NJ – Basement Waterproofing Nightmare – Low Bidder Causses Structural Damage to Foundation

Now as you can see we’ve got HydroDog supervising See how the bottom of this wall has come in If you have a foundation, a basement with Moisture, dampness, or just water The best way to fix it is a Pressure Relief System I might give you an estimate anywhere between $8,000 and $12,000 It depends upon the size of your home There are a multitude of companies All who will give you a $5,000 price Or $6,000 price Everything Every job is is $5,000 Every job is $6,000 You can look at at this foundation and know Had a water problem Obviously the owner of the home went cheap They hired a $5,000 or $6,000 dollar company Well you might as well take that $5,000 or
$6,000 And throw it in the garbage Because a $5,000 or $6,000 company Is who did this job The system that was installed was not a pressure
relief system Because the walls have come in This home owner spent $5,000 and the walls
came in Now there’s another $30,000 that has to be
put in to this foundation When if somebody had come in here and put
a proper Pressure Relief System in The walls would have never moved On this Job this is called a Pressure Relief System Which means it is supposed to relieve the
lateral pressure When you go with the lowest bidder I’ll show you what happens This is a horizontal crack The reason it’s here is because of lateral
pressure That should have been relieved by the system Now can I exactly say that the system was
installed before this happened Absolutely This is how much the wall has moved You can see that the drain board is against
the lower block Three inches inward I would ordinarily use a jack hammer This is a wall by the way There’s your footer There’s your pipe Now this this is dirt All they did was break up the concrete for
show The pipe is three inch ADS The salesman will show you four inch AD Its like the same but its not Its cheaper And they dug a little narrow trench just to
put the pipe in Which is why the system will never work Had this system been installed properly This would never happen You can do wall pins and leave this bow You can do I-beams and leave this bow here You might want to sell the house Anybody sees the bow has been repaired They are gonna tell you they want $20,000
off If you’re going to finish the basement Its structurally sound it wont raise any flags In this case no plans on finishing the basement This customer needs the wall to be put back If and when this house is ever sold It doesn’t have a problem and it doesn’t appear to have a problem Now many people will say oh we gotta replace
this wall Well thats gonna be about $40,000 I dont need to do that I can put this wall back in place, save the
wall This is a $27,000 repair job now That could have been prevented when the system
was originally done This is the wall that had the bow in it Cant see the crack So I’m going to have to put my glasses on Alright this is where the crack was This is the remnants of the crack Right here is the crack All along here How the bottom of the wall was kicked out Its nice and flush Never gonna have a problem with this wall
again Now I’m the only person in this industry or
any other That does this If you can find somebody else that does this Well they’ve probably seen my videos That’s right We Bad So this job is a wrap Threw in a nice patio You can look around and see all kind of timber
around The foundation Now what I do is once I get the foundation Opened up on the outside Then what we do is we take steal, timber,
use our jacks To push the wall back in to place Several customers I’ve worked for And I’ve had to replace walls Did say to me that it was there for a long
period of time And then one day it rained and it came in And that’s what happens If you were to ask me “Well how long is it gonna last or stay that
way” or if you believe it’s going to stay that
way forever All its gonna take is One Rain Fall When you get your estimates for a pressure
relief system You have a salesman and then you have the
guys who come and do the work If you discover anything not in the way I
have described to you You will get a $500 discount off your contract But it does not come out of my pocket I will take the $500 out of my crew There is a 5 man crew $100 for each man If the foreman is having a bad day My laborers will say “Oh no I’m not loosin a $100 out of my pocket”

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