beautiful is that everybody today we are
going to talk about my van and how I got it and how you can get one too everyone so today we are at a beach by
gala which is in yomet on which is a little bit of North West Okinawa and
it’s actually really beautiful here you can see there’s some guy out there
fishing okay and not much else it’s pretty secluded it’s low tide sort of
stuff very cool I’ve moved to Okinawa two years ago and I’m pretty much this
video channel is dedicated to stuff about Okinawa whether it be dragon
boating restaurants culture what-have-you so thank you for joining
if you feel so inclined to go ahead and hit that subscribe button that would be
greatly appreciated now the reason I’m doing this video today is because I’m
getting a ton and a ton of messages through through my email also messages
on the video that I produced about my van about the Toyota Hiace and how did I
get it and there’s a lot of people here in Okinawa don’t want to get a cool car
but they can’t find one here because either they’re too expensive or the
dealers just don’t carry a late-model car that maybe you want to take back to
the states later so what I’ve decided to do is pretty much tell you exactly how I
did it and maybe it’ll work for you the first thing you want to do is figure out
why that car you want do you want a car that’s that you’re gonna be able to take
back to the states do you want a cool car that you’re gonna spend some time
with in Japan here the US has a 25 year import law which means basically if it’s
less than 25 years or older you’re gonna have to conform it to the US Highway
Transportation guidelines whatever that is I didn’t really have to deal a lot
about that because mine is a 1996 so that said I was looking for a high
expand and you I wanted a van I wanted a really cool van with like you know the
windows the sunrooms and everything so what did I do the first thing I did is
go on GU and cüneyt calm is like kind of the auto trader of Japan where
you can see all sorts of cars what if boats trailers trucks everything and
you’ll get the dealer prices from there meaning you’ll get the prices if you
just walked it off the street so I was looking and I noticed that my band for
the most part anything I wanted with the low kilometers that mine has is going to
about anywhere from seven to twelve thousand dollars I know for like a 22 to
25 year old van which was Impe was insane to me so I contacted bunet about
a band that I can’t that was real low-priced and then I realized after
looking at some detailed pictures why was low-priced because it was just junky
and rowdy and they actually reached out to me and said why don’t you buy one
from the mainland auction I said okay well how do I do that first step is find
the vehicle that you want to buy in your head figure out what you want if you
already know what you want then you’re ahead of the game okay then go on bunet
and see what they’re asking for that particular vehicle I know it’s gonna be
expensive and I know the prices are gonna be maybe out there more than you
want to pay but at least you gauge what they’re going for so that you don’t
overpay if you decide to go the auction route which is what I’m going to talk
about now okay so the auction route let me talk to you about how I got involved
with the auction so after I reached out to goo net a representative from King’s
auto emailed me so basically he gave me a username and password for this website
that gives me access to every single auction in mainland Japan and it has
drop-down menus I know everyone’s like the first question I get is was it all
in Japanese did you have to figure it all out no no it’s all in English and it
has drop-down menus Toyota Mitzvah whatever you want every make and model
even if it’s not Japanese is on there then you just select like you want an
auto trader or some other car sights you select the years that you’re looking for
the range of years how many kilometers you want on it
automatic whatever manual and then just figure out what you need what you want
and then hit enter now it changes every week actually changes every day because
there are auctions every day once you get all the information from you know
you figure out what kind of car you want you get the information from the Kings
auto people who will give you access to that and I’ve put that information in
the description below then comes the tough part and you would
think this is the easiest part but it’s really not it’s actually kind of tough
next step is give them a deposit now you’ve been given about a deposit of
whatever you feel necessary and I gave them a minimal deposit and they cover
the rest and obviously if you win the auction then you have to give them the
rest of the money if it went above your deposit or not the toughest part besides
the wire transfer and doing all that paperwork is really finding the vehicle
that you want so for me it took about seven to eight months and here’s why I
would find some vans that I liked and then I would you know they have an
auction sheet attached to them on every picture there’s some bands of ten to
eleven pictures of theirs just have three but everyone does have an optional
sheet so I started looking at the auction sheets and I started looking and
they would translate the oxygen sheets for me the people at Kings auto and let
me know what deficiencies the vehicle had what had been done to it what’s on
the sheet some of the stuff I could decipher my selves and there’s plenty of
sites I’ll explain it to you like the grade is easy to decipher you know the
mileage is easy to easy to decipher but once I figured out you know what I
wanted I started looking and looking and looking and I found three or four bands
that I really liked and I put bids on them and I lost bids on them because the
Japanese auction works different than United States auction and here’s how
that works so in the United States if you were to buy a car at an auction you
know it’s five ten fifteen it doesn’t work like that in Japan in Japan you
submit one bid so basically if I was to submit two thousand dollars that would
be my max and I wanted to spend and that’s the max that I was willing to bid
so I would submit two thousand dollars okay so let’s say somebody else submits
$1,900 I’m talking to US dollars if they submit 1,900 then – next – mm I win the
bid however if someone else submits like twenty-five hundred dollars then I’m out
and I it goes pretty quickly so you you really know right away because the
auction times page we select you know exactly when and
where the auction is and whether you lost and here’s a video to show just how
fast this thing goes and what I did know I bid on a van I had a three thousand
