Bitcoin auction results, Caitlin Long’s crypto bank, Privacy debate, Quantun & inflation FUD! Q&A!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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February the 24th 2020 strong hand golden ages of 20 20 s having hiked
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Bitcoin goes one Bitcoin I am offended by selling and guys personal
responsibility is new counterculture ok worry about yourselves making yourselves
better if some big dying the space makes a mistake you could point it out but I
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we’ve got a lot to cover today what if there were an asset that was
uncorrelated to traditional assets like stocks bonds and commodities what if
that asset had asymmetric upside potential to rise thousands of percent
over coming decades what if that asset were unseasonable unsensible and liquid
and that is from mark usko pound that like button for bitcoin with a gun
confiscate ball on Saturday and a lot of stuff went down you’ve got to check out
all four of the shows from those days but we’ll talk about that in a second
but one thing that happened to me that has not happened in United States yet
until Friday evening Friday when I was getting on the bus to Las Vegas happen
in Israel twice but never happened the United States that’s foolish for Bitcoin
okay so again check out yesterday’s video a lot of energy there Saturday’s
video lots of energy there that was from uncommon skateable American huddle and
tres mayor with me there on the video from Saturday and it’s become
controversial video because American huddle was seen and tres said something
a guy here is the guy you see I will be in the San Francisco go Bitcoin 2020
conference at the end of March we can hang out I know some of the guys that
were at the Las Vegas event will be there but I link to it below I’m going
to keep reminding people it’s it’s fun it’s fun to meet people in person and
I’m gonna talk about the people who are in motion and gave me their cards and
just tell us all you guys about who I saw at the at the event and and and what
the event was like and again I talked you can see the event on Saturday show
Sunday show I talked about it a lot sunday was beyond Bitcoin by the
question during Saturday’s show that Matt Odell clicked for my show and
tweeted it out Tracy’s reply and it was about paying
more for for Bitcoin it hasn’t been mixed was it was that was the question
it’s a privacy related question okay it’s linked to below Matt you can see
what what Matt Odell tweeted out and the Twitter drama that it started but if
there’s more there’s obviously more to that again thank thanks tone bass were
putting on a great Las Vegas event and yes American Hahnel showed his face
there and I know some of you think that’s a big deal you can see it on my
saturday show if that really gets you going and people are like oh he’s banned
from he is banned from Twitter they’re like is that because he said that
because he tweeted out the thing about trace the trace was handing out MWC
flyers no American huddle has been banned from
Twitter a few times he uses like foul language he admits that he uses
controversial language he that he already was like semi blocked on
there I could hardly see him there anyway so guys that no conspiracies
American huddle just he was on the verge of getting banned and he got banned
again I’m sure he’ll be back roaming Chu is hey Robert you says no K
white non kyc Bitcoin yeah that that was the UH that was the topic at hand
rocky Palumbo was in the house also I got to meet him in person for the first
time that was awesome so I I mention yesterday a woman I met at the Long
Beach event which was also awesome she’s in motion salt girl he’s listen he’s
linked to below he’s trying to invest he’s trying to educate people of course
the the great the great here’s his he made this card that has everybody’s uh
all the people that he likes their links on and I’m on here really this is in
motion man and a lot of people like this at the conference and he’s in motion
spreading the world word this hot old brand I see a they gave me the shirt I
was wearing on Saturday they’re linked to below Juan Gault gave me Lyon Gault
was awesome to hang with he gave me this Venezuelan 2020 Boswell and bolivars
which are apparently not worth very much money not but where they weren’t worth a
three few Satoshi’s uh Bobby Lee was there the controversial Bobby Lee it was
nice to meet him in person he was giving out those ballet wallets I have one of
them now he was on stage at one point and there was like drama Pete don’t
complain if you don’t like his product make a better product so it is tres
Mayer the the entity buying up all the MWC
I mean I never would have thought that before everything that I’ve seen the
last few days and I don’t know if he’s the entity and
it appears that he probably is buying some if the rumors are true we’re going
to get to that in us in a second though when we talk about the privacy
privacy issues here and yes this week in Bitcoin is linked to below that has been
forgotten since all this drama has happened Boris was on Bitcoin Tina was
on their UK Bitcoin master it was a great show on Friday disrupt meister
calm i’ve been intertwined with on that twitter through tech ball so pound that
like button i and i want to say something about all these threads that
are out there that they’re just ripping on trace
