How to install battery tender on motorcycle GSXR and charge

Hey guys what’s up GarageKing here and
today we are going to put the battery charger on the Gixxer it’s that time of
year where it’s getting a little bit too cold
so we’re just not gonna drive it anymore so I like to put the battery charger on
it so I’m gonna show you guys how to put the battery charger on it some people
don’t even know how to get to the battery so we’ll show all the steps
involved I appreciate if you like the video give it a thumbs up and also
consider subscribing so first things first we have to remove this plastic
here now if we look at the side of our GSXR there’s an actual tab in here so if
we push down and pull out with our fingers we’re gonna pull out the tab and
there you go you can see it right there there’s a tab came up now you think
you’re gonna break this but what you do is you stick your finger under slide it
all the way back and it’s almost like a type of velcro that’s on here so we’re
just gonna pull it there you go we’re gonna put it there we go and then
there’s a little plastic thing I’ll show you one of those things just like that
and that you just line up in that plastic oh and then we only have one
bolt to get out and I think it’s a five or a six mil bolt well let me tell you
what it is so here is our five so we’re putting that in and yes it is a five
five mil put that in our bolt and you can see it’s that type of bolt so it’s
special bolt don’t don’t lose them once you’ve been done the bolts on both
sides the seat actually just lifts right up just like so and you can see there
for later on there’s the two tabs just for lining it up so it’s actually pretty
easy and here we can see our battery there’s
our negative terminal and there’s our positive terminal so now we’re just
gonna go get our charger and we are going to put it on so I have the battery
on charge but I don’t want to take the seat off every year so I just bought
this Eliminator battery charger it’s one of these little smart Chargers I’ll
throw up the link with the unboxing there if you’re curious and it came with
some different types of adapters and it has an SAE connection which means it’s a
Quick Connect so you can disconnect this and then I have these two little leads
here but more importantly it came with a set of these which pretty much all of
them do so what I’m going to do is hook these up to the battery run it through
so it’s very easy just to pop the rear off and then I can just plug the charger
in so I don’t save me tons of time I don’t have to take the seat off every
time okay so let’s take the rear seat off easy enough now let’s get all this
stuff out of the way here so now I’m gonna unwrap our new cables and they
come fused one of its size a few this is it’s check it out
just to see if anyone’s curious oh no I’m kind of curious and it is 7.5 amp
fuse ok little problem so what we’re gonna have to do now is fish this part
down through here just like so some of you may already know where I’m going
with this and this parts gonna step here and do we even have a weather pack
fitting here okay just like this but the only thing is with we’re gonna have to
zip tie it somehow just so we don’t lose this cord because we don’t want it
falling that and down in there but that’s easy enough there’s a lot of
little things we could zip tie to and I think I found it there’s two there we go
so I have a cord out just through the bike just like so and
now all we’re gonna do is we’re gonna connect to our battery Aaron if we zoom
in I was actually able to get it right through this part here so now this part
or this rubber cover protector can actually still cover it up and it’ll all
work out great there just like so so now we can just grab our wire here we can
unplug it and we can do a little test make sure we’re connected and there you
go so now whenever we want to charge our motorcycle all we got to do is just pop
this back piece here which is really easy we don’t have to take the seat and
then we can just plug it in one thing I should mention really quick is when
you’re tucking the wire in it does this is a positive lead and it may rub there
this is steel and a little concerned with that I don’t think it’s a big deal
it is fused here so I mean if anything touches here the fuse will just pop but
still what I was gonna do is just put a little bit of um like this wire loom
protector stuff on it all right and you can see all I’ve done
here on the cable is I’ve just put some wire in them just to give it that little
bit of extra protection so should it rub anything we shoot in short out so that’s
it now I’m just gonna fish it back up top okay so as you can see I have it
taped up nice and it’s all protected of them goes pretty much all the way to the
top so that’s awesome so now what we’re gonna do is tuck this in here just like
so there we go I know that that’s tucked in there you go I’ll just stay just like
that and if we pan over now we can see nothing’s rubbing because we have the
loom everywhere there and that positive wire is okay I’ll pan over to the other
side here so that’s good runs up like that and then through there so now for
charging that’s awesome alright here we are here and best way I
found anyway there we go you can see there’s some elastics there so what we
can always do is just pull it through like this there we have our ship tied
just like so and then you zip it zip tie this up good enough and there we go
now just loose in there and that’s it’s fine like that that’s that’s not gonna
hurt anything that’s perfect nice and easy to take out so let’s put our seat
back on and now we’re just gonna put our side
covers on so I just wanted to zoom in really quick so there’s the hole it
actually has to go on and those are the velcro thing so it span back out so
we’re pan back out and this is a little I guess thing that has to go into that
hole I just showed you a moment ago so we’re just gonna line that up there we
go just like this and now what we got to do is make sure in the tank this part
this the lip is under here so that’s gonna go underneath and then all we’re
gonna do is there we go same for the other side so that’s it guys hopefully
you’ve enjoyed here you can see it’s just with this quick connect now I can
connect the charger and leave a charging there we go that’s not going to fall off
it’s almost one click but it’s but you don’t to push it down tight because if
you push it down tight these seats are designed to go down fairly tight here so
you don’t want to mark anything up but you can at least rest it back on that’s
fine and now your bike can charge and you know it is so easy all you got to do
is with your key you can just take this rear seat off and then charge your bike
so it saves you from taking the center seat off which is a lot harder to take
off because you have to take off those plastics can’t be done I’m just I’m
assuming on any motorcycle so probably the best way to charge a motorcycle and
then whenever you’re done you just pop this back off
yeah undo this put your seat back on and away you go so it’s really really easy
it’s just a matter of running that so I thought about doing
this with the Gixxer wanted to share with you makes hopefully it makes it
easy for you the tools to take off the Gixxer motorcycle seat actually you
really don’t need much all you need is a 5 mil allen key I use this just for the
battery terminals to help fish them back in and then just a 10 mil socket for the
battery so really that’s all you need then your fingers don’t need anything
else so hopefully you’ve enjoyed I appreciate if you subscribe trying to
ignore my channel if you have any questions or comments or anything like
that please let me know

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