals terry godmother your quest is
indeed noble by small part eight you can be
no bigger than this magic spell
protected pop for a little while if the not sure we wanna get to
protect the spell just yet to think I remember this being a
thing , to tiff buyout Mcallister
thing keeps crashing slows
trimmed off if the kit of the case I need to know that
this is one of the screens where she can sponsor this is this is fairy to respond but I’ve think we don’t want
this yet to sign in a boat sees , book remarks that a very nice
that do not have that many in a very nice little
rock’s this is a nice looking rock of services that’s probably one of
the few things that the screen is no one with
forest just it’s a fairy
godmother spawn and I’m assuming I didn’t set of the database or to blessing from
are something to sell my mentor alias the right to go up and waved our first of a neutral and PC looks like the
services don’t pan the right time we just so
happened at a carrots of tape out carrots the to date what if it was a lot of
screen right when I did enter
the death of the a surly there
was a guy out there just now that that now can I look at the GATT to go to space and to and fro , right to all tented the ways to do with it the these^ to show^tube goats the kit that sorrow and Chris this set of this game as can’t
find so far by the tent they’ll go with the
character starts falling a
catchall man we are and have a
test of taking away a lot can we there’s no reason that to do the
right now use below water to
swim to it we can’t sell like a tea
bag that the doubt to have a if
he told your little too close
are the area that we we got our best body to
go with us are it will bring in as go with
us to the end of the game , cave wallet we Gotta go out and I guess I need to tour the off what the hell we gonna do with
the goal and ago that it got stuck on the
screen there to cave and then we got here are
a , this is a while the Wells deep and dark Aegean
Sea the skies reflection on
water and Kay kitna bucket the bucket isn’t
that have for years in the
conduct have a this bucket isn’t big enough for
you in that big doubt taste of that, at that streak to a big bite out of it and have the key business to
attend to the need this dough gone the navy has a svelte OK by it are eight we need to solve
Largo problem it seems before we
can that a actively used aggr on direct in a study of a book eight the right to guess we’re got for the wealthy can run very
fast, I doubt it’s up to its
mere you buy the account let’s also say that this
is a will spawn today that’s the purpose of the
goal is to is to distract the wolf the
routing and put the goat between
me and the and the wolf the wolf sees it
menacing go by side and it has
always set to a defect to the
deaths that pieces out all of
its gre ball like god the Kent , art ago they could order that brain goats by would’ve never guessed polish it is sure to add guard out to add goats to have a a a a heap of the right to eight of the word that the flowers
that offers but the kits keeping
the stair , so we got to get big tree they tree book tree that is a very pretty
maple street Hoke to look a the nothing with a tree hole , right column now all we did get the
the spell from the offshoot a bug that she didn’t she doesn’t
give you spell Mr. Nearer but that is OK to winnow out no
longer under an ethical protection so I fit I think we reach the
wraparound points so we were previously here at the
big tree and then I went West Rome
parties from the big tree and I
think we’re back here to cower
patch to certify head north from here , it should be Z lake and it the
Lakewood that elf they faded wraparound to let’s see that it is a kit but so we know that is that’s
the edge of the game world to see are to what so put up a rainbow thing there actually notes just put a bucket and that’s that the
wraparound points if the 10 to so before we go sell from the
carrot patch the holdout to Seoul to it to as a map a wraparound
and and on rainier and 20 two as half the know if by the OK to sell if if we go south
from the carrot patch or as I
can upload of that of god by doubt about soulfully go south here where is acting to bring us that we should also do it from them over here just in case is a
spawn so that the wealth spawned
a vehicle left and so did the
older than I think so did the el but maybe it’ll tell them find
this a right to all interesting bouquet so that’s 1/2 to that’s the the bottom point at which that
the game wraps around to sell if we go to be careful not to full mode
here to so if we go to the screen
east of here where is sacked in the told us that we get a carefully navigate this bombing
and say to another , that go with and exploring sure the OK so if we to the goetz’s nope data that of to so if we had this way we might get linked
to an river table with perked poured into my notes are not sure which can be over
here so we get here and tarts that certain OK seen
that that is wraparound OK so binary do my , my notes here Buckley this is
easy to do of the date of the Dutch are had it patterned
and RE Paula the Dutch are some things were
declared that phones are what
that is something to think
sounds weird in my left ear , to hattaway pat I fix my map
here to a just need to copy and paste , ball this over a bar here but just work I assume that that’s how this
works and then that’s the that’s the map on the mat ball just that I’m
pretty sure that that’s what it is so we we
essentially gone all the way
around promoter the map Reno and
we are we are currently in the VAT there to if we go south
from here that will be told the
new time we got the go , the Elsa got the to sounds off the law in this be from the sum , that’s a that’s actually
coming from the game will be
safe I can all
out of as I think it’s a PC speaker do
not , of the sea here know where Zech coming for of that set the PC speaker wires are Mr. Noise coming from the lights it’s the to something is making noise and
the toddy own puts on the dais PC the Somoza role needed to a microphone line and Tad in there all need of a up by about a bit CD digital is its bid if an is not OK if we close a game and then
restart it then and I can count the save the sure a lot so it’s a reboot
piece of tough that invents eve of the sound
stop that welcomes a classic PC gaming
boys that the baby like that sometimes Soho clear reboot will fix that
the that issue of self I arrive by not dying
anywhere near as much as I
thought I would be by the way
this is the the valley be up to like 10 plus
deaths at this point that energy star compatible
beyond that, I have the the tempo powers plays in there
I think I have an 800 W platinum
of Power Supply in this computer
which is a bout 750 what’s more
than it needs of a plot to the
Ide needed a high quality Power
Sup the was not good is dying and
that the capacitors were in bad
shape, and it is actually given
the stability problems of the
comp and likely this machine lets me
use a standard 80 Exe said Power
Supply a psychologist it does
work , the dough out an afterword to
use it a weird eight T Power
Supply for a sound is back of the key maybe this is
something I can change of my by
upscale are box Carl down of no to the cages or gonna do , in game audio and a filter is that the game audio arena do you a noise suppression on a pile of Kay it’s the
obvious to any buying and filter and on yells
and all still have to listen to it
but you guys want of a reheat to an auto slightest
this is never happened before
this this issue has not ever
done this before , or is it when we can’t know which are reaper plug in visit repeats no , it’s one goal to look it up in my column one bolt there is is a RE gates to know we fear , and then we want to noise
