MAKING BIG MONEY @ FLEAMARKET i bought an abandoned storage unit and made money

MAKING BIG MONEY @ FLEAMARKET i bought an abandoned storage unit and made money

whoo-hoo ladies and gentlemen boys and
girls privates of all ages what’s up good morning it is I think Wednesday I
mean I don’t like really worrying about what day it is today it’s Wednesday
we’re here at the flea market I didn’t have my video ready I was gonna edit
this morning some vaults that Alex and I bought together uncle Michaels like once
you just go live today won’t you two live from the flea market he wants to be
live apparently Uncle Michael misses y’all he
just wants to say hello to everybody so good morning y’all who’s all alone here
we’re just getting started we’re just getting started get 18 people on I
really can with my glasses on my socks I got a lot of things going on right now
so I’ll be back with you guys for all sorts of people your data says let’s see
who do we got here let’s see what do we got here how about that is that better
I had the volume up look we got more guests we are on a live
yes we’re live what’s up everybody I’m every time I go to hive I mess up I had
the volume every time I go live with the volume up it gives feedback so right
away I have a horrible connection we got lucky nuts and well I just I’m
not good at saying it I don’t want to mess it up I feel bad that I don’t speak
Spanish very well so it’s just better to be fair yeah what are you gonna change
it to though yeah you’re doing something right
subscribe their channels if you don’t already
let’s go save let’s go say hello to one more guest we got here at the flea
market one more one more
some one more special again hey guys I’m live now you say hi to the whole world
for me we got the whole crowd out here look we even have the littlest of
Jesus’s so sup world I messed up my live at the beginning every time I go line
there’s something wrong have my volume up the feedback sucks so it starts off
slow ruin I ruin every life that’s my luck alright say bye everybody bye world
yeah so anyway busy week busy week going to an auction just a minute Alice is
gonna stay here and watch her booth we’re selling our vaults from yesterday
we do a quick little run-through look we got all this stuff right here we got all
sorts of stuff here we’re selling you hope sub storage legends what’s going on
dogs and cats and pirates I love it George say hello to the whole world
nothing profane alright and yeah we got the whole crew here the only one in here
today is salt princess but we do have Tony Tony say hello to the whole world
hello yeah come buy some stuff we got cups $1.00 cups we got $3 vases we got
butcher blocks we got all sorts of stuff I’m getting ready going auction going to
look at some specific units and then I got so many boxes to go through haven’t
had a chance to go through all of the I bought eight vaults on Saturday so I got
to go through the whole thing the TV executive unit I’m not quite sure what
they were involved in but the person was a high up at Blackhawk entertainment or
something that’s why they’re doing all the stuff with the HBO gonna be exciting
to go through those what else been busy this week what else do I have tomorrow
we’ll be doing some videos on the vault so I’m gonna skip the next video and
that we’re gonna go right to finish the unit that I did with Alex yesterday were
selling today late I went to the ballet last night everybody
I don’t know if you all saw me I put up a photo last night of me all dressed
clean-cut and everything for a change not often I get fancy but I went and saw
the Nutcracker last night I went to the ballet that was a very very fun it was
at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts haven’t seen that since I was like a
child Thank You Tammy for saying I looked nice appreciate that super
excited for your units my dude I so funny because I’m at the flea market
shop love you bro love you too man one day we got to meet
up do a video to get it hang out I can’t wait
well I can’t find what flea markets are opening the Bay Area during the week
probably because they don’t have I can tell you right now Oakland is open seven
days a week Stockton where I sell at Monday
Wednesdays Thursdays and there’s a Friday that I don’t do is there any
other weekday flea markets you know yeah well here we can there’s Turlock on a
Tuesday I think there’s like a Galt on a Thursday or something weird like that my
my are you live it’s trip and it just gives me three dots it doesn’t say it