and I just I bring the positivity dudes I bring the positivity it’s it’s it’s
the positivity you’re negative okay I forgot I said it yesterday and I forgot
what the same was I can’t innovate when you’re negative I don’t know what it was
but but it but here’s the thing people have been ripping on trace and it’s
funny if you go to traces if you go to his Twitter he’s he has said nothing
about it I think that’s a pretty good approach to take take to the situation
right there why even get into all the drop I mean people are saying he’s a
sewer rat and stuff I mean it’s unbelievable
it’s it’s unbelievable with what they’re saying about him because apparently he
was hand he handed out a pro MWC flyer now I was not handed any of the I was on
hand as a flyer I didn’t see any flyer when I was area it might and I yeah I’m
hearing different stories but yeah what we’re gonna get to that in a second
I mean I I don’t I think drama is a total waste of time and if you had trace
on a pedestal and you were worshipping him in the in the first place and now
you can’t worship him anymore because he’s not Bitcoin pure I think you’re
doing it wrong dude bitcoin is about being your own individual taking
personal responsibility for yourself so if if trachs is buying some alt coins
and Bobby Lee is making some wallets you don’t like okay you know state it move
on you know personal responsibilities new counterculture let’s select we’re
going to talk about in a second I hey so scoyne base is giving away tasers
further further say stressing that they’re the flavor of the month there so
and you know speaking of Tasers I if people are ripping on tres because
he’s uh has something to do with MWC coin that we all got for free which was
great to get for free yet there’s big pointers out there that just talk up
Tasos all the time and people don’t rip on them I don’t know I know you gotta be
consistent people you gotta be consistent here I want to bring up well
Rocky’s in this Chad hang on what’d he say it was great to finally see you
face-to-face as well yeah it was great man it was great
Rocky’s a he’s a good dude man and like all of a sudden he’s there and I’m like
it was very surreal I mean because I speak and spoken to him you know here
over you’ve seen it guys you’ve seen all the shows he’s on there link to below
and I wasn’t expecting to see you there then all of a sudden Rocky’s there okay
great and so uh okay so hi Rocky great great to see you the chat Gaston is to
do down in Long Beach who arranged me to speak there and he drove me back and I
gotta say I don’t usually mention the show that a song the check out until the
end but check out Blue Monday New Order’s
Blue Monday and there’s that line in it how does it feel how does it feel
anyway it’s a very popular line it’s very pop a song that really pumps you up
and I gotta tell you he’s driving me back he’s going 80 miles per hour
freaking up the freeway and that song is blasting dude I’m never I’m never gonna
forget that dude that was awesome like it was a great la feelin just that song
blasting and so fact thanks everyone for the great four-day weekend lots of uh
and something that also that was at Long Beach I I’m the guy that I was in a I
was it wasn’t an uber it was the other the other company lifts now grabber
insisted we take a lift from his house to the event okay so Robert gets the
lift we mentioned Bitcoin to the guy driving the
and he knew it he knew it he said his brother worked in in the hospice
industry he had like God take away furniture from
people who had passed away and he had done that and the surviving brother was
like I want to give you something and he gave him like ten Bitcoin is was
a long time ago so this is quite a story and that’s what got the hospice guy into
Bitcoin and they think he got rid of some of that he sold it early on but
then he went down the rabbit hole so I’d never heard hospice Bitcoin before also
someone at the Long Beach event told me a story about and showed me a picture he
was in a accident on the highway his truck flipped three times and he walked
away from it but he at the moment that that happened he’s very I mean good luck
very good luck on his part he had no way of passing on his Bitcoin he had not
told his brother or any information that need his brother so had the accident
gone another way and he died or his area if he would have suffered brain damage
the Bitcoin would have been lost so I think there’s a real-life thing for you
people you know if you have a trusted wife if you have a trusted brother or
sister or mother tell someone how to do something because he was in the
situation at that moment had he died that was it that the Bitcoin would have
been lost for forever and there is a clip from the long beach event of me
it’s linked to below so let’s let’s get let’s talk about quantum fraud here I
know a lot of people are asking me about quantum fied all the time actually that
was brought up at the Long Beach event and here’s a tweet from Edie strobe
Andrew worried about quantum computing breaking the Bitcoin bust that fun I
like that this great interview covers one how far quantum computing must
progress to break existing public key crypto and he says Barry
you must progress a lot and crypto cryptographers are already developing
quantum proof algorithms that is linked to below people
if you want to get go down that rabbit hole of worrying about five quantum and
