How much should you bid on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads | The Best CPC Bidding Strategy

A lot of times people have come up to me
and asked me that you know I’m getting started with Facebook Ads
Google Ads or Instagram ads and I want to figure out what is the best CPC bid
for my budget so that I can get the maximum output from whatever budget
there is and I’m going to answer that in this video so next time anyone asks me
the same question I’m just gonna point you to this video well here goes there
is no single way to answer that for you so the thing you have to understand
about all these advertising platforms online is that it all depends on the
audience you select so let’s talk about Facebook Ads for example if you’re
creating a Facebook ad you basically select the target audience while you’re
creating your ad set to figure out who you want to advertise to now let’s say
there are hundred people you want to advertise to right now it’s just not you
there are like probably five other businesses bidding for this same
audience and they’re trying to grab the attention here as well so now there are
five companies competing so the bid for this audience will start going up for
example the next day instead of five there are 100 companies competing
for the same audience so the bid is going to go up even further because
there is more intense competition but let’s say tomorrow there is only one
other company competing for this audience so now the bid is going to be
really really low because there is really not much competition here so for
example typically around New Year’s around Christmas you will see that your
advertising rates start skyrocketing your cpc’s are enormously high and
that’s because during that time lots of companies start advertising and the
competition is more intense so the CPC increases so by now I guess you guessed
it that there is no clear way of finding out except actually getting your hands
dirty create an ad set put in some budget and figure it out run the ad for
like a week and you will start to notice what the CPC is for your audience and
it’s going to go up and down depending on what
the competition is and how the market changes so you will need to be prepared
for that and a lot of times this question is asked in a certain different
way people ask me that I have five hundred dollars to spend how many clicks
can I get through this the answer is exactly the same take your money take
like maybe fifty dollars out of it and create your audience start advertising
and within a week you will have your answer you will know exactly how much
it’s going to cost you to advertise to this audience

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