reduction , was profile perfect to psych that was gone when we do this for the
other one , EST perfect to sell you guys done at
the listen to it but I do bucket but back to just to ready for PC speaker to back to that to go all god
bucket to this is what happens
if you bought if you try to use the
same for game path that is incorrect or too long the the game does not appreciate
if it’s heat to have a a a bit of a Aldus remained the game so this is why you Gotta do this all is a game really doesn’t
like it but it that sore back with arguments we
are , we’re here were in turk lake to
suffer go south from dirt and
like to was I can bring us all the data
turn off an unlocked as I
rebooted the PC to cave but we got a bridge and Kay to we got revenge for surely there’s gonna be no
monsters here to surely a cave owner to stroll peers on both
sides the bridge bucket can our goal to help us
out with their troupe rotten if
there’s a lot of fact the goals
of the oats and eight trolls
intensely they should move aside
and le they’ll get seeing the trial of
the archenemy of all goats
charge as a troll inbox in the
new oblivion the bridges diarist
alway hear the locate the man does it leave that the needs of these allocate all right tone is a real MVP of goat is a real MVP eight column and the right to edit a city that all will
take a look at that back immediately the link to the
other recall if there’s a touch
of a still blink that I
appreciate it’s like that, we actually got
a request earlier for a version
of the stream page ad doesn’t
have the bomb to the attainment bet on it so
it’s just a full screen players,
sells gonna do that any ways but
the the no way better than I have to
his website stuff so that I can take your that if a if you a don’t wanna do that the kit to so that’s that’s the
bridge in that role and we
needed to go, connection what so smitten out here to there is a range troll need to know just the kit and the coconut I guess the Sikh ratchet the old Nome
pacing around is a lean two of
faith OK but so does is south of the
bridge so we got the of lean to the and we’ve got an known to outthink it the Kent is pretty well animated the
gnome all actually bowl on the forgot something
important here upon the screen we forgot that we need to tea bag and gutsy bank that’s of that
role that could tie out on the rents find out what known
wants you to close it a look of a
faraway that will be crazy to know was old and enter the
weight of years but a playful
wisdom so barings’s im Suk a
talk to know all none tells you he is
something that may be very
useful to you our task is to guess his name
and three guesses that is gift
will be yours the black of the soul thinking back to fairy
tales as games based on a law
fairy tales so of the late arrival still skin I
remember that being a thing we
had to I’d guess rumpelstiltskin
same of a wrongful as gill says 10 that site include all the fox
and I know around tolls kill to scan very close but not quite right
that people even guess sonoma’s name but he
left ear goalkeeper way that I
looked at the that if these heavy gold OK to so we got a a key account take a guy for
pocket a good long look at it
that the looks like a key tour of pretty sure that was how you
spell that, failed spelling to Nome name but I’m pretty sure that’s
that’s what to do to the
misspent OK so the if we go west of here that’s probably where though
river is so I’m guessing the gees bouquet this is a raging river capital
are told that polders and rapids , massive boulders split server , to this is west of the lean to the and we got the river that
kind of those style that is if that is
not the right kind of 61 so it goes to end up like this
and then town 10 but I don’t see anything really
of consequence on the screen , so there might be something to the
north of the screen , if you go across the bridge site
and go back to the bridge screen
and then see what’s on the
screen or for this one as it might be that be something
there at all , of time assuming that some that sounded above left channel
is not able to be more by see popping up a little bit
on the meters spot some not
constantly thus getting louder and if the it is getting progressively
louder a lot now is a psychic the passenger about to fail and my of PC to come and go sell for me we
can go bouquet to I guess we
just straight up can’t go to
that screen to the left is answer really alarming noise
that that to the fats making of a mess up what the of that that’s actually ’cause it’s
getting louder and it’s it’s
getting louder than the of the
noise filter to that I set to the case of this is south of the
lean to open known of to get another bridge , and what to put the team is is from previous review and groove by notice I know this track weird bucket , Sophie go to the left of this column this up this is cut and
Mary this is cut and Larry, I
just remembered this is that the credits the
men, Mary Donna see , the U.S. to what a weird thing for this
symphony orchestra to cover of a
a , Kay says another bush we can
potentially back behind the case there is nothing really
a consequence here, they just
got some rocks the thing extraordinary to get
some more ms pain trees to very beautiful cherries a bouquet and knocking a marketing
thing for the screen is sits the whole lot here to the Tsao
flee if we go south of here so Arum work early right here , if we go south of here that’ll
be with that kind a cliff thing
is to a new head back to the right
to the bridge screen and then , will head south to the screen
and seek there’s anything there but embarrass local dairies I did notice any and the basic bothers bears up
but topped only a right to say a bad actually did even notice
’cause of the of the pixel I’ve
missed game is kinda so bad that
light by just I don’t even know what’s
objects anymore to see nothing special look and
look to areas look to for its wishes that that is to have he bike is a bears have, with tanks symbol
on that one of the don’t think
that that’s gonna help us the bucket to or just gone south
of the bridge bridge one now the teeth and are those flowers the to we got the numbers and not what plaugher as there’s just that it to even even the game
technologies that there’s
nothing the import on the screen
a case is south of here is fairy , to get so we we filled in a
pretty big chunk of a world map
here , but Sophie headed the east of here and actual the
ghosts of first set we don’t get caught in the
eye of a spawn car to so we got there were stream peers plus
enough the rice this means a stream is
definitely gonna kill us if we
get anywhere near it , but stunned bold of routed the
bush a tract of meadow daughter the
trees that the letter to bush so if half that to get the other overcome that
turns north here and then we got to get a stump to stop the the cave art Sophie had self firm here both play won’t be neatly die , I would have a site of here so we got a eye sells
another lake and nuns entries
reflect in there like water OK by don’t think it said anything
like that in that previously
that we’re at , so we’ll call this one near a lake of the write what if we say 10 we’ve a can dive or a but suffered a cell show here
this is really go pena’s Takei and that’s an issue of the new
screen here , all the right to so we got the save team on the screen and vaguely see the outline of
the cave entrance of OK this is the the CIA large friendly burr has
a to a cake he the Tigard bird spawn here the the way what if this bird doesn’t
talk much the right of pert are you OK the half as yet as best you can miss this
game of the earned that bird held to the the idea a OK when we get are still that^ of the case for pebbles at Byrd what the you’d understand pebbles
