How to be More Successful with your Transportation Bidding Strategy

Hello shippers. My name is Mike Kukiela with Schneider Supply Chain Solutions. When was the last time that you’ve done a
network transportation bid? Have you done it across all of the modes of
transportation within your network? Were you able to optimize your supply chain
while you were running that procurement event? What type of tools were you using? These are all questions that many customers come to us with when they’re
just starting off in their Schneider relationship, and what they
come to realize is that Schneider is focused on simplifying shipping. With our
BidSmart® technology, not only can you run a multimodal network procurement
event, but you can reoptimize the entire supply chain for yourself, improve order
fulfillment, and improve the velocity of moving goods from your distribution
center to your end customer. Routinely, we’re beating the market by over 5%. If
you’re interested in learning more about the BidSmart® technology and how
Schneider simplifies shipping, please check out the link right after this

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