How To Use In, On & At In Conversation: Prepositions of Place

How To Use In, On & At In Conversation: Prepositions of Place

this video is all about prepositions
such as in on and at in conversation we know that these small words are little
buggers for English learners so in this video we’ve recorded a natural
conversation then we’ve gone ahead and highlighted the specific rules to these
prepositions in context now there are a lot of prepositions in this conversation
so we’ve decided to focus only on prepositions of location or place and
ignoring any phrasal verbs so that you don’t get too confused and thus enabling
you to gain clearer insight just to clarify
a preposition of place or location is one that refers is is one that is is one
that describes I can’t stop reading that I should just put the I’m gunna put I’m gunna turn the phone off a preposition of location or place is is one that
describes where something is located in reference to something else see I did it for
example Charlie I I am in my office so stick around and enjoy our conversation
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your first lesson was so Harry are you ready for your conversation in position
I think I am yeah hope I give you the prepositions you’re looking for my
friend I hope so too let’s hope you don’t get caught out it would be embarrassing as an English teacher if I if I were to choose the wrong position
wouldn’t it don’t feel nervous no need to feel alarmed it’s going to be some
routine questions so just relax there and tell me where
were you born ah I was born in Bedford
yeah in Bedford in the South of England yeah little little well medium-sized town
called Bedford that’s that’s my hometown born and bred Bedford baby born and bred
in Bedford nice okay what time were you born mmm I wish I did remember I couldn’t
tell if it was in the morning in the afternoon or in the evening or if it was
it at midday at 1:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. no idea but I do know that I was umm my mum had a caesarean with me and she did with my brother and sister as well actually
you were all big babies we were we were all really really fat babies especially
my brother he was massive he was close to a stone so he was huge and a stone in
European conversions that is about six point three kilograms
right yeah yeah I was gonna say about six point three kilograms
yeah that’s what my my internal calculator was telling me or my brain
yeah where’s your brain Harry good question well my brain is actually
in my head in my cranium it’s not on your head it’s not on my head no no no
that would be worrying if it was or if it was kind of coming out of my head if
I could see it kind of coming escaping through my ears that would be really
worrying wouldn’t it moving on when is your birthday my birthday is on the 16th
of August and what time do you usually wake up in the day on my birthday if you
want to keep talking about your special day then yes on your birthday when do
you usually wake up on your birthday well on my last birthday I reckon I just
get up at my normal time I think on my last birthday I worked actually I think I had
some lessons so probably at about 10 a.m. not too not too early what time do
you wake up on the weekend on the weekend I wake up about 11
or 10:00 a.m. and then I get up at about 12:00 okay and where was your school
back in the day where was your school well my lower school was quite close to
my house actually it was about 20 minutes away walking my middle school
was a little bit further away but also in Bedford
but maybe about 30 minute walk and then my upper school was even further and
that was about 40 minutes away but I used to get there by bike okay okay by
bike little cyclist Harry where’s your bike now my bike is just outside my flat
me in the hallway what you’ve kept the same bike from your school days ah no no
no my dad actually sold that bike without my permission
it was a BMX a really little bike I used to love it you know doing tricks and
stuff like that but yeah no I got a new bike and it’s just outside in the
hallway okay and where’s your house it’s eh it’s on a street called Chaucer Road
and it’s yeah very close same street I used to live on with my parents
so it’s on Chaucer Road and hopefully you don’t have any stalkers out there
but what number Road are you at I live at number 17 Chaucer Road flat one okay
good luck but if you do come to my house there’s
a doorbell on the front but it doesn’t work so if you do come here just knock
on the window at any hour yeah yeah yeah you know when I
get up anyway so yeah that’s true yeah be reasonable okay where’s your bank more
details that could enable a stalker where’s your bank
what’s your sort code an account number yeah my bank is on the high street in
Bedford so the high street stretches through the
middle of the centre of the town and that’s where my bank is on the high
street okay what d’you like to have for lunch well that depends on the day depends on
