How to find Deals and Bargains  on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – TOP 10 secrets

How to find Deals and Bargains on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – TOP 10 secrets

Hi guys, this is me again Diana welcome back to my channel of stock money today I would like to talk about my favorite thing ever and that is finding shopping deals and bargains on Black Friday Do you love deals and bargains as much as I do if your answer is yes? Then please watch this video until the end and don’t miss the secrets of finding deals and bargains During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, um many years ago I’ve worked in retail so I’ve learned just everything I need to save money for years to come also. I’ve done I’ve done some research and used my shopping expertise from previous years and came up with the following tips that will help you score The best deals in town during the Thanksgiving sales, so let’s get started Let’s start with number 1 Black Friday Doesn’t have to start on Friday in fact if you go to your favorite local store like Costco Target maysa Nordstrom or whatever your shopping place is on Wednesday afternoon you might be the first in line to score some of the deals and have access of the full inventory and In options so while everyone else is stocking up on turkey and wine on Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving check out your favorite shop and get a peek at the deals Another one prepare a shopping list to avoid impulsive buying think about what you need maybe you need a warm coat Shoes or winter clothes this might be a good time to get some of those deals Also, maybe you’ve been thinking about buying a TV or computer or other electronics This is a great time to buy electronics seriously plan ahead There is competition out there But see what store has your model and check the prices ahead of time if you love Freebies then make sure to wake up early or perhaps secure your spot in line right off to the Thanksgiving dinner In the lay in right so some of the stores give away free stop coupons and gifts for the first shoppers in line Obviously you can’t be first in line at all of the shops, so Prioritize if you’ve been thinking about buying those hogs for example and if you are obsessed with them as much as I am then perhaps you would like to be in line at the ug g store instead of Walmart and Next once you hit the store make sure to compare the prices and perhaps when you are in line when you were waiting in line you can use a smartphone and Look up what other stores. What what are the prices are at other stores? I love Amazon mobile app in the past day remember. I was staying in line and I use Amazon to compare just about every every single price that I was seeing in store you can simply scan the barcode on the Serving product and compare the prices elsewhere I seriously love that and also don’t forget to save some money for cyber monday Don’t waste everything on friday um some of the best deals. I was able to Find in the past were at midnight right before cyber monday So remember many sales begin one second after midnight on Monday following Thanksgiving and many sales are limited only for a few hours at night I Remember two years that I booked a vacation this way via Expedia, and it was a very good deal We went on vacation in June the following year, but planning ahead it paid off big-time also, check for sales and plan ahead Make sure you don’t click on phishing emails only shop directly Directly on the sites you know and trust and perhaps, maybe it makes sense to install or update Antivirus on your computer to avoid those kind of fishy offers um also Even if you get a deal online check if you get free shipping Shipping cost money and while you’re on the deal hunting mood. You might as well get through shipping as well One more thing and check the return return policies before you heed, bye okay, this is really one more thing and this is the last one I’ve I’ve left my favorite for the last Lately I’ve been so obsessed with Emma’s shopping that I swear by it seriously Amazon has tons of its own secret that I’ve learned Recently so for example If you have Amazon Prime membership you have you have access to deals before Everyone else and and you get through shaping which is kind of a big deal if you’re a regular shuttle like me on Amazon while shopping on Amazon sort out the deals That’s this very good trick I’ve taken print screens in the past and Amazon was able to match my price even after the deal was no longer available You can also save or add an item to a wish list saying that there is an option to do that if you really want an item But it is out of stock and the item to the wait list you never know maybe someone Changed their mind and you get the deal So also act quickly some deals only last for a few hours, or even minutes usually the good ones obviously I’ve seen the price go up before my eyes during the previous Amazon sale so make sure you act quickly Also keep in mind if you are ordering online make sure you watch out for those packages And you obviously know the reason why um? Well, I’m glad to share my shopping tips and tricks with you honestly This is one of the best times to get the things you need to buy Anyways, so looking back at previous Black Friday’s and cyber monday deals, I bought Great stuff like vacation, I bought my I Robot I got a great deal on my favorite instant pod last year I also got the best price ever on a designer bag. They want it so badly for a long long time I Also, buy lots of warm clothes for the kids for the winter and myself And then my husband I have to buy those things anyway So I might as well save some big bucks on his right I even remember I bought a new car on Black Friday back in 2004 and that was a very very good deal So thank you for watching keep in mind shop responsibly Buy only what you can afford and don’t overspend I have to tell you this after all the channel about saving money, right? So if you found this information useful feel free to share with your friends and subscribe That will help a lot to grow my youtube channel Spread the word and perhaps. You’ll get some plants in your karma tank. Thank you for watching You


  • Michael

    November 12, 2017

    WOW, so many comments on this video! i guess people like it!

  • Ada Gilbert

    November 2, 2018

    Scores of stores are waiting until Black Friday to open. However, even as that number grows, other stores are opening earlier Thanksgiving Day.
    Though some retailers are already rolling out the deals, the best online bargains are still likely to be found on Black Friday and other big sales days — but there’s a catch. Wait till then, and the tablet, laptop or TV you want most may be gone.


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