Fox News Dominates Cable Ratings, Donates $1 Million to Republicans

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readings the other day lewis and fox news is absolutely blowing people out of
the water it’s it’s just not even close during the day fox had just a little over a million
viewers the next closest of was msnbc and cnn both around three hundred and
fifty thousand viewers i mean it’s less than half of those viewers and in prime time it even more believable fox at about one
point six million viewers on a random night last week and the next closest was msnbc with six
hundred thousand which is about a third of that it’s it’s pretty amazing maybe this isn’t a surprise right admin
we could think of a number of reasons why this would be the first is that and i mean it’s the only network that
has a very specific viewpoint right constituency modern viewpoint moderate
and liberal viewers may be getting split-up among all of the other networks
along with some conservatives right wears on fox it’s mostly conservatives watching that say i watch
fox more than any of the others just because i’m curious what are they
covering how are they covering it i would assume i’m probably exception to
the rule right i would assume most of the people
watching fox news are not watching it because they’re interested in critiquing
it there watching it because it is preaching to the choir so sorry but at
the same time you have to admit it makes for slightly
more interesting television regardless of whether in anger critiquing it there might be a bit more entertaining
his more interesting that they’re biased or the weights produces more entertain
the waste produced i agree with that any fox has very good production value if
you just look at the shows attractiveness of the anchors aside
wished is absolutely a factor as we know the infotainment factor of how foxnews
is producing its news certainly is affecting i think the ratings and that that we would be we would be lying if we said that they don’t do the
job that that would be not definitely now larry well the weather
that leaves people better informed whether it gives people a more honest
fair and balanced to quote foxnews themselves version of
the news probably not right i mean just for comparison sake sit-down behind her someone sit down and
watch fox news for an hour just about any show doesn’t really
matter and then watch democracy now for an hour i mean by comparison democracy now will
just seemed in terms of what is your velvet oleoyls own or just in terms of sheer entertainment value production
value right so certainly as people flip past the channels it is much more likely
that something going on on the screen on fox news will draw there are more
than something that on on number of other channels and program for sure well does anyone even believe fox news
is fair and balanced at this point we mentioned last week this million dollar
donation to the g_o_p_ governors association specifically two elected republican governors this
november you would think that this would be may
be covered his news on fox news technically be right but mostly be wrong
in the spirit of the thing thirty nine seconds were devoted that this million dollar donation to the republican governors association
that’ll play those thirty nine seconds for you right now take a listen the parent company of fox news newscorp
is responding to criticism from democrats over the company’s donation of one
million dollars to the republican governors association the head of the democratic governors
association may conventional has requested that fox news use a disclaimer
when covering gubernatorial races foxnews spokesman brian lewis said quote
nathan stock has run its course his fifteen minutes are up time to leave the
state and newscorp spokesman jack horner says
it is quote patently faults that a corporate donation whether any bearing
on our news gathering activities at foxnews or any other of our properties that is the fox news coverage of the fact that their parent company
news corporation gave a million dollars to elect republicans over the next couple of months is that
are incredible they are asking me if it’s a if it’s incredible that they’re not covering it well they did cover it for thirty-nine second i mean this is a
big story and you know what i think a disclaimer makes perfect sense
if you are watching fox news it would be important to know when
you’re watching their coverage of governor’s races that they have a horse
in in the race would not immunity if you were to steer as before and after
coverage of of the of governor’s races on fox news by the way our parent company donated a million bucks specific candidates elected to get the
republicans that we’re talking about elected i think the disclaimer makes
perfect sense how could you possibly believe that such
a donation would not in any way influence the coverage on the channel it’s a very very it difficult to believe
how that would be how that would be possible would it not yes but we know where we know what’s going on already
it’s no secret but that’s fine that ives users this hearing about the
coverage of the story that’s actually right is not a full disclosure without
something like that and what’s funny is bill o’reilly can go on and on and on
with it wicker balanced info if they don’t at least to an extent disclosed sleaze
fair and balanced is that there’s nothing fair and balanced diet that we
know what’s funny is bill o’reilly can just go on and on with the spiritually theory about general
electric which is the parent company of msnbc being in cahoots with obama
because they supported green universe and receiving stimulus money for a while
you know ferdy for doing business it makes absolutely it pales in comparison to fox giving
money to elect republicans i mean get fair enough you can make the argument that the obama
administration may look favorably upon g_e_ because they support agreeing
universe but that does not relates specifically to individual
candidates in the way that fox giving a million dollars to the to the governor’s
association does now media matters wants to run an ad on
fox news actually telling this million dollar donation and they want to run it during bill
o’reilly show i don’t know whether this is going to
happen i don’t know whether they will allow it but here is the ad has been sent around
and here’s what it sounds like a special message from fox news prompted
by media matters for america news corporation beliefs in the power
and free markets and the republican governors association sprint business
agenda supports our priorities at this most critical time for our economy and that’s my news corporation estimated
one million dollars to it democratic governors this november paid for by media matters for america will that run on fox news it would they will refuse it on what basis nothing being said is factually untrue they did make the donation if they are married turret to refuse any
advertiser dale they wish will that not create even more publicity about the donation well what do you think would would be
better for the company charters it and deal with with the publicity of refusing
refusing it for it to have a rich all one million plus one point six million listeners
daily riders i don’t know it would be worse what’s incredible is that conservatives
at this point if you need a lot of the conservative blogs and publications
there there are no longer trying to hide the fact that fox is the republican
party now they’re just doing everything they
can to try to defend why that’s ok are thinking hardcore dart fox listener will decide later we’re going to marry will just kind of tune out the bad
publicity but if there were two sierra
advertisement while watching your favorite show the
effect of the worst i think so woolsey will see i have good last i
checked before we were on the air i did not find anything confirming whether or
not they would run the ad a hello this is an absolute hartman csr
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