How To Sell Your Clothes For Cash At Resale Shops

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too. I have been recycling, reselling, donating
my clothes for a very long time now, decades I would said. And I have some tips that I’ve come across
that I hope are helpful to you. First off, I want to say that I go through
my closet every three months religiously. And I definitely look at each article and
see if it’s still bringing me joy. I do subscribe to the Marie Kondo method,
I’ve been Kondo-ing big time, even more so now after watching her show on Netflix
and it’s got me even more sort of excited about this. This is something that I’ve been doing for
a long time already. But I really do think that’s important and
it doesn’t take very long to do, but I go through and I really recycle out what is no
longer serving me for whatever reason. I give it gratitude and then I’m ready to
let it go. I love to think that somebody else might be
able to get some joy out of the same article of clothing or shoes or whatever because I
usually love everything that I buy. What happens is when I do that, and I’m
showing you here, I recently went through and did a big clean out of my closet. And these are all the things that I found
that I’ve loved in the past but for whatever reason right now, they’re just not brining
me the joy and not something that I want to keep in my life, and again, hoping somebody
else can use it. Now what I usually do is I figure out what
is resellable, if you will, and then what I’m just going to donate somewhere. I never throw the stuff away because I really
do think that most people can use things and I have nice things. I normally don’t have huge high-end labels
that I sell, sometimes I do. If I do that, I will take them to maybe a
designer consignment place or something. Where they’ll stay there and if they sell,
I get a percentage. There’s My Sister’s Closet, which is a
little lower-end designer, but there’s also higher-end designers and I might do this. There are also places that I go, I’m going
to take you today to one of them, it’s called Flashbacks which buys your clothes for cash. The things that I’m wanting to sell today
or that I found in my closet I think are a little bit more fun, funky, some are vintage
and I think that they will go well at Flashbacks, so that’s where I’m taking those today. That’s tip number one. Know your resale places around and what they
specialize in and what they’re looking for. Secondly, seasonal. They’re looking usually for seasonal items,
so that if it’s the winter, they’re wanting to buy winter and maybe a little bit into
spring. If it’s something truly special, at a place
like Flashbacks, they will take it if it isn’t seasonal. Sometimes they’ll tell you to come back. So, seasonal – know that you’re going to
be selling things that they can get on the shelf and sell pretty quickly. Also, don’t expect to get a ton of money. You might have paid a ton of money for these
things, but they’re not going to sell for anywhere near that. Usually you will get half of whatever the
store is going to sell at. So, don’t expect–unless you have something
like magnificent that you might want to sell on eBay or on your own, don’t expect to
make a ton of money. It’s a nice little bonus, might be able
to get you something small or some new article of clothing that you really like, but in my
experience, it hasn’t been like uh, all this money. In the beginning I thought it maybe would. Another thing, I know people feel a little
bit of anxiety around this in the beginning because you’re kind of embarrassed maybe
if your things don’t sell or you think that the person that’s looking through it might
be judging it. Maybe they do a little, but in my experience
that’s not the case at all. This is their job, they’re looking for things. See if you can get a little detached from
this whole process. And I’ve developed sort of a different — this
is one of my tips that I think has served me really well — I feel if the stuff doesn’t
sell, then then it’s a good thing that I am getting rid of it because it’s either
not seasonal, it’s not current, it’s not something–So, I usually think, huh, all right,
good thing it’s not in my closet if it’s not even going to sell at a place like that. So, I turn the whole thing around and if it
doesn’t sell sometimes I’m like, “Hmm, good, all right, I’m glad I’m getting
rid of it.” And then I’ll donate what doesn’t sell. Another tip that I have is because sometimes
at these places, especially at the ones that you’re going to get cash in advance for,
they take a little while to go through and they might have a line up of stuff because
they’re very popular, so you might have to wait for quite a while. Your clothes might be third or fourth in line
and depending on what you have, it might take quite a while. So, normally you have to stay in the shop
and shop around, smart for them, you usually find something. But it can take kind of a long time, sometimes
up to an hour. So, my tips for this are either go in the
very beginning when they first open or like maybe like a half an hour to forty-five minutes
before they close. Because then you can kind of get in and out. At closing time they’re hurrying they’re
kind of get you in. In the morning, the beginning of the day then
it also is going to be where you’re not waiting as long. So, if you can, at all, do either the beginning
or close. If not, realize that you might have to wait
a little while and it might take a while and just have some fun looking around in the shop. All right, so those are some of my tips, I
hope that you find that helpful. But I encourage you to try it, it can be a
lot of fun if you go with the right mindset and just enjoy the whole process. I am now going to go and take my things to
Flashbacks, I’ll kind of show you as much as I can of the process of that and then talk
to you a little bit about it after. [Music] I got to the buy counter and it was the middle
of the day and there were quite a few large buys ahead of mine. Those were my bags and I knew it was going
to take a little while, but that’s okay. You can see she is meticulously going through
these large bags of things that people brought in. But then these are my things finally it came
time for that, and it looked like they were doing pretty well. It’s always a good sign when you see your
things in the buy bin, there are some of my things there. Here is the final result. You can see that the store is going to sell
my things for $201.66. I could have gotten about half of that $100.80
if I would have taken trade value to use in the store, but I opted for the cash value
of $60.40. Okay, well there you have it. I think I did pretty well, I made a little
bit of extra cash. I could have gotten credit in the store for
a little bit more, but I’m doing a shopping moratorium, so we’re not doing that. I hope that you learned something here and
that you go and take your clothes and do some reselling with them. I would love to hear your tips if you have
any, please leave them in the comments below. Until next time, thank you so much for watching,
I really appreciate it. Have fun and dress it up a little.

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