Carlo bids farewell to his mother | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Ready, Sir?
Please look at the camera. – Okay. This way?
– Are we ready? Rolling in 5, 4, 3, 2. Action! I am Carlo Magno, a puppeteer. I made these puppets
since I was 17 years old. I use some of them in puppet
shows, some are for sale, while the others, I give away
on World Puppetry Day. The life of a puppeteer
is difficult. It requires blood, sweat,
and tears. But my children were able to go to school
because of puppetry. Being recognized in the field
of puppetry, I consider this a success. I’ve had many TV appearances, regularly guesting
in children shows. My craft has reached
a wide audience. – Whew. That show was fun.
– It was. The kids enjoyed it a lot. Whew, I’m tired. – Umm, Carlo?
– Yes? Can I ask for an advance?
My wife just gave birth. Sure, no problem.
Take it as a gift to your child. Really, Carlo?
Thank you so much! You know, if it weren’t for
your puppet company, I would’ve been unemployed
until now. Don’t say that.
I’m just sharing my blessings. My mother said we are blessed
to be a blessing. – Right?
– Thank you. Don’t mention it. No problem. [PHONE RINGING] Hello? [SOBS] Carlo? Mom had a stroke
and was rushed to the hospital! [JACINTO SOBBING] Forgive me.
Forgive me, Luna. [SOBBING] I admit I haven’t been
a good father. Mom? Mom, I’m here.
Answer me. Dad, why is she not responding? – Mom, answer me.
– [SOBS] She’s gone. Mom. Mom! [BAWLS] Mom! Answer me! No! [SOBBING] – Forgive me, son.
– [BAWLING] Mom! I’m proud of you, son.
Believe me, I’m proud of you. [BAWLING]

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