doesn’t say anybody is doesn’t say anybody’s on there that’s
weird this my phones are tripping I’m getting
irritated do you think you and you buy like expensive old iPhone cost you an
arm and a leg is like buying a new car you think the damn thing would work but
no cop picking I am I blocked I need a recount you’re not blocked Mike oh I love the
Nutcracker your wonderful father Thank You Myra I appreciate that
let’s go see what got for comments let me go through these say hello to me
what’s up James thanks for the links a love you man her father says actually I made it
woohoo Hafsah quadri Tim freestone what’s up dude shoutout to you Tim
remember Tim Tim freestone where’d you meet Tim you don’t remember where you
met Tim he thought I was 53 years old or 50 – Wow sorry Tim Alex doesn’t remember
where he met you at Grimes his location yeah must have a lousy signal – flea
market no it’s it’s my I think it’s because I had to volume up and my phones
have been tripping lately where I moved to I think it’s offsetting the reception
I’m on and just making my phone messed up everywhere I go what’s up stalker
what’s going on I can understand a word I’m sorry about that it was the feedback
I keep forgetting to turn my volume down echoing so when I when everybody comes
on there’s gonna log off this video for the day I ruin everything it’s kind of a
thing I do what’s up curious bear what’s up Rhonda
can you guys hear that music in the background please tell me you can I
don’t want to get a Mont demonetized why you got jack next you ask him why
can’t I chat on his live feed let me ask him
hey Jack Jack summer wants to know why they can’t comment on your live feed
douglas Harlow’s he doesn’t know will you maybe check and see if somebody
accidentally blocked them all right Stuart asked if I’m selling the military
unit the flea market okay military unit it’s done ZZZ I went to
Alameda one day sold six grand cost me an arm and a leg to hire everybody and
do what I had to do in foods expensive then I was about basically even on the
unit may be a few hundred and profit and I sold everything that was left to
Harold for 2,500 I got another $500 sale to make so I
made about three grand in one day of selling that unit profit and then the
video so that’s done it’s a wrap almost the whole crew up here yeah hi handsome
thanks Rhonda any information on the paintings yes of the paintings um like I
said I think I discussed this on my live there today somebody who I allowed to be
part of the unit kind of pissed me off and was doing finagling things and then
tried to say they didn’t trust me and was playing games so I walked away I
kept my four pieces and they have a few pieces and whatever happens happens
I got the two best pieces so that’s what’s important to me I got the best
stuff he got he got five I got four I’m probably gonna sell two and I’m probably
gonna keep two because two of them don’t have extreme value one of them’s
unsigned and one of them is a watercolor the other two are oils they’re painted
from a very specific period where the guy made some money but they’re not
quite the abstract pieces that he made and that’s about the best I could tell
you one day soon we will disclose all of them I’ll show you the videos they’re
gonna be great for unboxings or that unit I’m gonna make some money on I’m
gonna make a fair amount of money probably will be my best I know it’s
already gonna be my best sale my best find everything I’ve ever actually done Jebus baby Jebus jeremy g says you’re
the man just so you know he says thank you how is the new place coming along cop
picking all my dang my new place is awesome
I don’t know what to do I have so much room and not enough I’d have nothing to
put in it I’m just gonna pick and choose slowly put what I want where I want
I don’t know curious bear you look you look nice last night thank you
Lisa’s as well Veon porta Soto’s and tirado’s shout out to my buddy to Soros
I pirate it’s me no one silly soft you’re a very important human being
don’t say that Ronald says what’s up they are great
youtubers all my friends are great youtubers I love your new house have a
good day thank you love the beard trimmed up I had to look nice for a
ballet last night Michael I love the Nutcracker you’re wonderful hi from
England thank you mad cat Shirley’s is 126 wash
and thank you for the info pirate we are here 123 yeah I don’t know what’s going
on with the the the dang service on my phone these days I pay like a freakin
almost 300 bucks a month for my phone plan and I shouldn’t in my eyes you paid