there an item parent or a 10 to Carrick magic ring boasts a magic wings post to do
again is spouse to make us
invisible once I think the to the daggers just for stab in
the semis for the key at and the ceramic bowls filled
maybe the bird won some super to avert soup OK to excerpts keeps it eats to the E every bite of the
delicious to the rights and a
bird gets jealous that by going up points for that
that’s a cell 20 OK we get two points for the miss two and then the ball th purges canipe stay out of that suits indicator of both lay this the is not dangerous in here and take separate huge boulder
OPS the opening today to huge piece of granite not the cave opening of the outside to a time as anything but the self the case we can’t go that way by king Gramm push the ball there a cave nothing of interest on to a
level of there’s there’s an
entrance on the other side of
the boulder that you can climb
to art we can’t we can to go our
way passable their of this is Prague and end in death
but Takei to can do that and cave to we get the key ceramic bowl ^magic ring and pebbles they don’t think anything is really of use to us here to solve this puzzle so, going
to a and leave the mark here that this is unresolved to one there to a comeback to the later to the kit
lets keep explore the master locking is that the as a clear to Ken this looks like a scream
or something is get the out the up by Inuit can’t shoot she’s fast buck if
so that’s is a Tad as a which spawned screen and she spawned the in the middle of the screen , would go from the poisonous which the cave of so we ever gone
north of the screen at hopefully this is a know which
spawn screen we know it’s a bird
spawn screen but the case of the board does
respond good to know bucket so large friendly bird I don’t think large from the
bird can help us with our are
bolder problem to six like another screen where
trouble as the weights us , to one screens are unremarkable
and just gonna say that this is big tree , and hang out near the bottom
of the screen and see it this is
a spawn screen for something bad to the THS of a few seconds here OK does look like a tart so by think I’m going to head north
from here of the big tree screen and hope nothing bad sponsor
also consider games we’ve saved
10 to 17 minutes I do not gonna lose out on 17 minutes a
progress bucket but north of the screen is to get another it to add flour
patch , and guessing those are flowers it’s a pretty bad of wallflowers
are the scope of the flower I
guess to two game lets us to, if if to a lower they would be a shame to pick
the lovely waffle OK ball there is there someone that
to ground here to flower firm ground to top panel to what if around the kit will that this is nothing we can do
that but so we haven’t been to
the screen to the left of
flowers here selects so that’s had western suits here another bridge , hopefully there isn’t a goat
here goes the don’t have our that role
problem solver right now , a rage that lets people on this perch the service goes to the lean to
screen to leonean need to cross a
bridge anyway is as where to get
all that , the case outside north this is
probably just another river
screen I’m guessing that other births to th to cave this game and its bridges bridges and trees that are Bert Williams really
was bridges I guess bold stone bridge that saint
it’s OK , so here we got this the tusk is up here and I’m guessing
that the screen to the east of
here is to be another lake
screen goes like that to hear we got a bridge right here , and then nothing else relieve
notes I guess I could try across
and abrasions to happens this really be rotating the same
spot on getting them get lazy
now to cave some nothing nothing really happening here to anything under the bridge plan so the bridge nothing
unusual a cut the right data sets it for that
strained if to this is a new
screen to the right here , got another lake to shocking order thought there’d be another
to the late care , to serving out of the gap that and then not much else 10 but so though the flowers screen
as one of the south of here and
we parted in there so if we head east or a more fill out this map the
Dea by the way this is a the looks like we got
1224567891010 more time or
screens to go and then we’ll have been through all the bald
screens to so OK we have cabin with water pumped and acts to we got cabin , acts cave but what can we do here school was one can to bucket of this DuPont doesn’t work 10 10 has been broken and repaired
10 shows signs of many sharp
innings if it to this is clearly
somebody else’s acts it’s chicken soup is anyone
around first before we
permanently bar the sacks but the right to cat and a shirt this is a
different screen from 0:50 cell just the markets on
the map and say hello : have to say how I blow to a nice axe to ask about two of them talked about the west to talk person but if the butt of a talk in can’t do that what to
buy a a a woodcutters Sanderson ranks to
his wife this can improve it
just took a basket of wood cutter it didn’t the manuals say that
you could do use ask that of talk to board cutter welcome to level the road to cave talk to the lead cutters wife that I thought you something but
we do not enough room for cell
have the right to give bowl and cover family is very
grateful that you given them up
a list to now they’ll have at
least one last meal as a Cisco
kid of the this this is an infinite bowl tell about Dole’s to talk about bull if you morons if
you have one more the one below
list to the right well I guess they deserve a as the
GATT fiddle bolstered feels like sad and
seems to still vibrant from loss
on what a cat that have the Lafayette if I say Phil here to say felt if that they felt told bowl tale art well if these morons can
figure of a he’s that good luck at find fear
tier one poll of stew that will
never refill ever together just a letter who knows that it’s not my problem anymore
of a tax to Alexis tightly was in the tree
stump he cannot remove it no
matter which you are at all to see the kidnap of a case so
if we go to the peace to the screen , so either the cabin counts as
does the screen to be used , or will be a a new screen so that cedar this sets the back of the cab
and , of Kent been in bunches stumps of how is it to shore much better view OK to many the look in the windows CE pour
starving would cover and as a
while I gave them food that you don’t need game the case if we had cell from the
screen bird Williams has the paranoid
here all the saints that we have
another wake the services lake with with two
slaying tree to guess the hope the hells wrote this
tree , sure and then we got free their interest in tree and build a lack the right to lake looks refreshing that
little sloppy so deftly don’t wanna go on this
lake bucket that suffered a cell from the
screen this is the last of this
is a potential which spawns
screen cited below careful on the next one , set to screen south of here is a
which spawn they see a case of this is, I think this is a gingerbread
house tape OK and signs can call this generic
house for now but this is
clearly sketchy the written it suits up that
this house to think this is some this is final fantasy Boras and not its luck and the window first says little gingerbread house
Sierras off the walls are key to
the roof is frosting the chimney
looks delicious and the candy pass and cookie
fence are unbearably tempting OK windows are made from
translucent heart and sugar it’s
difficult to see through that so can we can week the house is a beanie to house a squeaky
voice from somewhere says
enabled nibbles little mouse who
was nibbling at my house this is probably going to the care what happens if we just
