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imagine you’re a procurement manager
reviewing submissions you issue a request for a proposal the deadline
passes and you now have hundreds of documents to review most of them are
plain white with black text some of them are colorful with bold lettering which
ones will attract your eye which ones will you remember I’m Katherine and my
class will focus on the importance of aesthetics and design in the tendering
process in this first lesson I will touch on branding and what your branding
says about you one very important question to ask yourself when bidding
for any work is does the look of your brand support your application and the
scope of what you can do if you’re selling yourself as a highly competent
organization who operates on a national scale but your logo looks like it was
created on clipart and your website like it was built in 2002 you are not
representing yourself to the best of your ability now you might be thinking I
have a good logo I’m all set but a brand is much more than just a logo a brand is
the core of who you are as an organization it’s your personality your
story your tone of voice and yes it’s the whole visual identity and it can’t
stress how important it is that your visual identity supports who you are so
you may be asking yourself how do you know if your visual identity supports
your company’s brand and for that I suggest you assess analyze and act
assess all aspects of your brand work in whatever way is best for you
a spider diagram a list an Excel spreadsheet whatever you prefer to
gather all of the elements that tell the world or in this case the procurement
manager who your company is analyze your findings scrutinize every element asking
whether this is the image that you want to portray and act on what you find if
you find that your social media presence doesn’t support your brand change the
way your communicating if it’s your website that’s not right
update it if it’s your logo your tagline your marketing materials take the action
to make a change it could very well be the reason you’re not winning and making
these changes could see an improvement in your responses that lead towards the
growth of your business there will be more videos coming on elements within
your brand to consider when approaching tendering but for now I hope the first
lesson of my tender VLE class has been helpful thank you very much for watching
and we’ll see you in the next video we hope you enjoyed this video if you’re
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