How to Find Clothing Bargains : Buying Handbags at Garage Sales & Consignment Shops: Part 2

Hello! My name is Denise Robertson, and on
behalf of I am here to talk about the consignment shops and garage sales.
In this segment we are going to talk about the handbag. Another type of bag is a beaded
bag, this is also vintage, I found it at a shop, and again you just make sure that the
inside is clean, because your personal items are going in there and it becomes your bag.
And if you are into leather and name brands, name brands do not always mean what they mean,
but this particular brand is Antonio Milani, and it is a good quality leather handbag that
is decorated with metals. And again you just check for the insides and make sure that the
bag is in good condition. If it has a broken handle or anything, and you feel that it can
be repaired, buy it. And, last but not least, these are more tricky to buy, because they
are cloth, and again smell your items, you just want to make sure it is pleasing to your
nose, and make sure that the colors are brilliant, or if you just want that fady grunge look,
buy it.

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