hang out of here are in the ghetto which spawn a cat that lets of your spread as prize wicked witch is
home announces after you poke a
hole like again hit the down button here the right to earn her book at some open covered that she is 10 stitches got up a jail cell that
are living room is just tore whenever you’re into which the consultant code should the job OK , get notes tie aid bond error and then,
just to lead UC colleges’ of the Kay to we have to juke out to get the which all wish it to a condemning told me whether to add the the act master come me tell me
to tell me that all the day where a polish it tough book a career of the ring where the Kay sessions as pieces out to all he the right of a navy as to where the magical
rings and to an analyzed at them before it took
a while we survived a long time
here to maybe you need to that of just get the knoll and read it
and then larger save it the committee of Colma close the
window for their close alliance and all those
things are called of an but so can I get that she’s and then just leave wood stove very hot and began to push the witch and
of the stove isn’t is in that
one of the fairy tale things , the home of a really wanna see
what’s the mat note that in a winner of the first and strikes pretty good Sam
Wright discotheque that read notes it says sometimes it is wise to
think backwards and that or bring too busy right now the rendering
what to the oak and wind can we make it
clear all we can make it out in
time bucket that if that is if that’s how
they do in fairy tales and it a case so we can make it out
just in time I took to long last time
currently if the right so we got
six more screens to look through
here the to line going to go south first and then and then east bucket we have yet another lake good lord the right so we got another lake tear with another another stumped tour the case is south of here
is the , will spawn a in the north of here sorcerer OK so this is source respond to source true or to injure screen bucket to so if I just had cell from here I
can probably get away at an aegis bonds in the center of
the screen to cases is a which spawn screen
code Jesus the load of here tend to edit this game talks to have a a a two week and we
stab which to eight to have the right as a wicker wishful Ruelas to
drop to drink cage to take it
out they become sick ingredient the well can’t escape to answer Bernie Williams the man took it but sore back in front of the
house again of the kit so were and kind of some of the
map know if so free goal of
north from here to three go north from here to
the Lakers screen and then
headed the stubby screen that
we’ve been to yet but to the out that some kinda have to find a
place here venture game is
seeing all the dumb ways a
chicken die than we’ve the scene about five of them
buckets we got a case we get rock of whole a tape of a large rock the half the case so we got rocked with a whole tour to surely there’s nothing the thing scary in and broke a
full , the green glow OK a tete Karen clough to stick and in whole of a idea of tiger key magic ring cheese ^knoll pebbles and fennel plays a new the problem hold to in whole by goalie and hold its be much smaller fit to that
whole book a baby that’s the thing to wait can we talk to get squat in a whole to get too bad it tactical squats the king of the real don’t think there’s
much we can do their than if
that’s when a truck and hole so
there are three more screens
left a to so the state here that peace is give PC speaker fiddle music perfect but what is here what it is out like of the buttes there that of the rock and important
that’s a very nice looking rock the pretty normal trade book a THS of this thing up here looks books import and the top center but a case insists that this is like a deflated balloon is is a rock but is this look at that if they think is a rock, that the postal Cisco south goes by the motel that is the cave of so this is the hamburger tree and bigotry of the cave all that’s OK there no to it walnuts there’s one writer and feet
spoke at the right so we got the ball
that we’re looking items and
while slits of the city’s Swiss cheese less
fresh and moist 10 walnuts good solid walnut today to Liz fashion from polish
cherry wood tour of is a message written on it won’t
say what the messages but built
else there is a message , the rate of an unthinking back
to fairy tales didn’t that the dinner for tale
have something in a walnut
likely cracking open if you have to see the of the
right of the open walnut bank the wall that you discover
the nut insiders. All the Cay, got to get 50 points
poll that sure how that helps this
spot tour and got some of the cave to
sew south of here is the last
screen that we haven’t been to yet and this is the office etude to war door to something the cave to be afraid get close it, god bouquet Roberta Williams to huge wooden door built right
into the bottom of a small
mountain and as a large SQL the
case we do have a key of these key indoor you can’t use key paddy wanted use key to unlock the door for open door with key bouquet of the right this is clearly trouble the right to this of this is kind of off of the map
that this point in the not sure how big this
area’s the subtle thinking and a bother taping this and listened tickets out and I guess tonight to the off to the F to Sierra two sets to get that you can only set off the
bottom of the stairs touted that are berlin’s got me have bought the right to stairs are moss covered in
slippery OK the same ensemble tour , what is this looks as a safe and what the AC there’s no rocket a look
at the let the FA Kazakh take a
bite of the right to six like you should be able
fall off all that what proof by each to we don’t have the gold the hook by this isn’t a death toll in a
reload the save to sign it by to try and keep my key by a treasure bite at the Friday spawn that I
have to he of the clear that see only screen
you can spawn on , Tal Kurri stairs the right to spawn the dwarf the cave so it’s just it’s just like any
random spawn to we spawn right
in front of the bouquet but, I’m pretty sure that is
safe to a case are still the magic ring
we still the goal walnut but the one sees the Kay so were weapon the clouds now , of the Tagamet I get to make at the
different to separate map here I
guess , but this looks like it’s
probably the north end of it so
what’s the if they can always move is later
for any two to let’s let’s say, to stay are teens and then that went that sisters down tour but solely on the delay at pacwest update here
we still don’t have any of the
the three items yet that we need
to save the Kingdome to so we n toll of gold we need a magical
shield and then we also need the the the budget nearer to we don’t
have any of those three yet , an evil weed and every screen in
V, the main map by know that there are some
screens we haven’t finished yet
bikers at some of the well we have anything
that the well because be it that
we had to go with us that time but if this is south of here is
just to there’s a tree on the right
width that might have something , wet hole the notices slowing in the whole
OK to let alone a slight OK to we got a slow link to the hands they have the ATT pebble so I’m assuming
the pebbles we can use that the
slowing to a to maybe, maybe tax on to unroll the massenet’s that the polls
for to make a note of that’s treaty trade with sling or get here to get more trees this is very strange vegetation
OK to we got more trees and then Boston MA can know
that’s by don’t believe we can go sell
fear or hear or they’re really am not sure which to go north
from that this terror to scare screen to the feeling this is a pretty
