Bidder 70: Jailed For Climate Action (with George & Beth Gage) 3/4

scott let me ask you this back in two thousand nine i think it was
uh… early in two thousand and al gore was in copenhagen uh… at the copenhagen said uh… and he had this to say that civil
disobedience and has an honorable history and when the urgency in moral
clarity cross a certain threshold that i think that civil disobedience is
quite understandable ada and has a role to play and i expect it will be increase
no question about it i wonder from your perspective because
uh… tim sited uh… global warming quite a
bit missing faq uh… he recounts a aaa talking went to
with what with a uh… hi p_c_ and nobel prize winning a
scientist who had basically told him after the talk moralist game over at this point for
climate change and uh… this had really impacted him
so when you hear pronunciations from or
from your perspective as you’re following uh… attempt through this
process you think there was enough people like
al gore and others who came out and spoke in his
defense too you know one would expect that al gore if you wanted to make
tender christopher a rallying cry it could have been done well you know i’m early on and we were
putting the film together we pad a clip of al gore speaking at the clinton believe the
clinton and kindness to give arm talking about taking to the streets in peaceful civil
disobedience but we could never get it cleared we
just you know uh… nothing easy to get through the al
gore and all of the gatekeepers around him which stuff a lot from one person to
another person to another person so we finally in the end we didn’t we didn’t
have a very good quality of the uh… of the remarks felony and we finally took
the the remark out because we just couldn’t get it cleared and and we can
have good quality but i think it’s absolutely true that an awful lot of people kind of
behind-the-scenes log this behavior but if you’re in the public eye or in
the political arthur poll their knoxville anxious to go on record as
supporting that and uh… you know we we have certainly found that
in and to your point earlier when i fed that the department of justice at ben uh… uh… pretty aggressive un going after
law breakers right i’d meant more who operated on the left of you a thing of
the people at you know um… perpetrated the uh… to have an innate uh…
economic downfall obviously are still uh… you know still you know on the
edge enormous yachts and get something fight that i’d really few that if it had not been
haiti and easy uh… for five years you navigate a few
are trying to make a point that i felt that that they
did in the beginning when him uh… my i’m not even sure if he had
been in indicted yet but at the very beginning at the or bombing administration came in a
bunch of his supportive when you walking ten and some of them were able to meet with
the whole bomb at and and they were told you know if you want to get your point
across you really have to push me you afternoon meaning you know they have to be an
awful lot of uh… i’m awful lot approach acting
demonstration and and admitting media coverage that bitch note that that a majority of americans lumpy acts and i think that it was started to happen in the last few years
with the occupying movement end up in a lot of bmp if racking um… protest in pink like that and i do
believe that and not people uh… push hard enough that perhaps we can get the balance in
favor of the environment but a defect that carry route also you know on doctor james hansen and
bill mckibben everybody is is basically uh… saying it is game over it’s death
now matter of how do we deal with the global change and uh… you know at
the global climate change that we fought and one said verdict a minute guilty and
uh… main robert redford’s certainly step forward and federated do an
interview davis a wonderful interview in back is now wearing a bitter seventy have is
brand new movie the company you keep and he was he was pretty poor coming in terms of
not holding back a lot of celebrities as you know when you interview them they
can act out what they play in so forth he laid it out there how he felt and he uh… just like you should be
forcing them about people golden globe wall street some of
these people on what they’re doing on wall street accountable in saying why
are they not going to prison why is this nice young man is only trying to stay
the environment going so i’ve really respected redford a step
forward and and and it would be dead i mean i don’t
indian it is impressive you know when people
look but their reputation on the line it’s still just you know uh… the impact of al gore
being more aggressive on this front when he is
uh… when he is uh… talking about it it seems to me um… there’s there’s a bit of a vacuum off
the top and at the top of when we talk about uh… these protests in you know one of the things that really
struck me to what that uh… tim had said at one point and i think it was uh…
after uh… uh… the the candidate uh… that he was he was working for in utah and had been
a really sir launched her or campaign had uh… failed to when he said at the
very least assembling the people we know we’re
going to be able to goal with the implications of climate
change um… and where where identifying those
people uh… for down the road

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