300 bucks a month for anything you should have zero problems none
whatsoever you are the man love the sweater you were wearing last night
thank you Brian Noakes that was my Bill Cosby sweater as I call it learning a
lot from your shows I do the same but I go to a state sales I actually had
somebody proposition to me to be their estate sale business partner he wants to
help me run them I’m about 60 I feel it you’re one awesome man and a great
father thank you Mohammed glad to see you about the fever air in the front
tire but Alice gets camera shy guys on life just so you know lives make them
uncomfortable let’s see if we could make it more uncomfortable Alex you have a
booger hanging that your nose yeah it has been going on for weeks Uncle
Mike you want to say some more hellos before we can’t be on here forever who’s
all on there Mary on there Mary Mary on there I just hear hello
everybody I’m not just looking for me I haven’t talked to Mary for a minute if I
run away from home can I stay with you I don’t know maybe we’ll talk about that
3k profit is awesome for a quick clip yes awesome when I don’t do much to it I
spent a lot of money like if you I don’t know if I said this but on Sat on Sunday
I paid Harold 10% it cost me altogether like 1,300 bucks to sell that day my
spots were 400 bucks for the three spots Hera was 600 uncle Mike food almost 1500
bucks that day to sell the flea market but I did six grand and then broke even
and I made 3 grand letting aresko instead of taking it out 10 times to
make five seven grand myself which is a lot of work and expenses actually by
sold seven he’ll probably cost me two thousand just to sell it I walked away
clean make money on to the next you can put me in it
checkout storage auction power on thank you James
Tiki Bar for the new place I don’t know I only Jesus even Delos we don’t really
need a bar to open Mandela’s up hard to say you are truly a blessing to so many
you look like a movie star last night Thank You Carlton I never have been told
I look like a movie star that is big zit right here look at this
that’s from hard work are you gonna use pieces of eight for your art you know
mate I am probably gonna keep the two pieces I feel like I have the Arts a
weird thing one artist could be from a high range I have pieces that are worth
like two three thousand and then I have something that I’m not going to disclose
the value on just trust and believe it is a lot of money it’s weird how art
works good morning y’all hustle grind why what’s up Justin go to sprint phone
plans all rip us off good luck on all your Davis Thank You
Vicky the legend 27 says that low meaning hope
hookers I was just trying to make him uncomfortable because he gets too
nervous on them he always be getting nervous good
morning pirate have an awesome day yes was a rarity for me uncle Michael
wanted me to go live from here so I want to just come live he just wanted to say
oh I had to go live just like I say hello we’re out here selling all this
stuff I thought about keeping this piece check this one out
what is this Michelob look at that who drinks the Michelob the shoehorn or
something so this is a piece I’d almost think about keeping but this stuff is
still out of style I don’t think this would look good in my
house Thank You Elizabeth the one thing I like about it is it’s got the mirror
in it and I’m picturing if I walked in my front door and there’s that little
inset across from my dining room it would fit right in there but then I
realized it’s not that cute yeah that’s what it sits on a little bit of antiquey
stuff this table right here this is so 100 years ago this was the hot thing but
nowadays no 100 years ago this was hot in the streets right here not no more
thought about keeping that though Uncle Michael I’m live right now I can’t what
are you doing Tony Alex went got lunch didn’t bring us nothing okay and these
tables right here these came from a motel 6 motel six lobby lobby furniture
right there that is our load we got some other good things we got the really good
things that you don’t bring out the flea market you guys are gonna have to wait
to see those in the videos you’ll have to go to storage doctors Channel and my
channel we split it so chad is really delayed Uncle Mike opem martin luther king who doesn’t know
who Martin Luther King is Uncle Mike somebody’s asking on your next videos
coming out you got to make one to film the right way because I can’t edit the
one you did yeah I knew he was gonna say that I’m trying to block the lady asked
