How to Play Strait Whist : Use Your Partner’s Bidding to Your Advantage

And takes them all and get seven. I mean that’s
an incredible advantage in the game. So use your partners bidding to your advantage. So
if you have a good strong hand and, this is a bit of an exaggeration. This is a very powerful
hand so obviously if it’s going to be my bid first bid in this position I’m going to bid
5 or 6. Especially if I have a monster hands like this. Now sometimes you don’t necessarily
have the strength. We’ve got 3, 6, 9, 12, and 13. We may not have the particular strength
in hearts. We may have some weak clubs over here on the side. Or actually a good long
club suit. And maybe even a losing spade or two. So if we have 6 and 3 is 9. Okay this
is an interesting hand because we have the tops in hearts; we have strong clubs, doubles
in ace, king and diamonds. Certainly 2 losing spades. This is a hand when if we look at
the number of potential losers we certainly have two losers here and we possibly may have
two here. So we really don’t want a push out bid of more than say 3. Or even 2. We just
want to be able to compete in the auction. Because we have all this strength, the only
threat is that the opponents may want to take the hand downtown. So bid your hand accurately
in that try to bid the number of tricks you’re going to take. Premium is long suits. A tendency
toward the hand to be uptown or downtown and if you’ve got all the suits stopped or 3 suits
stopped and a good running suit then consider no trump because the rewards for no trump
are really tremendous and that’s the advantage of the bidding. So use the bidding and try
to bid accurately but remember in Whist you are rewarded for the strength of your hand
as well as the fact that if you’re able to take the bid cheaply particularly in last
position, you will get the extra tricks that you make after you bid.

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