Google Ads Target Search Page Location Bid Strategy | Beginners Tutorial

Hey guys. Silvio Perez here, and welcome to today’s
video. In this video, I’m going to be talking about
the target search page location bid strategy, what it is, and how you can go and use it. To get started, hop into your Google Ads Campaign
tab and click on the campaign you want to set this bid strategy for. Then go down to Settings, and then click on
Bidding, and then under Bidding, click “Change bid strategy,” and then click, change it directly,
and then in this dropdown menu, this is where we’re going to go ahead and set our bid strategy. Then from here, go down and click “Target
search page location.” Then once you click on “Target search page
location,” we’re going to be able to set the strategy that we want. Now, there’s two ways you can go ahead and
use this bid strategy. First and foremost, this is an automated bid
strategy, so basically with this bid strategy, you’re going to tell Google, “Hey Google,
I want you to show my ads on the top of the first results page,” and then Google’s going
to go ahead and take the reins and set your bids automatically for you so you don’t have
to worry about that and try to make sure that you reach your target that you specified. There’s two ways you can do this. Either you can say, “I want to be in the top
of the first results page,” so that means anywhere within the top three ad slots on
the first results page, or you can do it based on anywhere on the first results page where
you just want to show up on that first results page, you don’t care if you’re necessarily
on the bottom. You just want to be on that first page. Now, I think this goes without saying. You’re going to definitely want to use the
top of the first results page when you’re using this bid strategy if it’s something
you decide to do, but with Google removing average position and releasing more location-based
impression share metrics, this bid strategy, I think, is going to become more and more
relevant in the coming months in the coming changes of now people realizing with the search
top impression share metric how often their ads are actually being seen on the top of
the page. This is probably a good strategy that’s going
to become a lot more popular. It’s definitely one that isn’t as common,
but with advertisers that have flexible budgets, they’re able to spend more money, I think
they might be willing to test out this bid strategy. Once they take a look at those new metrics
like the search top impression share, and if they have a large enough gap of potential
of the market that they’re not capturing, that they notice using search top impression
share and the click share metrics, and they realize, “Hey, you know what? Our ads are only at the top of the page 20%
of the time. I want to go ahead and try out this target
search page location strategy and see if I can go ahead and increase that amount, and
by increasing that amount and getting more exposure, I’ll be able to get more conversions
and more leads.” That’s just something to keep in mind. That is the target search page location bid
strategy. You’re just going to tell Google, “I want
you to show my ads on the top of the first results page,” and they’re going to take the
reins and set your bids automatically to make sure that your ads are being seen. Now, something to mention is, if you do not
have a flexible budget, meaning you’re very constricted on your budget, this is definitely
not the bid strategy for you. The way Google is going to go ahead and make
sure your ads get more seen is, they’re going to raise your bids, so if raising bids is
something that you’re not comfortable with or you just don’t have that flexibility right
now, definitely don’t try this strategy, but if in the case that you do have that flexibility
and you are okay running a campaign experiment, if you do want to try this out, run a campaign
experiment, run the campaign experiment with this bid strategy versus your original strategy,
and see the results. Also, go ahead and take a look at your search
top impression share and your click share metrics, and your search absolute top impression
metrics to make sure that you have room for potential that warrants testing out this change. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions, and
go ahead and test out this strategy if it does make sense for you, and if you have any
comments, do leave them down below and go ahead and follow along to subscribe to the
channel if you got some value from this. I create content every week, and until next
time, take care.

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