he addresses that Trez or is help is hyping the having hey man this is a sign
I told you having hype it’s linked to below they have the economics of having
what will happen to the price and that is it that’s a blog close of trade or so
I thought they would be someone neutral on that but hey good good something I
forgot this wasn’t a title I think on Thursday and then I had the erase it
because I forgot to mention it erase that the the link but now I’m finally
gonna mention this this is from Barry Silbert he says what I’ve seen recently
is a real growing shift toward attempts to move a lot of mining outside China
into the United States and Canada I I think that’s great
the more the merrier yeah get more countries that host mining in in in this
world the better diversify and so people won’t be seeing all all the miners are
in China and clearly there’s there’s there’s some issues in China right now
where people aren’t working as much so that’s why uh and I just like the
competition I like that there’s competition in this Basin people are
figuring out ways to do mining profitably profitably whether it be the
the Peter Thiel thing or who knows in in North America so keep on going and he’s
noticing it very Silver’s noticing okay all right so trace he did he actually
has spoken about MWC before this all started a week I don’t know if you did
but before before tones of n I actually received well there was this tweet out
there this do copied me on it it’s a video of trace and from 3145 in it until
the thirty nine minute mark he she’s talking about the memo Wimble protocol
but he actually doesn’t mention MWC which was very very shocking to me so I
mean this has been out in the open for a while his take on
privacy he really likes the member embo protocol apparently but people didn’t
know he was gonna take it to the next level and possibly buy something that we
got for free but I have always admired that tres mayor is one of the guys out
there who says you know talks about crypto dividend saying he gets all the
forks and he turns up the Bitcoin he got super Bitcoin and ludicrous things so he
sets a great example there in terms of that end of the crypto dividend world
getting it for free now buying it that that’s a whole nother thing I don’t
agree with buying stuff you get for free not do I hate tres Marielle no I don’t
hate tres mayor now because he doesn’t agree with me with my take okay now MWC
is someone still buying it maybe tres is part of another group I don’t know it’s
all it’s it’s on trade or over now trade oh it’s not even on hop it again
I linked it to trade over thing though the wacky thing is trade over is this
little exchange so now like 95% of all the trading volume is is dealing with
MWC that quick so I mean think this is a reminder to I didn’t have this written
down now I I people are always these all coins aren’t
going anywhere people there’s go to the alt coin pumps again they’re bitcoiners
I think on the down-low who buy doll coins I mean so some are gonna say well
trace was one of them I um maybe he was I guess he might have been but they’re
just so many people trying to get more Bitcoin in so many different ways and I
don’t recommend I don’t recommend trading okay
I don’t rank recommend buying cheap little coins out there okay but people
are doing it and what are you going to be able to stop it by wasting hours on
Twitter screaming at tres mayor no you’re not and they’re gonna be this is
where a big boys play people are coming into the space show you know what this
show brings to the tape okay but we have to be aware of the
reality outside of our bubble outside of our strong handle so people are gonna
disappoint you people are gonna do trading of wacky coins and buying wacky
coins and so when you hear these guys that are so sure that all coins are
gonna be destroyed that all coins are going away that this is the end of
aetherium and some of these people are so smart
you’ve got to take a step back and just look at what the reality has been there
people that freaking buy bsv for Ivy I mean it’s it’s amazing it’s amazing so I
think it’s just another reminder that all coins are not aren’t going anywhere
now I I’m not an altcoin there I am a big Bitcoin firster but I don’t need to
be labeled as anything that is for me what would a Bitcoin err is you don’t
need labels you don’t need to fit into a group you don’t need to pile on someone
and scapegoat someone when they do something you don’t like and you you
can’t be cancelled and trace has shown right now he’s not gonna be cancelled
he’s not gonna be cancelled there’s no official canceling group in big in the
Bitcoin space there might be a lot of loud people on there might be a lot of
loud people on Twitter right now they go after try to cancel people but they
maybe sometimes they silent some people but they really can’t if you’re true if
you value about the big one you have a lot of Bitcoin who cares what people say
about they’re not going to stop your business the mecca you know if you
didn’t do something truly to destroy your reputation you’ll be fine and even
if you did do something to destroy your reputation like I mean there’s been
plenty of dudes that have done stuff like that we talked about them the the
people that constantly lie they keep on getting away with it I mean it’s it’s
amazing Liars can get away with a lot in this space now rocky said didn’t trace
tell you that he missed the end of you CHC air-dropped when he was on your ship
