How to Cook Oven Roasted Garlic Chicken Drumsticks | Juicy, Tender and Moist Chicken Recipe

How to Cook Oven Roasted Garlic Chicken Drumsticks | Juicy, Tender and Moist Chicken Recipe

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I’m going to share with you oven roasted garlic chicken drumsticks I have four and a half pound chicken drumsticks these are fresh I’m going to take out the skin I’m going to use Tandoori masala I’m going to use granulated garlic ground nutmeg then I’ll be using spices on my masala dhaba let’s get started I’ll take out the chicken drumsticks I’m going to remove the skin you can keep the skin on as a personal choice I like skin on but the kids don’t like it so I always take it out with the fresh chicken it’s really easy the skin comes out I’m going to finish removing all the skin from the drumsticks what I have it done now it remove the skin and I washed with the cold water and I pat it dry so what I will do I will get a cutting board and this is really important that I’m going to get each piece I’m going to make cut like these the whole reason I’m doing it because when we going to marinate our drumsticks it’s going to taste well because all the masala the ingredients they will go inside and when we’re going to eat the drumsticks they will be very tasty so I’m going to finish cutting up these I made a 2 to 3 cuts on each drumsticks now we’re going to bring the spices 1 tsp salt and that you always can adjust according to your taste cumin powder 1 TSP coriander powder 1 TSP black pepper I’m going to use a 2 teaspoon one and this is two garam masala 1/2 teaspoon for garlic powder 1 tablespoon that’s going to give us nice garlic flavor perfectly store-bought tandoori masala 1 tbsp this is going to give us a nice color ground nutmeg quarter teaspoon and now we’re going to mix it to all we’re going to make sure that it’s nicely coated I’m going to let it sit on a countertop for 10 minutes then I’m going to mix it again then we’re going to leave it another 10 minutes after 20 minutes I’m going to share with you how to make it juicy and moist chicken drumsticks I’m going to get my tray and I’m going to put it inside and I’m going to fill up with hot water this is a really important many people question my cooking that when I cook I can cook my chicken or any meat within half an hour if you follow the easy steps method then you will have your chicken or any meat juicy moist tender to fill up tray with hot water and as you can see all the steam is coming out this is a really important step so please don’t miss it now we’re going to close it I’m going to turn the light on so you can see the tray is in there and we’re going to set bake and we’re going to set the temperature to 500 degree Fahrenheit and now I’m going to start it and we’re going to preheat our oven this is really important we have our oven preheated at 500 degree Fahrenheit which is 260 degree Celsius as you can see the water is boiling hot now we’re going to bring our chicken tray our chicken has been marinated for 20 minutes so I’m going to get the tray and I’m going to lay out the chicken drumstick just like this so all the chicken drumsticks are nicely laid out now we’re going to take this one to our oven be careful when you’re going to open the oven is going to be hot steaming so just be careful don’t burn yourself look at this I’m going to place my tray on top of the hot water and I’m going to bring the tray little back and we’re going to let it sit now the time is 8:57 and we’re going to come exactly 30 minutes or 9:27 our chicken will be ready and then I’m going to share with you it’s exactly half an hour it’s 9:27 and our chicken is fully cook and I’m going to turn off the oven and I can show to you so be careful when you open it don’t burn yourself it’s going to be real hot Wow look at that steaming hot you don’t really need to do anything you can pull it as it but if you want you can turn it over and our oven is off we’re just going to let it sit like five minutes I’m just going to turn these over after turning all these pieces over looking perfect we’re going to leave the oven off and we’re going to just let it sit five minutes once it’s gonna cool down a little bit I’m going to take it out another five minutes we let the chicken rest so I’m going to pull it out this is the perfect juicy chicken and if you want a little bit of crunchier then definitely you can turn the broil on and you can let it you can cook another five minutes but this is the perfect with a half an hour this is a perfectly moist and juicy chicken and I can show you our tray look at the try and all the water in there and all the fat drain into the water now healthy chicken our oven roasted garlic chicken is already and as you can see each pieces and the meat is pulled back and when you cook with the steam it cooked up to the bone look at this this is a perfect chicken and is so juicy and so moist once you’ll eat it you will love it share with you I’ll break it to look at these pieces or look at the whole chicken is nicely cooked you just break it so this is super moist mmm super juicy It’s so good very tasty hmm I feel like eating it but I have to finish the videos so please try it and you want to like it and if you like it like always like share and subscribe easy steps cooking thank you and I have a good day bye bye


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