Prepositions of time | 3 simple rules for using prepositions in English

hi welcome back today we are talking
about prepositions now I know prepositions are really difficult to
learn there are so many of them and often there are no rules you just have
to learn them by heart but if you want to learn Thai prepositions there are
three rules that can actually help you to get that right every time so rule
number one if you are talking about a specific time on your watch or a clock
you need to use at okay so at plus specific time for example I’ll see you
at 3 o’clock we’re having lunch at 1 o’clock
I’m meeting Ben at 3 o’clock okay specific time with at however in the
pronunciation maybe you had then it becomes like okay so it kind of gets
stuck in the back of your throat have a try of that one after me at 3 o’clock
I’ll see you at 3 o’clock get we’re meeting at 5 o’clock okay let’s have
lunch at 12 o’clock okay so you need sound alright if you want to sound
natural rule number two if you are talking about
a day or a date then we use on okay so for example I’m going on holiday on
Monday my new job starts on the 21st and we are flying to America
on the 7th of January okay so if you’ve got a day or a date you’re going to use
on and rule number three if you have a time period for example a year
and a season and perhaps a month then you’re going to use in for example we’re
going on holiday in July we like to go skiing in winter every year I met my
husband in 2006 okay so those are all a period of time a season a year a month
and then you’re going to use in okay it’s a quite simple isn’t it let’s just
have a quick recap we’ve got at for a specific time we’ve got on for a day or
a date and we’ve got in for a period of time now I actually have on a blog post
a handy cheat sheet with all of those rules plus the examples so I’ll put a
link to that below so you can go and get that cheat sheet and download it and
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