Meet your College Support Part-time bargaining team!

My name is Ted Claeys. I’m a learning specialist at Lambton College. I have been doing that for seven years. My name is Jennifer Ayotte. I work at Cambrian College in Sudbury. I work as an academic success advisor, and I’ve been doing that since November 2016. My name is Christopher MiIlado. I work at George Brown College for a program called Transitions to Post-Secondary Educations and my role there is support services coordinator And I’ve been with that particular department for about two years now Duncan McFarlene is my name I work at Algonquin College in Ottawa. I’ve worked there for Five years now. I started as a lab monitor now I am a part time worker and I really love my job. I have some anxiety because this is all brand new for me, you know They say courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to walk through it. You want to make sure everyone’s feeling secure. The goal is equity for all of our members so that regardless of the job you’re doing you’re getting paid the same amount of money as our full-time counterparts We’re excited to get started and fight for the rights. We we feel we deserve. If we can give some stability to part-time workers If we can give them something that they can count on they can rely on that would be a great comfort to me that would put them more solidly employed and That you’re part of it the college as a whole We sometimes feel like we’re not even part of the college and we want to be part of the college We want to be part of the team that that educates our young people. For the College Council, we’re an important part of how the college is run So mostly what we’re asking you to do is do the right thing You

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