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Hi! I’m Ameet Khabra from Ameet Khabra Marketing, and today, I’m going to teach you about Google AdWords. What is it? How does it work? Can you improve it? All that and more, coming up! Google AdWords is one of Google’s advertising distribution platforms. AdWords is Google’s advertising network where advertisers bid on certain keywords to make their clickable ads appear on Google’s search results. Since advertisers pay for each click, this is how Google makes money from search. This is the largest online advertising network in the world. People and companies, essentially, sell space on their websites, and advertisers buy the “right” to advertise on those sites. It’s not quite as simple as that, as the buying is done at an auction and you don’t get to exactly chose the websites you appear on. But you’ve come here today for the basics, so let’s just keep on going on with that. We’ll talk about bidding, and what that is, later. Let’s try to give you a visual of what this network looks like. Imagine that the Internet is a long, never ending highway. Google would be the people creating the billboards that you see on the side of the road. They go through all the hassle of building the signs, handling the construction permits, and also tracking how many people pass by. All the things you’d expect to be done before you agree to put your ads up for the world to see. AdWords is the text part of Google Ads. You’ll see these ads in the search results, besides or underneath blog posts, or even, overlaid in videos and games. The more visual side of Google Ads is called the GDN, or the Google Display Network. You can learn more about it up here. Google AdWords allows you to reach your customers where they are and when they are looking for you. When you’re bidding on ads spots, you’re really bidding on something called “Keywords”. Keywords are exactly that, key words in a person’s search term that trigger’s your ad. If you’re a plumber, your keywords might be “leak”, “sink leak”, “toilet leak”. You get the picture. You’re bidding against other companies who want their ads to be shown when people search for those keywords. It’s not only about how much you’re willing to pay. Now you know a little bit more about Google AdWords. Watch our other videos to learn more about Target Impression Share and CTR. It can get confusing with all the terms out there, and I really hope that I helped you understand this one. My team and I created “The Ultimate PPC Glossary”, so you can learn all the other terms. You can download it in the link below. The PPC world can be confusing and scary. If you want to learn more, please subscribe, ring the bell, like and comment on the video below.

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