Police Auto Auctions – Get up to 95% OFF Police and Gov’t Seized Cars!

Are you interested in Police Auto Auctions?
If so here is something to consider before subscribing to any online auto auction site.
While auto auctions online can save you a tonne of money on seized police and government
vehicles, unfortunately there are some dodgy websites that will happily take your money
without showing you any auto listings. When using an online auto auction, make sure
you use a trusted one that has been around for years.
The Police auto auction website I recommend offers pre owned government and seized cars,
trucks and suv’s and is America’s largest and most trusted auto auction site.
Thousands of vehicles are auctioned off every month at rock bottom prices to the public
and due to certain laws they sell for up to 95% off the original value.
Some auctions even start as low as $100! Visit the website below to get immediate access
to over 4000 auctions nationwide.

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