CleanGuru – How To Bid Janitorial or Commercial Cleaning Jobs

Hi this is Dan again from CleanGuru and today we want to talk about how to
bid janitorial or commercial cleaning jobs. First of all everyone has an opinion. Some say pricing a janitorial or commercial
cleaning bid is as easy as multiplying the total cleanable square feet of a
building times so many dollars or cents per
square foot. Unfortunately this formula is often casually offered up without
even mentioning if the figures are based on a month or
a year. A piece of information those new to the
cleaning business would no doubt find quite valuable. For example, per square foot rates ranging from 8 cents to 14 cents or from
95 cents to a dollar fifty per square foot. They’re tossed about by
so-called experts with little or no explanation of when or where they might be appropriate; assuming that it’s common knowledge that
the former generally refers to a monthly
calculation, while the latter to an annual one. While others suggest you should rely on your own experience. Simply guesstimate how long it should
take to clean and then charge at a set dollar amount per hour. But that
advice can be equally misleading and leaves the
cleaning contractor with little or no experience at a real disadvantage. The number and kind of cleaning jobs janitorial companies face can vary
greatly in size and frequency and difficulty as well as in the actual nature of the cleaning. Professional office, industrial, manufacturing, retail, and
restaurant. In time many cleaning business owners
come to realize the differences from one project to the
next can be so significant that the idea of pricing jobs based
solely on their personal estimate of cleaning
times is simply not a reliable bidding method. In fact even
if they could somehow over time develop a way of personally
guesstimating a price for cleaning jobs they may still be leaving their cleaning
business vulnerable. Well why is that? Well for one
thing if they ever plan on having someone else
do the actual bidding for their cleaning business; well how long would it take for them to
thoroughly teach another person everything it took them so long to learn? Well too long is right; and in the worst
case what if something unforeseen ever
happens to the business owner, leaving those left behind to run the
cleaning business, but with no systematic way to estimate
how long cleaning jobs should take or how much they should charge? Plain and simple, for most cleaning businesses who want to
grow bidding and estimating jobs should not
rest solely on one person’s shoulders. Instead there needs to be a reliable and
easy to use bidding system. Finally still others insist you should
use a standard generalized overall production
rate to figure the hours needed to clean a building. And then again simply charge a set
amount per hour. Well, here are two primary types of production rates in the cleaning business. One type of production rate is based on
an individual cleaning task; and is generally shown in terms of how
many minutes, one minute, it would take an average
person to perform a specific clean task. For example, dusting covering a specific area, for example a thousand square feet. Well then there
are overall cleaning production rates. Those refer to how many square feet of a building can
be cleaned by one person in an hour, performing an entire set to
what may work be referred to as standard cleaning duties. Well this overall production rate approach
would suggest you simply divide the total area to be cleaned by a given overall standard production
rate. Then take the resulting hours and multiply by your hourly rate. The only problem of course is that every
building is unique, and the kind, level, and frequency of
cleaning tasks that each prospective customer wants; can differ greatly in terms of type, frequency, and degree
of difficulty. All this makes it difficult to rely on
any so-called standard production rate designed to cover a whole set of
standard cleaning tasks with any degree of confidence that the
time estimate and the resulting price will be right for the specific job that
you’re working on. So this one-size-fits-all approach falls
short too; well what does work? What is the best place to start? Answer; work loading. That’s right work loading is a good way for many
cleaning businesses to bid janitorial or commercial cleaning jobs where the
nature of the work is routine in nature, 3 or 5 times a week. By work loading, you’ll have a calculated
cleaning time unique to the building you’re bidding on
to help price that job. And then if you win the bid; a budgeted hour figure to help keep
you profitable as well that you could assign to that job. And what is work loading? Well it’s the
process of figuring out a time estimate for how
long the building should take to clean by essentially loading the work. What work? Well of course all the cleaning task
needed to be performed. In its simplest terms; work loading is the process of entering specific information about
a building, such as individual measurements, room
dimensions, floor types; so carpet or tile and
fixture counts, things like sinks and toilets; and then matching them up with an
appropriate series of work schedules, consisting of specific cleaning tasks that are associated to production rates to
generate an average per visit cleaning time. It really all comes down to calculating
an estimated cleaning time for the building
that you’re bidding on. And when you have a calculated cleaning
time, you can move forward confidently to
pricing the job. For example, the cleaning business owner
can multiply the calculated monthly hour figure, times a properly loaded hourly rate to determine a monthly price
to charge. When you start with calculating the
cleaning time, you are miles ahead of the guy who is
simply guesstimating a price using an oversimplified method. Fortunately, there are useful janitorial bidding software programs available to help you workload the janitorial or commercial
cleaning jobs you’re bidding on. While these programs can vary in cost
and ease of use; they’re all designed to help cleaning
business owners bid more effectively and professionally. Until next time
remember, you can do this you really can!

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