Pulled Pork Instant Pot recipe for shred tender!

Pulled Pork Instant Pot recipe for shred tender!

Fork shredded pulled pork, this recipe
only needs four ingredients and 20 minutes of pressure time, that’s coming
up on The Last Minute Cook! Hi I’m Debra you’re watching The Last Minute Cook where I share delicious recipes that are quick, so that you can
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episodes as they’re posted. So today we’re making pulled pork, so
tender you can fork shred it and I’m only gonna use four ingredients and that
includes the pork. This one’s easy, it’s quick and it’s delicious. Now yes
you can go outside and smoke your pork, you can slow cook i,t you can do it all
day, but we’re last minute sometimes right? And if we have a craving for
something like pulled pork I’m showing you how we can do it way quick, and way
delicious. What are ingredients? Today we are using: I’ve got four pounds of a pork
loin here, you can use whatever cut that you like, the butt ,the shoulder, I’m using
the loin, we are going to be using a cup of your favorite barbecue sauce,
you can of course make your own if you want to make it from scratch, but if you
have one you like just need to need a cup of that, also we’re going to use a
quarter cup of honey, so we need this don’t skip this one so you can improvise
on most of this but the honey we’re gonna need that, and then the other
ingredient we’re going to be using is some beer, or root beer if you don’t like
to cook with alcohol you can use root beer, but otherwise I’m suggesting a cup
of a beer that you would like to drink, maybe a darker one like an amber or
darker and I’ll talk about that later on, but these are our basic ingredients and
I’m going to show you…. one very important tip is starting with how we’re cutting
our pork. So what we want to end with is a tender, fork shredding pork, so how
you cut that matters. Okay so I’m just cutting this in half so it’s easier to
work with this way. After we cut this I’m then going to cut it along the fiber of
this meat so when you’re doing that it’s going to be a lot easier to…. it just
opens right up look how smooth that is, so
you’re turning it and going lengthwise, cutting along the fibers and it just cuts
right down for you, and we’re gonna cut each of these into three or four links, I
do also recommend ( and I went ahead and cut these four without doing it) but to
remove the fat just I recommend that you take that off before we go into the
instant pot so just using your knife and fork just get that off, and since I’ve
already cut these four slices I’m just going to turn them over and go ahead and
get those (fat strips) taken off real quick there we go
that’s it, you know this pork…..t we’re not giving it a lot of time to cook, so we
want to help it absorb the flavors and become tinder for us, so I’m just giving
it some punctures here…. okay then this just goes right into your pot. Now
there’s no way you’re gonna get a full single layer, it’s not gonna lay…. there’s
too many pieces but we’re gonna make this work and you’re going to end up
with a good amount of pulled pork so you can serve to a crowd or save and freeze
some, do some ….you know…. meal prep for the week and I’ve got some suggestions of
what you can do with this as well that’s coming in here in a little bit. Alright
so then we are going to pour our quarter cup of honey onto our pork loin and then
we’re gonna take a second just to kind of make sure it’s all coated, I’m just
going to lift up this these pieces and toss them just to make sure it’s all
coated. We are adding our beer, one cup (240cc) of beer, you can go with a lighter one like a
lager and may give you a sweeter taste, but use whatever beer that you
like the taste of…. then we’re going to add our 1 cup of barbecue sauce right on
there, and we’re gonna add 1 teaspoon of paprika, just sprinkle that right into
the pot, and then we’ll just give it a little stir to make sure everything is
mixed. Pressure-cook for a manual pressure….
we’re gonna go on high so make sure you’re on pressure-cook, 20 minutes on
high and on the Ultra we need to hit start, don’t forget to do that, hit start
make sure you’re in sealing not venting and also make sure…. tip number two…. you’re
using a room temperature beer so we’d give our pressure cooker and ease your
chance of preheating, so we don’t start with cold cold beer in there, it
wouldn’t be the end of the world if you did but it does speed things along when….
if you’ve got beer at room temperature or root beer or whatever liquid there
that you’re using. Okay we’ll check back I’m gonna do our 20 minute pressure cook,
probably allow about a 15 minute natural release and then we all take it from
there. Okay 20 minutes on high pressure it
preheated and in 15 minute natural release and I’m going to just pull this
out and show you how tender this is, and ready for just fork shredding. The way we
cut it that lengthwise and the ingredients that we used are giving us….
look at this look how easy this just comes right …..and was…. so you wouldn’t you
fork shred you….. you can see how the fibers are …..do you see this? how they’re
just kind of going this way, that’s the direction that you want to pull from
when you’re doing the shredding, so you’re not working against it you’re
having it work with you, so just pull the way it wants to pull …there we go ….so this
is gonna take just a second I’m going to pull this apart, so if I try to go at all
sideways it gets a little bit tough just go right along with those fibers and
they’re just going to pull right apart for you, it’s so tender that even just
pulling it out of the instant pot it wants to fall apart. The amount of pulled
pork you get for the money you’re spending…. and you’re making it yourself! You can
control the spicy-ness level, the all the flavors, just how you like it, and keep
them on hand, throw it in the freezer pull it , you know pull from it for the
week for work, for school, and there’s so many fun ways you can serve this which
we’re gonna do in just a second. Forks shredded, we’re going to
put it right back into our instant pot so that the meat can take on all of this
delicious sauce. okay and then I’m just gonna mix it and let that warm up for a
minute. That will thicken a little bit shortly, if you like a thicker thicker
sauce before you add that meat back in you could of course whisk in some flour
or some dissolved cornstarch into it and then you heat it up and thicken it up. If
you want it thicker there’s a tip for you otherwise just pour the meat right
back in and then when you pull the meat back out you’ve got this nice, you know,
marinated pulled pork ready to go. One reminder, if you have not given me a
thumbs up and if you happen to like this video please do that, let me know by
clicking that button and also before I show you plating this and that tip you
might like to serve your fork shredded pulled pork with my chuck wagon pinto
style beans so check that video out as well because that’s another super easy
and delicious side to go with this. First we’ll do a pulled pork sandwich because I
think one of the first things I think of when I think of pulled pork is a nice
pulled pork sandwich loaded. So we’re gonna do that. Okay load that up, you
could drizzle the sauce all over there. On my pulled pork sandwiches I like to
go a little bit of jalapeno, little dill and that does it for me. I love this
right here then another fun way to serve pulled pork is and for quick, you know if
you’ve got this on hand, a super quick meal to get everybody fed is to grab a
couple of tortillas and make it pulled pork quesadilla.
I like the pickled jalapenos because those are easy to keep in the pantry or
in the fridge on hand and I don’t have to prep and core and chop and all that,
and these are just ready to go and you can kind of have more of a controlled
spice level . I like to throw in some cilantro with the barbecue and the
jalapeno and the pork and the cilantro is a delicious combination, and then
we’re gonna throw in a little bit of cheese on that
and then this is just gonna go right into the oven I usually go about 350 F (180 C) for
about five minutes so these are two really fun and winter ways of serving
this pulled pork. Baked potato? cook your spud, top it with some pulled pork
throw some cheese and some sour cream on there, and you’ve got dinner there too, so
lots of fun things you can do with pulled pork and now you’ve got a way you
can make it in 20 minutes of pressure time and have restaurant level….. stay at
home , it’s better! Fork shredded pulled pork! Okay
reach out below let me know if you have a chance to make this at your home and
how it turned out for you and if you have a chance check out those chuck
wagon beans as well because they go so good with barbecue like this. Thanks so
much for watching and Buon Appetito!


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