small area , it’s actually going north here
and see if there’s anything the ocean at the Kay to teeth but so that there was a
giant their boy if it looks like he might
have had to shield the
protection , of some giant were shielded to so if if they shield that is
what it takes a poster do it
should protect them from
anything , so even if I use a sling on
them and it shouldn’t do anything to fill the San foreman the care of the don’t think the fiddle
there’s a folklore for fatal for a cat that China does not like
fiddles , so stabbing the giant what the
dagger probably not to be
productive of to sometimes thinking backward
as a way forward is what the
note said and pebble as she’s helping cheese
is gonna help their giant
problem is still the key to magical ring back maybe we can steal that to
shield from omit the magic ring , while the coyotes I was
checked the other screens before
we can get too wrapped up in the
over thinking how to solve our
giant problem that a body of the missing on the ground as
important a case they need that maybe this
one thing on the ground is not
poured a , so we can’t go south or west
here and we got another tree by nearly every other screen in
this game but so if my thoughts on this is
correct there probably isn’t
anything on the screen north of here
except maybe tree is tour either
a tree or rock this is as king’s quest one can’t see if that we can go bust from here bouquet to this this looks like it’s a
potential giant spawn but OK so we can go this way , close to which it the glue that once over here and o’lakes this this can be
like bolts over to this in a land of the clouds
it is rumored that the giants
appeared fires on a giant but to look grass what pat is looking at the grass
KB the same description as look
clouds to that of a a a a a pipe was was that
if that of all to that of OK maybe I can they be action
goals west from here this is probably
demanded that a fallen a death
but , in cave to solo that the land of the
giants is jack and the beanstalk
I think , bookcase of this this was a row as and this is just clouds I’m assuming that that is liked
that and then the screen is and the screen this is probably how response to
escape this area may be a bad welds a good thing I saved like
a pixel way from that the cave so that if of so there’s nothing appear that
that solves our joint problem
really the cake and we go of Togo north
from the screen turns out to should walk on clients the innocently I can’t go north
from tear your keys second to book it a so can we go north from the
screened two of the bride of us
have guessing not a a a tough but that’s is that the
KLM, also guessing that we can’t
go from the rights of this is kinda what
this area looks like so we
entered from the right side of
this map there’s the giants there with the shield and then we can kinda go around
them but that of the not sure what
purpose at all serious , Seoul bouquet and maybe the
giant is friendly to the giants is for live and
weaken the weekend just asking for the
shield of the tse the and but maybe giants as friendly to have up up up up up to he and OK to souls that than the toll it seems like that’s how use
post of to look at the sling in the
pebbles of tussling pebble to a the slaying if we wish to that the use of
slaying to fill giants bucket hit giant with slaying no , guys is gonna beat guess the
to specific phrases for this
it’s Gotta be the slaying the half and Ito ruled perl cannibal with slaying no tech double that slaying attacked giant with tussling to use pebble with Selig the we have a pebble though we
ate pebbles and it’s pebbles
plural bucket of the giant with pebbles and slammed by and did me the message that the day’s east th bucket and might have to return
to this area later ’cause to Boitano, the deer of the rings to Mr.
Seda speaks of a pool prints OK is the the mistaking that heavy always
carry a cast of a maybe that’s why the the the chest appears been
fashioned from Aberdeen road on
the ages of gold and a enemies read the OK the ball all maybe if the buffer overflow they would still have the item
for a it’s Gotta be that slaying
but jeez that that looks away more like a
shielded it looks like it the
chest at the OK the writer Bernie Williams if you say so are Bert Williams Carl its head down to the am here again, Semitic acre
north from here to a folding chair the Selanne splashed once the
kit so if to make a safe here in
case we get burned old again by the gnome Kay about getting down the staircase
is gonna be the most challenging thing in this
game 10 the right the ball to shed a tear to cave so far so good to the kit have a up he I do that I do and also boasts of this Roberta Williams filthy to absolutely filthy bouquet the so go back up here but so that’s touch base here so we are we are are they think here at that door which is actually door to clouds to think that’s where those of to that take a staircase is
really well acquainted with them
in three apparently three has
some to a pretty bowl set staircases
bucket to so I know that we haven’t
dealt with, they haven’t dealt the wily act to this is this area rate, cheese shop and all that also does a shop and all that’s the astuteness that won the well we haven’t set
of dealt with yet to the ferry
am not sure we can do much worth of where to get the bowl to lean
to Nome that sure, we haven’t done the
mushroom yet so there’s another
thing we haven’t done yet , there’s probably something in
one of these lakes sits around
here but , which one it might be the
mirror lake ’cause is the mirror
lake might be the , from the the King Arthur
legend Izmir Lake may be of good looks like our best to
our best bet: forward here is
the well and the mushroom and I have a feeling the
mushroom to so there was there wasn’t a
tree stump to somewhere nearby where the game made the comments
of 42 or currently too big to
answer that whole , and I’ve a feeling that eating
the mushroom might make a small
and then we couldn’t serve that
they have , and that was the kid holders this one right here to that’s a that’s
another point of interest the week acre there yet and so
weak that the mushroom to Seoul bar quickest way to do get to
that so first up I think is
gonna be to the mushroom and for that and where can I
wrap around sorghum the , are gonna go self two screens and then one screen to the beast to sell 21 east and the Nola that’ll get this back to you
with a mushroom was it’s Gotta be in that order role
cert in a fall into the note I
think that one Easter services are we
got that the dagger to actually can I go can I go south , the motes he of the delegates that mushroom than to the mushroom is on the screen
south of here bands from what I remember to work early on that read the
left RE Castle one and the
screen sell for buses with a
musher Ms. , both ago sow fear and then one
of the east to there’s a mushroom so we have to that we have to
cross their you can see it so there’s
a musher on the right buttons are the screen to stream may not be safe to
cross the date it might be this could be the older Brother Williams
debate here it wasn’t as it turns out who he to its own this is sad this is sad and a cave is sold how we use posted that that they
be that the bucket it was also
the friendly bird there was the bird we haven’t
done anything that the bird yet
they do we need that current
site to be our friend and Hollis
arou as I can’t see a way to to get
whether this week and go south from the the star castle screen the fall not tall fall that that so just self of the screen
is where the musher Ms. and then we can go south from the screen
either of to a tee up to a you know that all too well
as in a just thinking out loud of time
