FIGHT AT STORAGE AUCTION storage wars style I bought an abandoned storage unit AND FOUND FIGHT !

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls what
are we saying of all ages we are here at auction today look at that salt princess
back in the house we’re about to go to an auction we’re gonna check out some
units we’re gonna make a little auction vlog see if we go buy something don’t
forget I will put like unit number one and don’t forget to say like I think
this is what it’s gonna go for and we’ll see who can get the best and let’s try
to hunt some traders why do I might want treasures
we’re pirates and what do pirates hunt she got it all wrong gold silver and I
didn’t learn there is a new manager here so we also did lock test we’re starting
to do the lock that’s here so these good rumors of people going through the units
beforehand they’re not going to happen anymore we will be doing a lot cuts and
that kind of stuff they have new management so if this time time after
this it will start being better units sales taxes 8.25% look at this the radiator this is no
loud music you want that cover that’s a nice piece of driftwood who’s gonna help
you back about five you get five bucks okay we go Kmart in here to give $1
dollar days he’ll give it back for it anybody Fred fuck back back back about
ten times four quarters putting their holes idiot touch $20 deposit you go to
no over in this one I’m fishing for a bid there’s a pole right there
five bucks you get five dollars for it all it takes is the right thing in there I’m out of fuck I have one George washed and had to go
five stop being that five million $5 emails five bucks and this unit is
brought to you by the letter T ooh tomato farming business yeah so mati
I like tomatoes this is one for sale well always wanted that was from the booty I came to get
both yeah 52 53 54 55 55 55 so I want to see
in the bag it’s like when you look at a tree I want
to see in the bag it’s like it’s like when you look at a tree you try to age
it by the when you bind up unity can a Japan the dust over see that’s a speaker
know that’s the stuff poor tdawg good now picking up $50
emails 50 let me uh peep game on sitting here now you look at that unit that I
bought for 600 bucks plus taxes 650 now very important I don’t really care about
the solicitation and process of creating the medical business that that stuff was
part of it but when you analyze and profile somebody’s unit a person who
closed that stuff and dispenses it makes money fast they spend money fast and
they like nice things for the chances of those bags and totes having some
something potential I feel like oh my oh my god I said back money with those
suitcases we’ll see that’s why I wasn’t what’s that yeah she doesn’t believe me
but the level of dust what’s that unit is sitting at least five years they were
paying minimum maybe eight no it’s really cool is that
there’s some running boards for your Dodge good at king $26 deposit and here to go
$20 of start fine all right got five that’s a start how’d it go 10
final bid now tended to go $10 a belt in box 10 over here 15 dinner I’ve been up
15 you lose it over a big man 15 don’t map $10 every but the bar next unit my
$46 posit here we go now to get $20 of start that’s when he over here to go 30
40 I’ve been nothing to get $30 emails 30 30 only here for you 50 60 70 80 90
100 125 I got a hundred how about a hundred ten
hit it again 110 you be else hundred for me is now 110 email friend up and sold
him out a hundred bucks that’s right
hey Michelle how you doing this is Mike the HUS hey you have the option looking
today down to two or and even full of gold silver and gems furniture in both
units all right well I guess I still got to come left big furniture that’s like
no boxes or nothing is it nice furniture
all right cool I’ll guess I’ll be there $60 deposit here we go to you $20 of
started okay and is a $2.00 any interest for a
buck $1 we go into yeah let me know I can give
you a name of person that does that if you guys don’t want to do yourself how
long are they giving on this unit take care of it either way 5850 I’ll give you five I’m gonna take
five five anybody for fifty bucks and that’s wrap for this auction we are on
our way to go to the second option two units you know two units lady told me
there’s furniture it’s big furniture but the beauty what’s what what do we need
right now we need purchase we got to see if there’s some quality clear
interesting cute quality new furniture so we’re looking for now we’re on to the
next actually you know what know what you do take a sneak peek in our six
hundred and forty nine dollar yeah all right before we head off to the other
one we’re gonna take a sneak peek saw princess do you member had open up
blocks and storage units girl we’re only gonna look into one thing because we
can’t we’re have time to things why did I buy the unit right there that’s what I
gambled on right there trunks Nora suitcases what do you see
just stuff that’s all we get to look at ladies and gentlemen I just want to
teach you guys how much you pay for this unit – 99 and that’s all you get to see all over the place actually you were
racist to him if you want to be techno you told him he don’t belong in his
country no matter what he was wrong ratted on me
well if you didn’t give you did you didn’t I
okay what do you take science we’re here I’m not taking nobody study it doesn’t
said what he said but you definitely shouldn’t it came back cuz that’s that
my brother got shot Bruce my sad be water my who are fighting fire you don’t
have a dysfunctional family as it is and for me to come over here this is an
escape for me I already have a dysfunctional family
I’m from one too don’t know so for me to come to an auction and yeah I’m already
a dysfunctional family like this my bestest mind your own biz I doing
question I would be I say you guys just alright let’s get over it
I’ll be the referee we’re good I just put that on ok I just need a little bit thank know you know I’m buying it
remember this one $2,200 gamble one of our most viewed videos I do but there’s
no show based in the ballet three spins there do I didn’t send yours before you go on
eBay take a picture right there look I’m nice about 10 bucks got a week
till you got till Monday to remove it a week come on
that’s all Monday 10 bucks any interest that’s the rap I tried to buy that that
will be cool for my furniture but Alex acutely pointed out at the bottom of the
buffet was broken so ixnay on that storage and we’re done for the day Alex
say goodbye say goodbye oh gee this is going I’m going to work I can’t tell you
the secret storage unit yes we gotta consolidate alleviate don’t
succeed just

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