dollar us bid in on this van and I thought oh it’s gonna go for less than
that it didn’t and here’s how fast it goes so you saw how fast that that
auction went it was very very quick and I lost nothing went for like $8,000 us
maybe $7,500 us so that’s why it took me so long to find the van that I found is
because you lose auctions you win auctions but for me I was out out losing
streak of four four vehicles and then one night this vehicle popped up on a
Friday night on the auction sheet it was going up for auction at 10 a.m. and I
said you know what I would love to bid on this van so I called my rep through
whatsapp and everything’s done through whatsapp she speaks English and she put
the bid in for me and it went up at 10 a.m. at at 10:15 she told me I had won
the bid so I was super excited and that’s how I got my van so that’s how I
got my van and it cost a fraction of what my normal car cost here in Okinawa
and I won’t tell you how much because it’s it’s really obscene how cheap it is
now people are asking me how much do they charge what are the fees like I
think their fees were fairly reasonable and then the shipping was probably the
most expensive thing to get my van here was about eight or nine hundred dollars
u.s. because of the size I think it took like 30 days for the van to get here and
they delivered it to my door now they’ve also told me they deliver to the United
States so that’s another thing if you want to pursue that out that route you
can do that as well these are the steps that I took to get my van here in
Okinawa and I do plan on taking it home with me as well because it will be 25
years or older so I won’t have to pass any emissions or any crap like that
it’ll be a very very easy process for me to bring that to the United
eight I’m a little winded because I was walking from down there up here and it’s
kind of windy and it’s actually rather steep steeper than it look so here are
the steps again first go on gooo Netcom take a look at the vehicle that you want
start searching in your mind and figure out what you exactly you want and how
much they’re going for on Gounod I can almost guarantee you they will be at
least half or less in half if you get them from the auction the second step is
to reach out to a colleague at I used King’s auto you might be able to use
somebody else reach out to them and see if they can give you access to the
auction site which they should be able to because their business the third step
is find what the models that you want are going for and on some of the auction
sites they list the prices that they went for that they sold for and if
you’re happy with that will give you a great great guesstimate about how these
cars are going whether they’re going for more money than you thought or they’re
going for less money than you thought once you do that you can give them a
deposit and get the ball rolling that will give you bidding power because you
can’t bid unless you give them a deposit so you’ll work it out with your
representative you go and you give them a deposit and now you can start
searching the internet for the auction sites for your car or your future car
and you’re not going to win them all you’re not going to win the first car
you like you’re not going to win the second car you like if you do
congratulations you are totally going against the grain
with that but and I wish you all the luck in the world but it didn’t work
like that for me third bid on the car that you like make sure that they
translate the auction sheet for you like I said there are many sites that will
translate the auction sheet for you just a normal part it’ll tell you what to
look for but the actual auction sheet that’s on that car your representative
should be able to translate that auction sheet for you and give you through
whatsapp or through text or however you’re communicating a pretty good list
of things that are wrong with things right with everything that auction seats
says well they will be able to translate and tell you and then you make your
decision and then you can bid and ask for shipping I shipped here to Okinawa
but you can ship it from what they tell me they ship it to the ports a Los
Angeles they ship it to the East Coast prices variants usually cheaper to ship
to the west coast of the United States just because of geography and it’s a
less time to get there so less expenses but it’s it’s totally realistic for you
to come to Japan or for you to be sitting in the States saying
I wish I had that car here in the United States it’s totally realistic to say
that it’s a little bit of work to get it done but it’s not impossible and I see a
lot of people like you know going to these agents and getting ripped off and
charged I’m saying that they all do that but I’ve seen a couple that do do that
so you should really really be careful and go with the rep you’ll accompany
like I said I went with Kings Auto they’ve got years in the business you
can go with them you don’t have to and I’ll put the link at the bottom of this
description so you can call them if you want you can reach out to them if you’d
like they are all on whatsapp and they are really really great people
it was totally totally seamless after I bought the car the car was sitting in my
driveway in 23 days and that’s because I missed the first boat that was on its
way over here 23 days then I just did some simple paperwork on base and boom
I’ve got a really cool hiace van there’s the girl right there fantasy
she’s hanging out over there along with all the dragonflies that are flying
around or know if you can even see that but so that’s how I got my band here in
Okinawa so if you’re thinking about buying a really cool car from Japan and
bringing it to the States or if you are here Okinawa on orders and you want to
buy a car to bring in Okinawa be sure to follow these simple steps and you will
do fine it’s not impossible you don’t have to pay these crazy dealer fees like
my van if I wanted to sell it now $12,000 are you high I’m not gonna pay
that so by all means check out the auction check out Kings Auto or someone
else make sure that their fees aren’t absorbing either because I heard that
somebody out there is charging a thousand dollars just for access to the
auction sites which I believe is ridiculous ridiculous bordering on
unjust ransom money it doesn’t there’s another cool height
ridiculous bordering on ransom money so you know extortion almost I consider it
they had very low fees and I was very happy with their performance so I’m
gonna end it here by the way if you know anybody in military active duty or
spouse came a hugger handshake is it ain’t easy and I will see you next video
thanks for watching everybody talk to you soon you

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