I’ve ever played this game
either end of cases maybe I can somehow fit
between here and to actually remember that the type
that clears the somebody
actually just read upset that
their dislike the idea that and
per strea to want to have to still taught sister can tell me that the comments see a case of that I
don’t think we can get across
here this is is so Siskin and badly
if I go that way of services that the bridge at the
troll on it there’s still been to the must be a way to cross a
river and there’s also an entire
screen here that we just haven’t
been able see yet to its the
work and then the mushroom screen is
still left of that to there must
be some way across as reverse
that that just haven’t seen yet , and to a just a hunch that up to the if I
if I take it across this than
the the bucket to is the absolutely our next
destination as maybe there’s some way what
we can across a river of sea to as of this and maybe there’s the disease a raging river like maybe there is to that spot hubble’s sewed if
we can just get north across
here that that should solve a lot of
our problems and it to a trend that all ticket ride to swimming tier bowl the right to us is at them OK so I’m assuming this is still a
no go to so that means that’s to get two of the while quickest way to do that is to tender west north a wraparound to actually might be quicker to that to occur late to lean to Nome if you go sell fear go cross the bridge , to this is of the hours screen and then this is a mere lake to this that two nuns and she’s quick and there’s Gotta be something in
this lake, peck if we throw pebble in lake baby are
placed all the planes to locate a rule double in lake what is it not understand
pebbles he bet that it’s an item
we have pebbles that of the total this this Lakers
bothers me to have bucket of to so self is the taupe an and then the store that is the well as to the other group and if the
kit current soul the last time we
hit the while we couldn’t do
anything with that ’cause we to
go with us naturally as you do so this time we should be able
to do something at the well if so if I try to
get in the bucket they can
probably the ride the bucket
town and then hopefully not get to stop at the bottom ’cause I
know that maybe you can climb is
way up , to this is well bucket to it in pocket the Juneau bucket the way causes
it to slowly to send to a bouquet perky well water to Kay only see the bottom of the
bucket looks like a very nice
but have a a a a a heap of the look up words to topple far
far below the cave and we dive here that we can OK and as a thing on the right to arrest guy can OK is is is a sin entrance to OK
the low Shiite of the other cells and are in the cave and I think that’s also the
magic near over in the quarter that ferocious fire breathing
dragon sharp green scales in a
long tail is protecting the
magic near watch out for the
flames OK what can we to get a magic ring a fiddle
slingshot pebbles cheese and no pickle walnut tiger that the only thing it comes to mind
as it does is using the tag
around it may be to have a up up up up by a car missing that all the dagger
of the up up up up here the day of consist the cadet there to a canard us in the exits it
to Adam Tatham but actually wanna see what it
what happens I’m knocking
account this death as it took
one earlier by voting to say is
a lawsuit ortiz’s look like to know what the star breathing
dragons maybe next time you be
little more careful Bowlen to have a a a tooth but blue dagger at dragon bucket nice all it takes its dead the bite gram of Kaman the right to a mere a case we got one out of three
things for quests of tools powerful dry and lying
life with 40 all this is this is
the cave with the to the boulder , we saw this earlier , a, where was this , so here’s the well down here to there is a key of cave that
the bird and must be of this to
bird cave to somehow we went we went north as bows so fleeing Kuwait push the
boulder can we do anything that this the magic mural during pebbles
cheese panel to do anything with
that, and is a mere tell us we need to
do bowling magic Mary looking to
win CE vision of the Suffolk run
and cocaine the right that you’re the one he uses as
taggart’s bin and you just to go south near taupe OK to looks like they’re
only way out is a sway , to your bucket by we’ll be playing sugar three
alleged if that’s the way, it’s
actually gonna be out on the 1018 for me releasing it should
be to teen and a kick me go right here 10 on the bevy of a theater releases
anything like that the backer
demo the they’ll actually be out
for me at 9:00 PM local time
today bef absolutely to in the buckle not the very
much good what the guy just tell the fourth
saint of his book a and then that’s that’s an interesting way
to climb a rope that they only have so many pixels to
work with I guess the case so that solves that if left alone to we we still the mystery but so can we can do that we
still have this bird which apparently is a friendly
birds I think using a sling on
it is not to be helpful the carrot patch late to the canyon ago that totem era lake and dive under
water I don’t remember tying in
near lake is that some baby that’ll do
something constructive talk that at a hunch anything to what the
hell we can do it the bird other
than dates from the birds flying
around the bird cages up here think the
assets as war bird is else would
cave was in and near lake is over here to know if we are if we swim why didn’t I didn’t
see that the dragon tying it the
role of ball will do our tea bag here that the magic dragon is near me to celebration teabag successful that’s a cam we die if here today that least not now and underwater that a new, of lake go underwater the eighth and in yet to be good II intentionally
did and watch the launch trailer
that they put out a few days ago
this ’cause snow to the game i in a couple days and I’m already sold won the
game are today the Suzuki
hundred bucks years ago , a case of flowers bold big tree pebbles purge the powder hit that mushroom the brief visit to him at this
link to 80 Kopf I think we didn’t everything we
could get to which I wanna say of th so we still so we know where
of the th , to maybe this some test a carrot patch down here
the one on the right maybe that
isn’t just carrots the time, head down there is a we only got the^the one
carrot from the patch on the
rights and maybe there is an AB there’s
beans ’cause maybe there’s a jacobean
stock thing to what is this this is the case there is no need to say they think OK the arts or currently under the
protection of the of ferry that
she conceived as a denotes out
if, to visit anything we could tweak and two more usually now
that we have fairy protection they don’t think this will
protect this road giants by everything this is bad it is
also a game called mixed of
mother goose that is just it is literally fairy tales to the whole thing the battle when a player at one of the I don’t think that the
ferry power will protect us from
from the river that real be a really nice if it did of the stump logged only to a rock
bush cabins are needed everything
that can happen to a set back some with home-fed to that maybe this sorcerer they do look and we can use is
power against the sorcerer in a
data source of screen , to I get there quickly and
gasped for the power wears off
services quickest way to get there’s
going to be , 12345612 before five sit so many
a cut to it’s gonna be in north east and then north and east east east and then
hopefully our magical protection to stays up until we get to a
sorcerer to this is this a bird screen I
still don’t know will tell women
do with the bird that card is
here to ensure bird as purpose