yes he I don’t know if he said it on my show
but I know that he missed it he missed the MWC air drop he did not
that’s an important point rocky he didn’t know about MWC until Andy Hoffman
sent him an email about it but he didn’t get the email he didn’t check his andy
hoffman email he told like the day of the MWC air drop
so he wasn’t prepared to do it so no he he didn’t get any for free and there’s
these people making conspiracies that like yo he was one of the insiders they
got a bunch for free it’s nonsense it’s nonsense he ain’t gay he liked the NW he
liked the member with a protocol there is no doubt about it he is mentioned
before how and this is a common knowledge it’s some Bitcoin oh geez
bought a bunch of are donated a lot to green they donated a bunch big drove
donated a million dollars or the Bitcoin the grant or 500,000 to get the green
project and I don’t care about these darn art I mean I care about privacy I’m
not gonna tell you my take on privacy in a second all right
III think it’s great people or expecially strace or not but i mean now
i think it could have been traced who cares who it was but know to your point
rocky and me rocky you were at the event did you see trace walking around screen
about MWC handing out stuff i mean i but apparently he handed out this slip of
paper that it’s link on twitter about the situation but i mean don’t get don’t
get caught up in the drama okay & Romanick you say good for trace for
highlighting the coin drawing risks but again and so Matt Odell does not like
when someone says their pointers but and that’s why he tweeted that thing out
about trace in reply to your question Rome and you started some huge on this
show Roman it’s unbelievable there has to be an butterfly effect people if
you’re in motion like Roman you ask questions you try to learn he was asking
a trace a legitimate question look what you can start look what you can start
there has to be a way to break the history of Bitcoin you receive or else
the only safe way to buy Bitcoin will be on a government regulated exchange it
looks bad for trace to promote MWC and to only speak about the negatives about
coin joining yes it does look bad that is what looks bad that if people think
they ripping more coin joining coin join me
because he wants to sell this coin that apparently he’s been buying so that
doesn’t know that doesn’t look very good at all but we’re going to talk about the
privacy battle that’s clearly now the privacy battle is boiling up for it for
everyone to see that there’s different people who are prominent have different
takes you know you’ve got well I can’t bring I’ll talk about it right now we
got people that want to experiment with alt coins with a little protocol want to
bring it into Bitcoin maybe in some way want to use alt coins to and then the
obviously the people that want to do coin joins but then there people would
say that’s gonna tarnish your Bitcoin here’s and then they’re people that are
just like let’s wait let all these competing forces get out there say what
they’re doing it’s going to put pressure on someone to come up with a really
awesome way of an easy way of creating privacy on Bitcoin okay and that’s
that’s where I am I’m on this okay I say let’s wait this out and let everybody
have their say I know that the mines out there are gonna come up with a great
privacy solution for Bitcoin we got a lot of stuff being thrown around right
now people are getting angry at each other about it and some of it is very
difficult to use right now so I just say people do all the people who are working
on the privacy aspect of Bitcoin you’re putting pressure you’re bringing it to
the you’re bringing it up to the so everyone can see what’s going on you’re
bringing it to the light of day and it will create innovation it will spark
people it will get people in motion rocky said trace didn’t hand me a paper
or anything else now he didn’t hand me at the paper either I had no idea about
this paper thing until yesterday until I was woke up from you know get you got to
get your sleep dude sleep is very important help tip of the day it’s all
about 1 1 o’clock in the afternoon you know yesterday but more on that on
yesterday’s show check out yesterday’s show it was very high energy a second
sir forgive came on the show also in motion I don’t know where Rocky was at
that point it was after the it was after the event I think there was only a few
of us left it in the big room at that point and ok avenatti
found that like bun guys let’s talk about Kaitlyn Long’s and this is gonna
this is we’re gonna put this in perspective here we’re gonna talk about
this bank this is this crypto bank that Kaitlyn long has started in Wyoming a
Wyoming she’s been talking about it for so long she’s been working on getting
government legislation there to make crypto banks possible and guess who else
was helping her with that tres mayor now but I mean apparently if he was selling
a MWC or if he’s buying MWC he’s bad now so we should forget that right now
cancel him no I’m not canceling him and I got I got a we got a first of all here
traces take on this and he might never ever tell us take on this and most
people won’t even know most people will forget the whole thing if you think he’s
a villain that don’t then don’t don’t pay attention to him anymore he’s a
really smart guy he’s a really smart guy is he perfect no he’s not perfect