Uncle Mike what kind of video he makes and of course to use the p-word
of course these rhymes of corn starts with Pete of course uncle Michael’s
gonna say that my best friend is where you were and jaren trying to get to
watch you she needs some positive it curious uh let her know tell her to
watch I try to be positive I’ll do my best
I’m glad you go an awesome family what you got there getting food I’m hungry I
love you you’re a great guy I agree everything should work for 300 a month
yes everything should especially what I paid I got a new phone check it out
we’re gonna start filming and wide-angle I’m gonna try my first auction vlog and
wide angle I went upgraded again cuz the ten wasn’t
cutting it we got the 11pro we got wide-angle so I’m hoping to make better
auction vlogs for you guys I’m gonna go test it out here in a minute I won’t be
staying long cuz I have to leave in ten minutes for the auction hi Uncle Mike
chat is really delayed I’m sorry I may be refresh it I started off with the
delay because the volumes on I forget to turn my volume all the way off when I
start these I’m like this is Suzanne finally got a good job on the house Suzanne uh she’s in who works at my
storage Suzanne or is this just Suzanne I’m not sure let me know
hi David the car-boot picker hi Piratas me from South Carolina hi pirate held
this held this story till this morning hi pirate congratulation the house good
luck in your new home have many happy he’s finished sells a signal booster
pods I’m gonna get a Comcast to set up at the house I just haven’t had a chance
to I’ve been busy I can’t explain it like I’m sure you guys know you watch
the videos like I run around like a chicken with my head cut off all the
time I’ve been getting home at like 8:00 at night
wiping down cupboards and stuff to put things in it’s crazy have a wonderful
day handsome Thank You Kelly so cool you are thank you D H I’d buy it refinish
the pieces just I’m gonna kind of get the comments going what’s up Allen
what’s up Dennis what’s up a couple of Pickers Kelly
Kastner surely yo Mike saw princess on I saw princesses in her own little world
right now guys huh is what it Alex say 800 Uncle Michael
just sold Alex’s bikes right here where the other one go I was asked between you
and Alex how did you buy good on how to buy you goods online eBay storage
auction pirate when I have them on and I have links in my videos for the the
woman who helps me sell stuff on Poshmark
and Mary Harris who sells jewelry for me stop trust people here spends at stuff
like the problem with that Michelle was I let somebody become in my unit as a
partner I was dumb I didn’t realize there was that type of art I just
thought Mike why did you buy 40 boxes for $4,000 I’ve never spent a hundred a
box before got nervous I said screw it dumb decision I don’t like since Simon
shops Brian is too much work too much hassle and people never people who tell
you they’re gonna sell something for you and how they’re gonna do and what
they’re gonna give you never works out high pirate how was your awesome house
it is great Uncle Mike owes a corn star no he didn’t say he was a corn star I
just can’t say the word you will make the video quality with the 11 Thank You
Carlton I take a loaf of bread your house is so cool thank you Judy are you
doing options now I’m getting ready to go to an auction what what no I keep you
can’t say the word Uncle Michael I said corn star corn star we can’t say that
word the salt Prince has been on strike I think I feel like going to the flea
market come on over per less precious come check out
flea market Stockton California way to go pirate you and Jack Locker nuts can
make some great videos we need to collab more Jack and I how
can i buy your goods okay I already read that chats not delay this guy stop read
comments then a roll he’s trying yeah Mike what are your sunglasses they’re
just a cool little oh they’re pink Uncle Mike lots of corn and oh haha
someone said lots of corn and Ohio Uncle Mike do you all have Church’s Chicken
out there so I want a bucket I don’t know I’m not only a big chicken guy clean up the apartment for you bring
anything in the home proud of you yeah I’m starting over I’m gonna bring
whatever I find what’s up higher we’re seeing you were
you’re alive on my break swing to say hello thanks storage I come from the
channel of DeSoto and tirado Thank You Francisco hey pyar how are you
today hope you’re doing great yeah I’m doing wonderful been a long week got a
new home then busy buying units bought some great units the TV executive unit