th but it is I can’t wait till no to his big tree screen doses gingerbread house and then the screen to the right if this
is where the sorceress to maybe they be going to the screen with
the the ferry power will do something and as we get again to spawn
first source are they be this doesn’t
spawn acquire a bad as that maybe that’s what
the ferry power is since it are too many Breaux tell me to add all right to the states leaves OK the type I did notice if we got
points for that but we couldn’t that all think that achieved
anything that all the way I did
we lose anything to sell the magic nearer the
magical ring pebbles cheese fill of select
sure what that fiddles for the help that total before and his hamburger tree to can’t member Fi of the sofa go north from here to this is the route? Screen if we ever get their OK and then
till after here is rockin’ hole to this is this is a place where
it says were too big to enter
the whole the DB much smaller defect
battles that implies that
there’s a way to make a smaller , what if we play the fiddle here to Kay this and in there, she is
maybe maybe there’s a magic
green ran their of put she’s been holed to do that now OK but Medina cheese to seize local issues the cave
boy get two points reading the
cheese maybe god OK about their but I loaded this a just in case
that the cheese is needed and a
score is 66 so that pat,
encountering this sorcerer with
the fairy did not give us any points to get flowers? Screen up here and we got whenever this is as if you cannot get thee to flower
and at least not now what’s the kid in mean by that small
patch of clover and coke a buzz clover soft bouquet set that bulb at saint is is a spouse PF or leaf clover it is a four leaf clover the cave Prozac and hope that if I let me amend my map here than ball I try to not be baffled
here to this is the clover screen low her the cave to that’s the that’s a clover screen network
early on if to the west of us is
kind of the the cliffs there’s
the lake what the elf way to get , still like to get that
mushroom in the upper left to still have no idea how to do
that the Chiat have hit the mushroom to maybe PD the bird wants the
clover at am going back to bird screen
it’s right next to us anyway as an aside and screen that birds Gotta be the key here and are thus the card screen just in case a pool
of this later that burglary at very large from
the bird they get it to get a jump to oh to hasn’t been a use for the
jump to yet the kits I hit jump underneath
the bird boys avert a dns bouquet to we had to we had to
use the job button to grab on to
the bird a cave and are gonna drop us and the
whole batch the cave where with where we now kissed this must be the screen next to
the mushroom this must be this must be that one screen
having gotten to yet to the
screen far right is where the
bridge stroll as to this is this must be the screen a year to offer goatee stay here are west and get the mushroom and then to fall in that whole two where
the whole goes to the hoping that hoping this
is mission screen is the right post early enough to its mushroom it the fat mushroom bouquet to
that effect mushroom bucket and it looks like you’re
only way a sofa go north hear
this is probably gonna be fall
note screen or you just can’t even go north
took a game just as the light
humor the rate of the guess we’re fallen in the
hole and loss of the thing where that these
bushes told beaver take a closer look a but if you say Roberta Williams and that its large releasing
that if a green glow case others
also green glow and that, the
small hole and that rock on the Westside
the recent about an bible a deeper ease the Oceania
write its 34 to have up if I
could play the last check of the
time , I think we’re actually almost
done at this game no sign Iniki
pressing on here , as I think were almost on the
Kings’ was one to cave in soft and self OK the rights we lost our fury
power there is a Brock shaped like a
but that here it’s about with a spike. Prop shaped like the baht what OK to tour think people the right but is here and cave if this has takes me back to the bat bowl OK if that they knew I kept that
she’s the earlier the Ta that she is two rats ball might god OK to cave magically merge a pool of this
set is act as they did not
animate a eating cheese tour the leprechauns is there a fear
that power the four leaf clover
with a deep that valley view ads
call my god to that set up if y I guess the my god exist and I just take this thing a really have a a a look at at peace peace bus Kennedy ram , is is that really what set to
do the wave of its up to a visitor link at them
and the right to have the kid to the contended that the cat of that sort of wheat of mushroom and says all first lady of the
stream sinking feeling history
and Anna bacon the mass the cave that so as I thought that as
that a cave so that the if that did that so
now all the only thing left is
that giants by Hank , so we dealt the mushroom we have dealt with a rock and
whole of we’ve dealt with a live bird and
Kay of to oh I think that only leaves
the tide order the clouds and then
it’s the it’s the clouds with
the of the joint if so we it we haven’t
found a use yet for the magical ring yet that makes is
invisible and this is a source of screen
slots get off the screen as
quick as possible but if to as hamburger tree south of
here is door to the clouds to Oregon had up to the clouds
again cassettes we’ve done everything else far
as I know , yet women use a sling it either
I try to use it against the
giant but sided and they didn’t
do anything , I felt so thick stock to what
we got to get that^which we use for the
doubt we have the key which
opened the door the screen are
currently at the magic ring we
haven , the pebbles we have an IDs for
yet magic there is a quest item
of fennel, not use for yet , gold wallet is just a treasure
thing I think the note says
sometimes is best work backwards and all the four leaf clover we
sat to get through the
leprechauns, leather slingshot
we have not used yet are
felonies for yet , so one of the the case I to be careful here to
knott’s get my stuff still one by the gnome on the stairs so if
I hear that the notification
about the gnome I just got a bow cheese and cannot fall off
the stairs low set a cat and open to that they’re not taking the treasures don’t you dare spawn right now to move the case of the Tejada inked is two screens to our left to soar up or currently on the
staircase screen to the right
side of here to giant is one
screens to the west of us , one screen from here to soul of what the F and we’re entering to become invisible and then we to what notifications again this
year that I cannot see you sincere
invisible but he still walk to
write to us , take Chester , the slowing that when your news
will but by a comma, what pebbles magic mir fiddle and
deeply fatal , the DS ~ were the giants off of
the the falloff it played for
something cool that that the that that if
they tried that before they get the OK maybe are
supposed to enter the screen
while invisible tide to make and
lowers garden and to sub he by Roberta bucket to a chest to shall we got all the
treasures bucket to now we know that the
guesswork pork car victories to
the to the king dispose to we have to go downstairs to
do that and hopefully is still
like weird complications to timing to take the stairs down to that of those go to the time I’m still baffled as
to why that worked now when it
didn’t before ’cause site by shrine all sorts
of combinations that that the
slingshot the apparently I didn’t try use laying of pressure did the right known better not spawn as I’m sure to fall off the
