NUMBERJACKS | A Close Thing | S2E11

[Music] [Music] [Music] I’m ready to jump okay we need the measurer just do that measurer measurer please show no matter to how far he has to jump not too far okay that’s not too far but not too close good luck – yes oh well done – now measurer so for how far he has to jump not too far that is too far she’s just teasing there you go I could just jump as far as two’s body block that’s too close for you go for yours 400 yes and now how far have I got to jump measurer that’s much too close she’s teasing you now six still quite close not very close quite far very far away I can do it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] go ahead things are going wrong that’s not for long there’s a girl get really fed up putting it on screen oh [Music] dear she’ll never be able to convalesce if that keeps happening can you send someone we certainly can we’ll send me thank you get ready for launching [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Thanks ready looking for six and looking and found some sixes that is a six oh right let’s get sorting things out oh dear more problems there’s a lady you can’t sit down oh dear is it a bottom no it’s her chair I can see what’s happening and there’s another problem trying to creep up on it getting close [Music] never gets on his bike not another moving chair I’m definitely putting that sunscreen what is going on today what’s happening to the chair the bike and the plates they’re all being moved too far away people try to get loads but things keep moving to you far away from there I’ll have a look at that by blob getting some close-ups on the chair and the plates more blobs I think we know what this means a problem [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m looking for the blog there he is things could be moving too far away again or maybe this time it might be different that’s very close too close to the people Oh what’s going to happen to the plates oh that is very close things either too far away or much too close oh dear anything could happen if your friends were suddenly too far away you couldn’t play with them or if you were reading and your book got too close or if you were in Africa looking at a wild animal like a lion you wouldn’t want it to be too far away to see it properly or too close you want things just the right distance away we can do that getting the brain game machine going get things not too close not too far away [Music] [Music] not too close not too far away bending Brain Gain now not too far away we did it actually I’m not sure we’ve done it exactly right the chairs close enough now but look oh dear what’s going wrong now it should be behind what’s about the man in the bike the man needs the bike in the right position he wants to be beside the bike to get on but now the bikes moved behind him people eating the plate should be in between the knife and fork not next to the knives I can feel more Brain Gain coming up yes please Hey yes the ladies happy and so is the man and perhaps leting well done sex we must have sorted things now yes just got to sort everything out ah I don’t think we’ve quite got things sorted where is six scanning for him he must have been blocked far away his far away and high above the ground yes I’m high up and I’m going to need help jumping down we’ve got to know exactly where I’m going to land it could be dangerous I must land in the water or on the rows bish we’ve got to get the Brain Gain exactly right okay if I land near the chair it should be okay make sure you tell us the position exactly six help me to land in between the rosebush and the water and in front of the chair in between the rosebush good luck sex between the rosebush and the water and in front of the chair put in between the rosebush and the water and in front of the chair whew well done six and now we need two last bits of brain down and get the problem blob far away come back now six [Music] [Music] and you can see it’s all on the screen there you was too far away to and the bikes we got them closer but they were in the wrong position we put in the right position behind the lady next to the man and between the knife and fork then I was in trouble but I landed between the rows fish and the water [Music] okay measurer can you stretch out a little bit so it’s still quite close and now stretch out so it’s really far away Oh watch out I wanted to see how far out it could go well it was very close to me sorry I wonder what things are very close to you and what things can you think of that’s a far far away I would think and call the number tacs [Music] you you

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