Model Has Six Ribs Removed In World’s Smallest Waist Bid

Pixee Fox: Getting my ribs removed has always been like a dream of mine. Pixee Fox: 6 billion people in the world, why should everyone look the same? Boring. COMM: Pixee Fox has had 6 ribs removed to allow her to corset her waist to an eye watering
16 inches. So far she has spent almost 120,000 dollars on surgery to look more like the cartoon
characters she idolizes. Pixee Fox: I’ve always been inspired by cartoons and Disney movies, all the curves
and tiny waists. People often they come up to me and say don’t take this the wrong
way but you look like a cartoon. 00:44
Woman: Can you breathe? Oh my god! Well I Woman: Can you breathe? Oh my god! Well I wish I could get mine that small. COMM: Pixee grew up in a small town in Sweden but never felt like she belonged. Pixee Fox: I have been in a place where I felt like I can’t relate, I can’t be
myself and I felt really really lost. Always felt like I need to go somewhere. I need to
do something. I need to surround myself with people like me. COMM: The former electrician moved to America where she embarked on a series of cosmetic
procedures to look more like her favorite animated characters. PIXEE FOX: My inspiration started with Tinker Bell ‘cause I looked really much like her.
But later for my transformation I’ll be more and more starting to look like Jessica
Rabbit. There are so many people out there like for example transsexual people. They
feel like one person inside and it doesn’t reflect their outside. And for me this is
not who I am on the inside. I have done nose job, eyelid surgery, brow lift. I have done,
I have lip filler. I have some, some fillers here in my cheeks. I have done my boobs four times. I have done Brazilian butt lift, permanent makeup. COMM: To maintain her extreme hourglass figure, she sticks to a strict exercise and diet regime
and wears a corset 24 hours a day. COMM: Pixee has over 70,000 followers on Instagram but even some of them were shocked when she
announced her next surgery, removal of six ribs to allow her to corset her waist even tighter.
The procedure will cost her 9000 dollars. PIXEE FOX: Getting my ribs removed, I have been thinking about for a long time. So it’s
always been like a dream of mine but it’s really hard to find a surgeon, almost impossible.
The only reason why I can do it now is because doctors finally started taking me seriously,
because they see that I’m not a crazy person and I know what I am doing. COMM: The surgeon who’s agreed to perform the operation is Dr. Barry Eppley. DOCTOR: There’s nothing complex, extraordinary or unduly difficult about it. It does require
an extremely motivated patient. And I think certainly Pixee would qualify. A motivated
patient is somebody who can accept the scars that come from the procedure as well as is
prepared for the discomfort in the short term as you might imagine that comes from taking
several ribs. It’s not an operation which feels great afterwards but certainly she is
about as motivated a person as you are going to find. She is going to have pain, muscle
pain. Everybody who has ever eaten ribs, you are eating the intercostal muscles; that’s
what we have to strip off the rib to get to it but the good news is we know,
it’s not a comfortable procedure but we know how to help manage it. COMM: After 5 hours of surgery the rib removal procedure is complete. PIXEE FOX: It’s crazy. Can’t believe that just happened. That just happened. COMM: Recovery time is supposed to be 6 weeks but after just 2 weeks Pixee is already up
and about. PIXEE FOX: I am super happy. I have been dreaming of this for like 3 years. That makes me able
to corset like even tighter. In a few weeks I’m gonna get hip and butt implants. It’s
going to be even more extreme. COMM: Now when she wears a corset her waist is an incredible 16 inches. PIXEE FOX: I’m pretty close to the world record and I think that if I just get time
to heal and start working out and continue my lifestyle I’m probably gonna go down to 14
inch soon. I think 15 is the world record. COMM: And she’s proud to show off her new figure in public MAN: I will show my kids. WOMAN: Amazing and incredible. Beautiful. MAN: You don’t really see too many people have their bodies looking like that. WOMAN: It’s a little odd. It’s not something I would choose to do. I mean to each his own
but seems painful. MAN: It got my attention. I came back. PIXEE FOX: I’m really happy with how I look now but I still see things that could be fixed.
This is like my job, this is what I do and I’m gonna keep on sculpturing. Tons of people
write me every day, is really inspired by what I do and they wish that they could do
the same. I don’t want to inspire people to get plastic surgery. What I want to do
is to get like a message out there that it is important to whatever you decide to do,
that you should follow your dreams and dare to be yourself.

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