How do I sell at online auctions

Hello, I’m Mette Rode Sundstrøm,
CEO at I would like to explain how you get started
selling in our online auctions. It is easier than you think. At we accept all types of art, design and antiques. You can sell paintings, furniture and porcelain, silver, toys and designer electronics, or what about jewellery and furs? We have many auction houses around
Denmark, Sweden and Germany. You can find the addresses on our website. If you can’t bring your item to us yourself,
then contact a transport company. You can also call, so we can
suggest a good transport company. In Consignment you’ll find our specialists. You’ll talk about your item and
what hammer price you can expect. As a new customer you are
registered in our customer database. If you are not sure whether your item
can be sold at auction, you can use our online valuation. You send us an e-mail with a photo
and we respond with an estimate. You can also call and tell us
about the item you would like to sell. When you’ve decided to sell your item,
this is what happens next: The item is moved from Consignment
to our Write-up Department, The item is photographed and described factually
by our specialists. The lot is put on auction within approx. 3 days with detailed information and estimate. While your item is on auction, it will also be on display
in the auction house. Here bidders can come and view your item. All bidding however takes place online. Our homepage has over 0.5 million visitors each week. We have always thousands of lots on auction. This diversity attracts visitors
from over 200 countries. So there are potential buyers all over the world for your item. 97% of all lots are sold right away. An auction period typically runs for 7 days. When your item is sold
you receive a settlement. The money will be put on your bank account
within 30 days. You only pay 10% in seller’s commission,
however a minimum of EUR 35. We have the lowest sellers’ commission
in the auction business. Now you only need to find out
what you have to sell. Maybe you have something
in the attic or in the cellar. We hope to see you soon
as a seller on

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