stairs if you do buy a Olaf of the blow came why are you book a king’s quest are cases bouquet of it scared me there for a second but to from here it quickest way back is going to
be the two self to them in one piece of two this is the tree that a pretty sure this this is the
end of the game come up here to this is where we get the
dagger to begin the game but Tolt fall on them out that at the very end of data file boss and getting
crossed about that than the long walk to the
king and right to am pretty sure we beat the
game and I do it for strive to look into guides are sensing
a guide for this and bite 20 years so might as well been to give Troy assurance give me your the call came to the Mac the till about they’re tied to if mayor but by a what a cave Wheatley of the chest the average yield and we have a magic they’re the bucket give chest to chest and it can yield that of the that the cave that of what a he did turn up music for this what the seemingly lifeless can you
hear these words will then Sir
Graham they’ve been a good and
faithful servant you reward is
well E does talk and drops dead of an insular Xhosa been invaluable
view as you begin your rain as
tenet of entry to the existing to have picks a
crowded if the right to all the New Bern Williams and
company to seat as the just leaves the
corps there in front of the
throne takes a crayon and then
poses sits on a thorough and
that is why all was the corps of isn’t like the route that it
didn’t blend into the floor like
directed that a 93 out of 158 to it as a team’s not taken any inputs
accept and no reason to do that
here I can’t the I can’t see bag and cannot tea bag on the throne a right to a dozen to have to hear tour teams hustle is designed by
Roberta Williams and that’s all it says in a
bouts of the open the cuts last may and saves the
screen OK if I actually Carries out
that so that day and all the
Manual said that you could move
the screen around with control
Alton t control left is not doing
anything so they beat see other control left to open the weird bucket and then ask about is
just down there still buy it into the callback the Tate can’t get one for the right to king’s quest one 2:15:00 ago at the wrong button of the old and the kit that’s of us wrap up you’ll
king’s quest here library can use it if the right and to move the lists over here the right king’s quest of the low of the debt that one a lot smoother
than I thought it would like I
did buy thought I’d be dying like
that the times and just be stuck
for hours and hours and hours in Il king’s quest that the that one pretty well the right so completed yet to
the Ricci that’s not the deduct
1/2 the king and as I liked the parliamentary game to find little adventure game tour of let’s see what’s more involved than eight
text and adventure game of that people will you thus command now of tse that looking graphics for 1984
game of tse and that too many places to get
stuck the which to which can be a
problem with Sunday’s games like
I didn’t I didn’t really feel
genuinely stuck in this game too
much book and ended on flight to
order in which a guy to get
pings by gallo’s those kind of
my criticism with some have a sick and we played
recently , I fear member but there’s a
game where it like you you get
to a certain point as Dracula the debt to a certain point and
then there’s only one thing you can
do and if you didn’t figure out
that one thing to not making any
progress with king’s quest says at least
that some other things that you
could do and then come back to
the thing that was getting used
a , and so I like the like this
approach that that’s here took
that, salt save the open-ended
puzzle solving , that covers law that a kit things I didn’t like of the music are very very little music like
to the bank is having to listen to
PC speaker for game this long to that long lake about probably
get pretty grating grow quite
but a EOB nice if there’s a bit
more music like, clearly the hat of the tse to some commands need to be very
specific wording , as some commands like that, at the slaying the sling with the
giant was one example that’s , yet displayed a fiddle a nurse
who have of the tse stairs stairs were unnecessarily dumb
to get up and down the road it’s the public covers
most of that , daydreams we get scales
fielder Bernie Williams off
arrests the two of a: there of the original covered cover of the game is totally
representative yet of dedicated tea bag button yet this is a nice looking rock they say that about every single
rock in the game of the spark of this bucket isn’t big enough for you in that
big dose th of a guard out goat is a real
MVP pieces speaker for the music
ever to treat this is sad a rock shaped like a but, I
guess a , just walking up and taking that
he’ll have no doubt pretty good I’m not
sure if that was the intended
way to do that and that’s all I
did it , I’m assuming it they just let
you do that because there are
there were two of amazed by Vera , therefore leaf clover I guess
I know , and now I’m glad I wind up
that for lethal over else I
would’ve been saw flocked there
I think to have a play I guess I
looked bucket through Mondays at I don’t think
so anyone else probably not this is all things to creatures
cell, not if the difficulties of
hard, a game like to save everywhere
which is nice, I could see the
possibilities off locks and just
from just from that that puts up , and most of the puzzles made
sense but a lot of them only
makes sense if you’re familiar
with fight the fairy tales and folklore to
that that’s only some difficulty
which are probably if you’re
playing this game and mid
eighties of our that knowledge, some may
all be expected of some I play
the game back then , of bite into my soul canning to
stack as long as I made a map
dividing make a map is probably
would’ve been really awful, to
that t the and most of the puzzle solutions
besides that this stupid
slinking with a giant were
pretty obvious , so just just because you can
die a pretty much everywhere,
call call give this a three and
five for difficulty to spring
much them and the the rating here, I think this is solid game
especially for the time and
considering that this is the
first graphical adventure bought
pretty much ever made, though
say venture games for this
reader tech’s games are their
visual models of bands bike mechanically I
thought it worked well like the
two don’t really get to sell
caught on things some there’s
very few pe of the story eight pretty much
made sense is as simple as it
was , and is to just kind of a
coherent experience so by not sure that this is like an
all time must play of prevention
game that certainly was solid go the and considering its
historical importance I’m gonna
say that this is the four or
five are king’s quest one ) get a minute but so that’ll do it portends close
one and for the stream night to
all meant to as my nose clogs a
prayer is a say that if a cake s , and what they tore off
tomorrow Sunday so sugar three
is likely to be out on Monday
night for me , so we still got another stream
day between Alan sugar three of and I still want to take it easy
on my finger in my hands before we ought we get the sugar
three to oh I’m probably gonna do
king’s quest two, and it also
see man, so kind of the same deal from
extra imported over the DC man
for a shorter time this time
’cause there’s only so much you
can do , and then I will probably be
able that the king’s quest to
win one sitting smart to, I’m
not sure if there’s a basketball
game , settle that’ll be that are so than watching up enjoyed
Kings close one as much as I did a likely going to be very
similar stream tomorrow and the ball seen extent take care of good one

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