Is It Time for These Twin Sisters to Cut the Cord?

– [Vivica] Okay, Truth Team, what say you? Judge Mary? – Erica, oh my God, 20 years
difference between you and I, I think my mom picked up the wrong baby, because I’m her twin. This girl is just me, and you know what I’ve learned on those 20 years that I’ve got up on you? Is sometimes you do
need to shut your mouth, sit and listen, you know
you’re steaming inside, and it’s building up, but
let her make her own choices, let her make her mistakes, ’cause that’s how’s she’s gonna learn. Okay, so shut up.
– Right. – [Vivica] Rosie? – Ebony, we know you
don’t want to be alone, so Safe Animal Shelter in your area has agreed to work with you. These are just three of
the many potential dogs that can help you become independent. – [Vivica] Aw. – Thank you so much, oh wow. – Don’t be fearful of the unknown. Be brave, and go in to the unknown, finding something new for yourself. – Okay, thank you so much. – [Vivca] Dr. Judy? – I think a big part of this is Ebony finding her own
identity, and her own man. – Okay. – And, Ebony, we’re gonna hook you up with a certified dating
coach from Growing Self. – [Ebony] Thank you. – [Judy] To help you find your true love. – That will help, thank you so much. That probably will help a lot. Probably will help a lot. – Let me tell you, you
all are just the cutest. – Thank you. – And I absolutely, I
absolutely love seeing your sister bond, you know.
– Thank you. – But you do need to learn some boundaries with one another, and
give each other space just a little bit, okay? So that you all can grow, and you can go to her wedding, she can go to your wedding the future, but challenge to retire that
six pack and a smile like it, okay, alright?
– I am. – Ebony, and Erica, thank you so much for having the courage to face the truth.

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