went to the ballet last night saw the Nutcracker um what else I just been
living life let’s go say goodbye real quick to everybody cuz we got to go we
got auction to go to high all the way from India you guys want to say goodbye
before we end this life what do you guys eat to nobody brings me food ever
you run alive we didn’t want to be rude oh I can eat when I’m on the line
goodbye we just started I got to go to an auction start evenness jumps behind leaving an India huh you’re leaving in
there – yeah I’m gonna leave right now oh I’ll see I’ll be there building a
bike don’t worry buddy haha it’s alright don’t forget to like these videos
there’s a simple rule the options there are no friends at the office right
sometimes they’re all right you’re right you’re either in it together or you’re
against it so that’s why I say you’re either with me or against me so I won’t
be the one up don’t worry buddy like Alex he fits against me I’m still its
power Alex bids of me of all time yeah alright I gotta say goodbye and get this
over so I can go to the auction just go say goodbye to there’s our other squad
over here we’re gonna be going on the auction so we’re not done yet guys don’t
go don’t go nowhere everybody say goodbye cause we gotta go
the auctions by barge lives how’re you guys sales going over here you guys are enjoying this flea market
you guys are like regulars here now you sell here more than I do there’s a big dog right there on a bike all right I gotta get ready to go to
auction guys bye bye everybody says bye-bye the world what
you wanna say goodbye because I gotta go gonna go to option
will you get rid of our stuff it’s time to say goodbye people it’s been a good
morning it’s been a good day it’s actually been a good year and I just
want to say we appreciate you guys for supporting us supporting our YouTube
habits and um yeah hey stalker hey how do you come in on me already
hola Alex hola papa Willie I wish I got I got on a bike once and my back tire
bent I never popped it Willie ever since hey
Jebus so listen hated storage soccer in the house in the market what up
who’s that new faces who’s that new faces kind of old keep coming bring the comments next
twenty nine people on 209 people I remember I broke your record one time on
her gloves my record is 27 1127 welp I hope everybody woke up and
had some good breakfast and eggs and potatoes and all that good stuff if you
have any extra bring us some please we’re hungry so Oh diet looking good yep
I hate just makes this morning and bacon that was it hola that’s right we do need
to go live so sent me and Lizzy to go live we do I tell Matt every day go live
once a week ladies enjoy on my time every week you should tell them go once
a week live I’m gonna try but for now I’m still barely trying to
hang on and put a video out every day it’s hard but I’m surviving somebody
says he might grab me you see by I grab me I’m elated speech it’s hard everyday
to put out one but I’m trying I’m trying with everything I got and seen good evening from the UK and we
appreciate all your hard work he has a morning
I got it on video today now he’s ready for another scene ready and seen I work
as hard as I can I worked my fingers to the bone and it
goes unnoticed I get home and the kids just run over me like it and scene
I should have been an actor all right bye guys
you kind of are all right I gotta get going to the auction let’s go say bye to
Uncle Michael alex is a fool but that doesn’t think so reason why him and I
have become so close as that attitude right there it’s funny a bit dramatic
yeah play it up family first you go haha Alex you’re funny
we love your storage pirate and Alex I’ll go Mike I’m going to the UH give me
a cup of coffee I’m going to the auction I’ll be back soon so Suzanne I get ideas
you I know I appreciate you coming home watching my life thank you uh I heard
you want to be invited to my housewarming party if I have one I will
do so I appreciate you and thanks for watching my video with that being said I
said that’s a ramp plenty of videos coming out tomorrow Alex and I will each
drop one video from this with the good stuff in the boxes we will also the rest
of the week will be a TV executive unit and then that’s a wrap I love y’all
peace out hey Charles you want to say goodbye to telling you wanna say goodbye
the whole world wants to take a button don’t forget say goodbye all right world
we’ll see you around we’ll be back soon I

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