BTS | Duncan Schieb | JDRF |  Fundraising Consultant | Auctioneer

BTS | Duncan Schieb | JDRF | Fundraising Consultant | Auctioneer

46 annual JDRF Promise Balls fight
against type 1 diabetes it’s an organization which I’ve been
involved with for over 20 years my best friend’s husband has type one made in
mind from schools children have type 1 so it’s always been an organization
that’s been close to my heart even though I’ve done over 12,000 of these I
still get nervous as an auctioneer doing fundraising consulting it’s always good
to get in early and the JDRF contact me about 6 months ago because it
really allows us the time to be able to review what’s happened last year put a
plan in place review what’s going to go happen this year whether it’s online
live auction items and structure how we’re going to do the event if you’ve
done all your preparation work properly the night will go well and go smoothly
but it’s about connection it’s about connecting to the people that are in the
room to raise the most money

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