so avenatti is a Wyoming corporation formed to apply for a bank charter under
Wyoming special purpose depository institution law plans to open his doors
by early 2021 I linked to their twitter event e avanthi it’s called I call it
avenatti like avanthi and introducing a van T Bank a new US bank to serve
digital asset industry offering new products and services not currently
available in the US dollar markets along with tech partner block stream Wyoming
based we’re preparing long process of our application and aim to open early
2021 so this is a new thing a crypto bank institutions can use it it’s going
to make traditional type of investors traditional organizations more
comfortable okay and people have had problems with banking in terms of Fiat
when they’re involved with crypto so they’re gonna have a crypto bag now my
question is a lot of people didn’t there was an article about this in coin desk
and she had a Caitlyn long had a huge thread about this it’s linked to below
and this the 22nd the 22nd tweet in her thread said the following so don’t be
shocked to see people you wouldn’t expect coming together in Avanti not
only top people from the traditional and crypto worlds but also from rival
protocols within crypto Avanti will be protocol neutral first and foremost
Avanti will respond to needs of institutional customers if they want
Avanti to service crypto assets other than Bitcoin yep Avanti will service
them if institutions want them if our engineers can securely securely do it if
we can handle legal and other risks so Caitlyn long’s Bank will be accepting
all sorts of other crypto currencies should should she be canceled
should she should she be hated Nelson do you hate her now I mean she’s if this is
a million dollar is millions of dollars of business here we’re talking about so
she’s going to be holding you know her bank is going to be whole eventually
after 2021 it might be holding millions of dollars of Grimm for all we know all
right so I mean she became so she we can’t sir are you gonna go after her too
so I mean if it’s ridiculous on a certain level here people hero worship
in this space so much and to compare Minh like tracer or
Caitlyn who have they’re constantly doing awesome things for a Bitcoin like
this but so I mean Caitlyn’s do it she’s
calling a crypto assets and everything is that is she evil because of it is she
a sinner I keep it on a positive thing man you you don’t have to be uh I mean
you don’t get expelled from Bitcoin dumb if you if you have a business that
touches all coins okay it doesn’t cancel out all the great
stuff you’ve done before all the very stuff you’re gonna do in the future now
there are people that have done things where they go straight up they want to
destroy Bitcoin they claim they have the next big one what king of the trolls did
he was the biggest Bitcoin proponent in the world then he forked off a crypto
dividend and he said that was Bitcoin yes that’s clearly not a good thing for
the Bitcoin space he is he’s creating confusion there he’s creepy but and we
can still remember what he did he’s a bad actor at that point he is a bad
actor because he and he’s telling lies about Bitcoin okay this is a different
this is a different thing we’re talking about here so some are you gonna say
with a coin joint stuff is lies a trace is scaring people with the North Korea
thing he said okay it’s it’s not a straight up in your face lie like this
is Bitcoin saying that you have Bitcoin and it’s an altcoin that’s not that
that’s a lot that’s a lot and and he’s not a bad ending Bitcoin either he’s
still in the Bitcoin rally again I’m not gonna if he’s buying up that MWC there’s
no excuse to buy me it’s his money and do with it what he wants to do with that
okay he can do with him what he wants to do with it
he and so I I’m I’m just gonna say I don’t agree with that I’ve never agreed
with that buying up buying up chief all coins and then telling other people to
buy him too and trying to have a pump or whatever’s people are accusing him of
not good not a good luck at all not a good
luck at all but does that it does he get excommunicated from the Bitcoin
community because of that well there’s no one to act that’s the thing about the
Bitcoin community there’s no Pope to excommunicate you okay
there’s no Bitcoin Pope there is a Bitcoin rabbi though pal that like
button he’s been on the show before checked out the archives below what
we’re saying a lot in the chat I grain guys if you got questions I hope no
one’s asking question I see it’s going by quick you got type in bitcoinmeister
so I see it or do a super chat so here is a tweet all days like today it’s hard
not to think about how extended traditional markets are what does it
mean when we need a central bank response to a virus so that the minutia
nor someone out there said that the they think that the what what does the Fed
have to do what does the Fed have to do to combat the virus is this crazy
central banks needed this is what happens when you have a central bank
they try to micromanage everything I guess and we got to do something in
response to the virus Bitcoin it doesn’t is still the same Bitcoin it was before
the virus as it is after the virus no one needs to fiddle with Bitcoin to make
it so the stock market goes up again okay so this is the Bitcoin price goes
up again I though this is hilarious and Salaria central banks in central bankers
are worried about viruses I’m so glad to be in the Bitcoin overlay alright and
