Online Bidding Tutorial

Welcome to the bidding tutorial video
for JP Kings’s online only auction events. From our main homepage select the “auctions” tab. There you will
find our upcoming auctions listed. From the upcoming auctions page, you can select the sale in which you
would like to participate or view any upcoming sales. In order to participate online in any of our sales you will need to create a bidder profile. Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner of
the page to create your account. Here you’ll fill out the registration
form including your email address. This e-mail
address will become your username At the end of the registration page are the User Terms and Conditions. After submitting your information you will be assigned a permanent online
bidder number found in the top right hand corner. In
order to bid in an individual sale you must request a bid. Before approval, you need to accept the sale terms. Sale
terms include information for that particular sale. For example buyer’s premium, pick up
information, and payments. For something else you may need to enter credit card information. This verifies that you were the one
requesting to bid. when he provided all things necessary
for approval you would receive an email notification that you are approved to bid online. once you’ve selected a sale you’ll be
able to view the lot listings. Here you can view pictures and read item
description before bidding. To look at the bidding history on a lot click the “Number of Bids” drop down menu. This will show your bids as well as the others which have been
placed. If you see an asterisk next to a bid it means that the bid was automatically
generated. To go over this and what this means let’s discuss how placing a bid works. When placing a bid in a timed online
auction enter in your desired amount. Entering an
amount lower than already listed will generate a message for you to bid
again. if you wish to set the maximum bid, enter
in your maximum bid value. Placing a maximum bid means that you are both bid placing a bid at the next accepted increment and a maximum bid at your specified
increment. If another bidder should place a bid above your maximum, you’ll receive email notification that
you have been outbid. Likewise if you’re the highest bidder
and when the lot, you will be notified To see your status during the sale you
may look at the lot listings If a lot is highlighted in green, this
means that you’re the current highest bidder on the item If a lot is highlighted
red, this indicates that you have placed a
bet on this item but have been outbid by another bidder. You may also noticed some auctions have a “Buy Now” bid amount. This simply means that a lot may be purchased at any time before
the end of the auction at the “Buy Now” amount and the auction
would be over and you would have won. Please remember all sales are subject to
the buyer’s premium including if you purchase it during the
auction for the “Buy Now” bid price. If during the timed online sale you
have any questions you may call tech support or email
support at the information listed above. Thank you for watching the How To Bid
tutorial video for timed online sales with JP King and best of luck bidding.

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