MCC Thrift With Me // And a Bargain of A Lifetime

buddy and welcome to another thrifty
Thursday and I can’t wait to share with you what I got because I went to the
thrift store and I went to the Dollar General I’m gonna share with you some
tips on some real bargains that you can find at the Dollar General I hope you
stay tuned buddy and welcome back so I’m going to
share with you what I got this week at the thrift store I didn’t really spend
that much as you know I usually only spent five dollars or less and I always
find some treasures I’m really thankful for this thrift store so the first thing
I got was for a dollar it is a little glass chimney for own a wine bottle to
make your own candles isn’t that precious so I’m gonna work on a project
with this of course but it’s really neat it’s a wine bottle you can make a candle
with it and it has the glass lamp to it oh it sounds like something for a video and then I got something else that was
just so dear so it was 75 cents and it is a little measuring cup isn’t that
cute I never saw such a little measuring cup
so I’m not sure we’re gonna use it for but I just thought it was something so
unique and I never saw anything like it I got this measuring cup because I
needed one for in one of my oatmeal containers so this one was 25 cents and
this was 75 cents for one dollar that was half off I got this teddy bear
because this teddy bear has a special place I like teddy bears I used to
collect them a long time ago and I thought it’d be really neat to put in
our bedroom so I’m sure you’ll see where he goes when I’m done with this video so I got these this was really neat for
one dollar it’s cupcakes with the liners it’s the
whole complete kit I thought it was really neat and it has a lip with it I’m
not sure if I’m gonna use this for my eggs to put my eggs in so I can freeze
my eggs but I thought it was really neat for one dollar I thought that was really
neat I didn’t know you even had something like this spend a total of
five dollars and 70 cents so I went over by 70 cents I got these
two and they’re placemats but I’m not using them for placemats and no I’m not
gonna make any more bold covers that’s what I seem to always make but I thought
these would be great for something I’m working on in the kitchen I like it
because it’s old-fashioned looking and it’s vintage wait
they were 35 cents each Aspen at least most of you know this but I love
gingerbread men or anything with like with Gingerbread and this was a dollar
50 but it was half off I just love this paper and so I’m gonna use this paper
for some projects I like the gingerbread man on it so that
was my thrift store fines and then as you know I go every week with my
daughter’s my oldest daughter drives us there and so they always like to go to
other little places right beside our thrift store is a Dollar General I love
going to the Dollar General because they have a whole aisle that everything is
one dollar I don’t know if everybody knows that but there’s a whole aisle
where everything is a dollar and you can get some really good bargains there we
all had the Dollar Tree but sometimes you want to go somewhere a little
different and this place is really unique because every week is something
different so I’m just share with you what I bought for a dollar each I
usually once a month write down all the things that I need that are non-food and
then I will go to places like this and get it I don’t ever spend more than a
dollar for any items that’s non edible so trash bags or a dollar freezer bags
one dollar toilet papers $1 you’re gonna see an
upcoming video where I went to all these stores because my daughter’s wanted to
go and I was shocked at the prices they were really high except for a few items
that I got but they no longer in our area have the the cheap toilet paper so
now we have to go to places like the Dollar Tree to get it but the Dollar
General has it for a dollar as well I got these metal scrubbies for a dollar
these big clothespins because when I wash my bowl covers I will hang them up
in the kitchen to dry I love these big clothespins they’re perfect for large
items so I was glad to get them for a dollar I got some of this this cleaner I
love this cleaner and I know it’s not biodegradable and it’s not green living
but I love it and it’s only a dollar and I do use this for projects outside to
clean our furniture and things like that outside so I love this and then this has
proven to be a real cheap alternative to those expensive damp breads so damn
prints are it’s a product that you can put in your closet and it would take all
the moisture out of it living in a mobile home there’s a lot of moisture
and these were only a dollar so much cheaper than buying the damn prints and
they work just as well so I hang this up in my one closet which I know gets a lot
of moisture takes the moisture out and keeps your closet smelling fresh this is
a good deal the husband only to use this one bar soap that’s dub
he only likes dub soap and so I always get in the dub soup hey it’s only a
dollar at the Dollar General and then I want to share with you
something else that I got this is amazing
now I have gotten five of them so far this is aromatherapy this is essential
oil it says it’s made from plants I’m sure as some of you who only like brand
names will not approve of this but for one dollar this stuff works amazing this
one is for muscle tension so this really helps if you have muscle pains and it
works it’s full essential oils it smells like essential oils in the back of it it
says it’s all-natural this is amazing I’ve gotten this in tea tree oil I’ve
gotten this in peppermint and I got this enemy in the muscle ease and it works
great for $1 at the Dollar General listen not everybody can afford the
expensive whatever they call those expensive essential oils I can’t afford
them but you can go to places like this and you can pick them up and you know
what it works really well you go is my Dollar General haul I’m going to do more
of these once a month because hey money is tight go to the Dollar General go in
there Isle where everything is a dollar you would be surprised that she can find
like this essential oil it’s amazing it’s great it even has the roller and
plus if it gets used up you can use this roller to add your own to it it’s easy
you can just pop the ball off the top of it you can add your own essential oils
so the container alone is worth a dollar so I think this is a great product and
they have all kinds of them this one has ginger nutmeg black pepper
and turmeric I mean it works amazing I can’t say enough how amazing this stuff
works so there you go I hope you enjoyed this haul and I hope you enjoyed this
thrifty Thursday because it sure was fun for me take care everyone we’ll see guys
tomorrow so I want to say special thank you for the person who bought me this
rub I have never had such a soft rug in my whole entire life it is amazing it
was such a surprise I didn’t even know was getting it so thank you so much my
feet are very happy by standing at the kids
SiC watching my dishes with such a soft rug Wow well it’s the end of this video and that
means one thing it’s time for Fanny’s diary
and we are on November the 14th 1943 and family
sadly writes today I spent the day in bed with a cold
Lizzie Grove came here to spend the afternoon with me pants it’s been another great day here
on the homestead I hope you’re staying warm and I hope you have a real good
night take everyone and we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye

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