just it the negative get out of the negative so people are just relishing
the negativity on Twitter and just going down these rabbit holes and and aoudi
brought up four brought up something that like you’re giving him more you’re
giving trace more you’re giving MWC more and more attention if you don’t like all
coins at all then don’t don’t like go on these rants and start talking about a
prominent Bitcoin person who apparently promoted an awful because only
to further promote it is funny but that that’s what negativity can do negativity
can bring about outcomes they the opposite outcomes of what you want be
positive you will get positive outcomes if you love Bitcoin so much and I love
Bitcoin a lot then do some some pro Bitcoin tweets and don’t worry about the
the anti-big don’t become obsessed with the anti Bitcoin stuff and obsessed with
calling people dirty names and I mean there’s this living vicariously compete
don’t complain it’s you ripping people down does it boost you up at all okay I
think a lot of people think that it would sound like a Saturday show now
here is something from T cos what Bitcoin can claim that fiat cannot it
can’t track I can transfer a value to you with absolutely no chance of
spreading infection that’s a really good point though and I think I think that
countries will promote their fed coins this way in this age of being paranoid
about diseases some countries will be like hey you know what you got sick by
handling our fiat we’re gonna do you a favor we’re creating a Fed coin
we’ll be able to monitor everything that you do but you won’t catch any viruses
now Romek uses if a Bitcoin whale sells Bitcoin for cheap hot alts and you buy
Bitcoin that day you are narrowing the gap by Bitcoin and don’t FOMO on alts
yeah alright and Rock 873 says Vikram oyster where can I listen to your your
show in podcast audio only sports meister comm also it’s linked to below a
bunch of the other sports why should I calm will take you to the anchor site
but then there are other ones too I tweet it out every day also on Twitter
the the the audio version of my show of a good question a lot of people like the
odd a lot of people are listening to it right now
pound that like button if you’re listening to this oops you can’t pound
it because you’re not doing YouTube vention
thank you for the five bucks he says they are probably mostly angry since
they didn’t do their job thanks for alerting me to the nwc air
drop by the way they’re very interesting point mention I’m sure there are a few
people and by the way I could be angry too could I be angry because I didn’t
get this price is that uh someone is paying right now I got rid of all my MWC
I thought I did pretty darn well and I didn’t know it was gonna keep on going
up like this but I’m not angry about it I’m gonna angry a tracer whoever’s
paying this ridiculous price for the whole darn thing and I say good for good
for the people that can get these returns on their own they’re big they’re
cryptids it by holding Bitcoin by holding Bitcoin but that’s a funny point
that’s a funny toy invention so yeah no regrets people know we have no regrets
never have regrets about the stuff that you got for free you learn and yet you
recalibrate and you’re ready for the next crypto dividend and you tell the
MWC people hey MWC people now that you’re getting
all this night that you’re getting all this publicity air-dropped the 500 that
the 600,000 that you have left that we’re supposed to be claimed in the
first airdrop that weren’t yes there are 600,000 they have left that they’re
either going to give to that the people who hold MWC or to submit coin holders
and I’m a Bitcoin holder baby so I say give it give it to us not to these
whales that are buying it up but hey you do what you’re gonna do
I just love a crypt of dividends I love getting interest on my big point whoo
all right so we talked about dirty fed coins mainstream media inflation FUD oh
my look at this this is a bloomberg article from the other day the key the
bitcoins future is inflation they say this is unbelievable if cryptocurrency
is going to be used widely as dollars its fans must abandon the dream of
deflationary deeds digital gold to become useful as a form of money a
cryptocurrency should be inflationary this is a legend
an article from Bloomberg okay so you I have said it before guys they’re paving
the way for someone prominent in the space to pull a king of the trolls and
say we need more Bitcoin we need to trade we need to change this mining
algorithm we need inflation right now we need 40 new to million I’m forked
off-mike this is the real Bitcoin that up working off but it will be just a
crypt of dividend and some of the media will get behind it and I have the
confidence in Bitcoin to know that bitcoin is the next Bitcoin Bitcoin is
the real one Bitcoin he goes one Bitcoin and I actually look forward to the day
when it’s more than just talking the mainstream media that Bitcoin should be
inflationary when someone tries to make a flash Ameri
Bitcoin and we all get it for free and some people are panicking and fighting
about it and then I sell my 42 million Bitcoin inflation whatever Bloomberg
coin to the the people who think it’s real and I get a great return on my
Bitcoin so keep on writing these ludicrous articles Bloomberg and other
mainstream media outlets speed up this process because that is we’re talking