what I’m doing that day but today for example I had a soup for lunch homemade
soup but you know really depends on the day really depends on the day
I like to cook to cook something quick that I can eat home but I always seem to
cook and so you had a soup today how did you eat it I put it in a bowl and I
ate it out of out of from the bowl you ate it out of the bowl or from the
bowl either or Harry when did you leave school I left school in I think 2009
is when I left school yeah I left in 2009 okay and how long were you at University
oh well yeah so after school I went to uni for three years and I left uni in 2012
what did you do at university at university I studied psychology with
sports science and that’s where I met you it is it is indeed and do you drive
a vehicle do you drive a car not in my day-to-day life but I drive a
car when we do our immersion courses so have you ever owned a vehicle I have
owned a vehicle yeah couple of couple well quite a good few years ago actually I
had a Peugeot 206 yeah did you have many people in the passenger seat it’s
normally just me in the car to be honest you know I’m a lone ranger a single man
always have been no I haven’t always been a single
man yeah I mean I was partial to maybe having one person in the passenger seat
a couple of people in the back I never had any kids in my car though it’s probably a
good thing yeah I think so what’s that in your boot ah just Kevin but on
the course I’ve had up to kind of four four people in the car and yeah that was
quite nerve-racking having not driven in a long time
okay so having four people in your car makes you a bit nervous yeah a little
bit yeah yeah but if I was driving a bus for example and I had like 30 people on the
bus Oh my god I would be way more nervous have
you ever driven a bus no I’ve I’ve driven a minibus so when I had 15
people in the minibus that was a bit nerve-racking when were you driving 15
people around do you know 15 people sure I imagine
most of them are probably Stacey’s friends cheers yeah
do you go to London much I bloody love going to London yeah I go by by train
actually oh yeah okay how often do you go by train probably once or twice a
month I I go to London on the train or by train yeah how long does it take to
go on the train it takes about to get to London by train or on the train it takes
around 30 minutes I normally sit in one of the carriages which is closest to the
toilet so I can get up and go to the toilet easily and when you go to the
toilet do you do you stand or do you sit on the
toilet I stand on the toilet you stand on the toilet yeah I do this kind of weird
squatting thing were I stand on the toilet seat and just squat down no I
stand up to wee yeah yeah definitely don’t sit on the toilet seat and even if I
was doing a number two which as we know is a poo I probably wouldn’t sit down on
the toilet seat I probably wouldn’t sit down no not on a train what would you do
I reckon I’d probably squat really wow yeah yeah okay okay okay yeah we don’t
want to get too involved in that yeah it’s another episode that yeah check out the
video up here how to poo in English no it’s not gonna it’s not gonna be
there okay what about your local where’s your local
my local pub is on a street called Tavistock Street
which is a bit of a dodgy street actually and actually it’s off that Street so it’s kind of
parallel to it but yeah it’s on I can’t remember the name of the road but it’s on
this dodgy little road is it on the corner of the street it is actually yeah
yeah it’s on the corner opposite a multi-story car park that multi-story
Oh God it’s a good one isn’t it’s textbook it really is and so your local
when was the last time you went last time I went to my local was probably two weeks
ago and can you remember where you were sat in the pub yeah I think I was sat near
the bar actually near the bar but not at the bar because I was with my mate
if I’d been alone I probably would have sat at the bar because I like to chat to
the barman or barmaid keep me company
yeah either or doesn’t matter thank you very much for telling me about your life in Bedford in
prepositions it’s been my pleasure I hope I have provided the prepositions
that you were desiring I think you have yeah well done good call thanks bye bye now
over to you we want you to tell us using as many prepositions of place as
possible where your local is and tell us about the last time you went if you’re
not a big pub goer then you could tell us about a local cafe or restaurant
you like please give us a thumbs up if you would like more and tell us which
categories and prepositions really confuse you remember to check out italki and make use of our discount code found in the description box below
if you haven’t yet subscribe to be notified when our new content is
released and if you want more from us then go ahead and watch this video right
now see you next time on Real English With Real Teachers


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