Decorating My Daughter’s Apartment ~ Starting From Scratch With Resale

[Music] Welcome to The Dress Up Mom! [Music] Hello, thank you so much for tuning in. My daughter recently moved into a one-bedroom
apartment and had zero to furnish or use in her place. And to my very great delight, she asked me
to help her with that. So, in this video I’m going to show you
how we got her apartment up to speed from scratch. There are actually two videos, this one we’re
going to talk about how we did it using resale to start with. And then we have a second one where we show
you how we incorporated some new things and we’ll show you the finished results. But first, thank you so much for tuning in,
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too. Since my daughter became an adult, she has
definitely lived in a bunch of different places, but most of the places have been furnished
already or she’s had like little bits and pieces. But she just came back to the states after
spending a couple of years abroad living in Dublin, Ireland. And when she came back here to San Diego,
she basically had two suitcases just with clothes and shoes. She had virtually nothing for an apartment,
except for this one pretty cool blanket that she bought in Portugal, but she was starting
from scratch. So, when she found this really cute one-bedroom
apartment that she wanted to move into, she knew that it was kind of her first really
adult place that she could furnish however she wanted. And she wanted to do it kind of nicely. Now she did not have a huge budget, she didn’t
want to spend a ton of money on it and really didn’t know where to start. So, she asked me for my help, yay! And I have had so much fun working with her
on this, spending her money on it and it was really kind of cool being able to start it
from scratch. I think the way to go, regardless of your
budget, is to start looking at resale. Now there are some great consignment places
that have furniture and it’s usually really nicer pieces, either old or even nicer new
pieces that you can get at such an amazing discount. That’s where we started. I’m going to take you in this video and
talk you through what we did at a place in San Diego called Consignment Classics. We found a bunch of pieces there. We also found a really cool one at one of
my favorite vintage places, Bad Madge. So, let’s just get through this resale portion
of Tiana’s apartment. Our first stop was Consignment Classics in
Encinitas, a place where I have had a lot of luck finding really cool things. It is huge and there is literally something
for every single room and the things are really nice. There’s a lot of new things mixed in with
older vintage pieces. They do a really good job picking the things
in this shop and it’s in a nicer part of town, so you get some things I think from
very nice homes. And I took Tiana here first and we did a peruse
of the entire space before we really started settling in and looking to see what might
be great for her place. [Music] She spotted this coffee table made out of
wood and fell in love with it and it really became the cornerstone of the entire décor
that we pulled together for her place. It’s the centerpiece. I can’t even imagine what this cost originally. Then she really liked these circled mirrors
that we thought we could incorporate well, sort of a nautical, rustic look and feel to
them. And this is her dining room table, which had
underneath it an original tag of $5,000, she paid significantly less for it of course,
but look at the wooden inlays into this flower shape and it’s just beautiful. It pulls out, it also pulls in. We next started to look for some chairs for
that table. There were a lot of different options, not
many that were super comfortable, but she did find two of these really rustic, nice,
comfortable ones that we decided to pick up for the table. So, this is what we ended up getting here
at the first stop, and you’ll see she’s quite pleased with it. Tiana: I’m so pleased. I love–I love everything, but like look at
this table is amazing. The table was the first thing that got me,
I was just like yes, I have to have it. It is just perfect. Then we kind of built around that. I also love these mirrors, so that came together. And then mom found the table because originally,
we sort of overlooked that. But then it pulls out and we realized it really
goes nicely with everything. And then the chairs came last. I think they go well and they’re comfortable
and I’m so pleased. Rajka: Yay! Since we had so much luck at the Consignment
Classics in Encinitas, the following weekend we decided to check out the one that is in
our downtown area. And it was also chock full with all sorts
of goodies for every room in the house including accessories, everything that you can imagine. This one was even bigger, it had this whole
downstairs area and outside area, and we were pretty impressed here as well. [Music] My husband helped her buy a TV and we needed
a TV stand or something to put the TV on. And it was kind of a weird measurement that
we needed but look at this piece. We found the perfect piece for her TV there. And then we loved these two lamps, they also
had a nice design and worked really good with her color scheme and everything that was going
on in the place. And then Tiana found these really cool like
standing bookshelves almost, in a nice dark color to elevate and look up and she can put
different pieces on top of there, so we really loved that. And her favorite thing was this Mexican chimney
that she just fell in love with. I told her I’d be coming over for some S’mores
in that chimney. We loaded up her Prius and somehow the people
there, they were so wonderful and helped us get everything in. It all fit and we headed back over to her
place. Here you can see how perfectly that TV fit
on the stand that we found for hardly anything. There’s her lovely Mexican chimney that
we’re going to have a lot of fun with in the summer. These are some paintings that actually were
from my parents place that she ended up taking when we cleared out their house and they also
go perfectly now with the color scheme. So, things were definitely starting to come
together. I found this beautiful marble top credenza
that was resale at Bad Madge that is perfect for her bedroom. I also found this stool that she uses to put
her shoes on in her entry way and these two really well made, beautiful ottoman at a great
place price from My Sister’s Attic. Well that’s it for this time. I think we found some amazing pieces to build
off of here. In the next video that we do on her place
in a couple of weeks, I’ll show you how we then went and incorporated new pieces that
she needed to have. And, we’ll show you the big reveal at the
end. Spoiler Alert: She loves it and it looks great. Thank you so much for watching. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little. [Music]

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