about privacy threats and by the way I think someone will make a Bitcoin
private and there was already an attempt to do that right someone oh well hey if
you want to make your own privacy Bitcoin and air drop it or fork it to
Bitcoin holders do it call it whatever you don’t want to call it call it mmw
see Bitcoin I don’t care what Manero Bitcoin you experiment with the
protocols if I’m getting it for free I’m not threatened at all and again we need
to come up with some privacy solution here I guess and without Bitcoin forking
by the way because we all know that hard forks our last resort
unanimous type of things I don’t foresee the true Bitcoin forking again okay but
I see people forking off a Bitcoin whether it be privacy stuff whether it
be this lunatic inflation we need an inflation and the
article also talks about you know there’s other coins out there I’m into Z
cash or something like that but good compete don’t complain let’s talk about
bsv real quick here there’s a link to below of their leader say basically say
showing how centralized it is and that their informants he says drugs will not
be involved on PSV at all if you’re dealing with drugs you’re not gonna be
dealing with PSV now I don’t like drugs and maybe some people are actually gonna
like that maybe it’s a gimmick people like oh I want to have informant Bitcoin
I want to have informant Bitcoin dude that’s a that’s a that that’s a sensible
coin right there okay I I love you know I don’t like drugs I
don’t like bad people that do bad bad other things that can’t be named on here
but with Bitcoin you can do it all you can do it all with Bitcoin there’s no
money or should we say daddy what watching watching over you saying no you
can’t do a transaction you can’t do a transaction that was involved with drugs
were somehow gonna cancel it out I don’t I don’t know what exactly he was
implying there but if you ever had any doubts how centralized it is and how
informant centric it is check out what he says it’s linked to below he’s not
they’re not hiding anything over there all right so yeah no drugs on bsv for
all you uh all you can bozak dudes out there on that like fun and let’s talk
about this auction there was a United States option Bitcoin and the block
crypto has an article about it a lot of I don’t know why that many people are
talking about it the United USMS spokesperson told the block crypto that
two bidders only two bidders one quantities totaling a 50 Bitcoin and
approximately three thousand nine hundred ninety one point six bitcoins
during the event eighteen bit bidders registered for the auction and there
were 38 bids we received over the course of the event
it’s linked to below so there are only two winners one got a good amount of
Bitcoin fifty and one got a lot three thousand nine hundred ninety one that’s
pretty darn good and yeah it’s a bullet bullet very
bullish scenario if the entities who won who got the Bitcoin were newbies to the
space if this was their way to get into it they were big entities this was they
want an easy way to get a lot of it anonymously or whatever you do not have
the whole world know I guess the government knows who they are
but we don’t know who won this exactly so if that happened if it was new a new
group new groups of people brought in some institutions that’s great but you
look at it on the other side that means the insiders who have already been
buying Bitcoin for a while they lost the auction so they have to get that Bitcoin
another way now which is great which is great and I actually learned that from
Jeff Dorman that said something like that he’s on Twitter he’s at ARCA all
right so okay we talked about the the start of the privacy debate and yeah um
I am I’m a patient person in terms of this privacy debate I want to see the
people mix I want to see people try different protocols III don’t want that
other people can make their private all coins and distribute them to Bitcoin
holders people can fork off a Bitcoin it doesn’t matter to me this is a golden
age let them all let them all do what they’re gonna do it doesn’t matter
bitcoin is still Bitcoin bitcoin is not threatened by any of this but let’s
let’s get toward a more let’s get towards some privacy
let’s get stored some privacy here and again that that flyer giacomo was the
one who tweeted out the flyer that apparently he was that people were
saying Christ gave out I didn’t see any anything like that and I mentioned
Hester Pierce I the other yet on yesterday she owned Saturday’s show that
Hester Pierce who is one of five SEC commissioners proposed a
three-year period where icos would be able to do whatever the heck they wanted
to basically he and someone at the event on stage said that would be great for
Bitcoin because this would make people a lot more relaxed who were hesitant to
jump into the cryptocurrency space because their scare there’s gonna be a
horrifying regulation that they would all pile in because there’d be this free
fall for all four three years but I would someone pointed out to me that
Hester is only one of five SEC commissioners and she’s not that
influential and that the likelihood that that is even going to happen is very low
so didn’t mean to get anybody’s hopes up finally last thing of the day or evening
here as it’s 5:43 here i was thomas of the world crypto Network a legend all
day during the tones event he was live streaming I link to the tweet below with
the timestamps of when everyone was on so if you want to see when I was on you
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you want to see people hanging out some faces that you like out there and again
don’t worship us please don’t worship us that’s especially me I am just dust okay
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but that is the strength of the Bitcoin overlay Meister bitcoinmeister the
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Bitcoin you cannot be canceled you do not give him the peer pressure
I’m sure their Twitter mobs out there easy to ignore easy to move on but
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talking about these that the MWC had free mind coins which was that was there
was no secret at all about that and and people i got i got to point this
out this has been going on since be gold i wanna i meant to say this earlier when
be gold made the first friendly fork a bitcoin that we all got for free people
went spastic that they were having a pre mine to pay their developers and they’re
like it’s a scam it’s a scam it’s a scam and people were turned off from that and
didn’t claim their be gold because of that guys people make their alt coins in
all sorts of different ways bottom line bitcoin there was no pre
mine all right bitcoin there was no pre mine that’s
bitcoin it’s the best it’s the greatest but to call people scammers and crooks
and whatever because they have pre mines and scare people off from getting
something for free it’s it’s just ludicrous
I have no prop what is wrong with some dude having making his own all point and
doing a pre mind what is wrong with how does that affect you personally dude
seriously seriously get a grip let the alt coins do what they’re gonna
do I mean even what I you’re not buying it’s free it’s free and they’re not
hiding it out there it’s so this like pre mine is like the devil type of stuff
and anyone ever involved in a pre mine is a horrible sinner or whatever it’s
it’s ludicrous it’s ludicrous stuff and we’re getting it for free they are
making something they’re giving away something for free that and and they’re
paying themselves through a pre mine and it’s it’s not to rip off anyway it’s a
legitimate call it really this it’s not like it’s one coin or
anything like that it’s out there and so I understand the argument this coin is
not as legitimate as Bitcoin because it’s pre mine that is great that that is
and that is a legitimate argument but the people who just use the word pre
mine as this buzzword to to rip on up coins two and two to make it you know to
stifle innovation what woods them I don’t understand the point of stifling
innovation with the buzzword pre mine I don’t let them in we have learned a lot
from these altcoins okay they’re Bitcoin can learn a lot from me
so everyone can learn a lot from these all coins let people innovate in this
space if there’s and this we’re a big boys place so you can scream and cry
about it as much as you want to scare people away with that little buzzword
okay okay but I understand as a space if some people it’s gonna slow down the bit
the growth of the space if there’s negative energy out there if there’s
people destroying stuff out there the more innovation out in this space the
more people that are going to come in and do it the more people that are gonna
end up in Bitcoin okay okay so I am a realist here I know all coins
aren’t going anywhere I know all coins are gonna be pumped I know people are
gonna do things a lot of different ways but I know in the long run the long term
thinking it makes Bitcoin stronger getting new minds in here getting new
money in here by it is and through detours through D tourists of all coins
okay so there you go I went off on the up cuz I’m ty I for years now I’ve heard
this preached since the be gold thing starting and they’re like it’s a scam
because it’s a pre mine people abuse that word so much in this space and it’s
it’s not it’s not gonna change I mean one coin that was a scam that the the
the mining what are the cloud mining stuff it those are scams where people
where you give somebody money and they run
way with your money okay when people give you a free pre mind coin that’s not
a scam when they when they they’re they’re trying to innovate off of the
Bitcoin base layer okay and they’re giving you away
that’s not a scam that’s us getting interest on our Bitcoin that’s something
that you get in this home of insider information your people don’t know about
how all coin innovators okay or creating interest for the top tivity
top of the top the bitcoin holder okay so I don’t complain about the way that
my my interest is compiled okay how my crypto dividends are made I don’t come
by no it doesn’t have to be kosher for Passover okay it they can do it any way
they want to but hey this is where the big boys play and I understand there
gonna be a lot of people out there you know using these buzzwords that people
don’t fully understand creating all sorts of FUD and making people just just
convincing people that they shouldn’t claim crypto dividends but still fine
fine fine but I just gave you my side of the story there all right have you read
the Bitcoin standard great book no I haven’t but I you know I saw
what’s-his-face yesterday and everything like that maybe I should get the audio
version of it dude I’m living the freaking Bitcoin standard alright I’ve
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